"I believe in Loki, I believe that there's still good in him. And, I believe that he can be trusted."
―Ádís to Thor[src]
Alias(es) Goddess of Peace
Lady Ádís
Ádís Laufeyson (once)
Status Presumed Dead
Portrayed by Liv Tyler
Ádís is an Asgardian princess, the Goddess of Peace, and a character whom has has been decided as being morally ambigous at several points in the series, in part because of her relationship with the Villain, Loki Laufeyson. In Thor, it was shown that she and Loki had a secret relationship but after the end of Thor where Loki falls from the Rainbow Bridge, this relationship ended for the time being, as she thought he might be dead. However, upon his return in the Avengers and her reappearance, she reveals that a few months after he fell from the bridge, Loki returned to her and appealed to her love of him and that she has known of his being alive since then.

Since her final appearance in The Avengers, she has since vanished and her current status is unknown. She has been presumed dead, in that there has been little to no evidence that she is still alive. Regardless, all of those who have known her still believe her alive.


Early LifeEdit


Thor: The Dark World Prelude #1Edit

The AvengersEdit

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Thor: The Dark WorldEdit

Character TraitsEdit

Ádís was described as being a compassionate, intelligent goddess. She displayed next to none maliciousness, something which made her very different from her lover, Loki. She held a deep love and protectiveness over humans, regarding them as being just as "high-ranking" as any Asgardian. She had been shown to be kind to others, trying to help anyone who needed it to the best of her ability. 

Ádís had been damaged somewhat by Loki's betrayal, in that she blamed herself for it and strongly believed that she had caused it. This may have been a cause for her eventual drinking problem/alcoholism after Loki attacked the Earth with his army. Another possible reason for her having been damaged by Loki's betrayal could be that after he fell from the Bifrost in Thor, she was attacked and beaten in the streets of Asgard, due to her being considered an associate of Loki's.

Even prior to Ádís's drinking problem, she displayed herself to be a very good drinker, able to hold her liquor very well and a possible rival of Thor's in this way.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit




Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Thor (She was set to marry Thor after he was crowned king, which caused her great conflict because of her relationship with Loki. Even with her current alignment with Loki, she appears to continue to be friends with Thor)

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