Azazel is a movie directed by Brian Singer set after xmen: first Class but before his death before xmen: days of future past.


  • Jason Fleyming returning as Azazel
  • Jennifer Lawrence returning as Mystique
  • Micheal Fassebender returning as Magneto

Plot part 1Edit

It starts with an opening sequence of gears turning and we find ount it is a clock in a base where Azazel, Mystique and Magneto are standing. Azazel is watching a tv set  while Magneto is talking with Raven (Mystique). On the TV it says that a mutant is attacking some civilians in Washinton DC with Dark Matter attacks. Magneto sees this as an opportunity to recruit some members to the cause and sends Mystique and Azazel to see this mutant. When they are there, the military show up and fire a missile at the mutant. Azazel teleports on top of the missile and guides it towards the tank, blowing it up. The mutant is caught in the blast and is encased in stone, six feet underground. Azazel and Mystique stay in a base built by magneto. The duo end up sharing the night together, making Mystique pregnant, although thanks to a gene inside Azazel, the cell remains dormant for a couple of years.When they return to base, Magneto sends Azazel to fight in the vieatnam war.

Plot part 2Edit

In Vietnam we see Azazel perched on some rubble. He is seen by some vietnameese and he kills them by teleporting inside of them and plunging his sword through their guts. The americans see this and he teleports  them 50 feet in the air and dros them, only to catch them but with his sword. He wondered through the country killing anyone and everyone in his path. He nearly blew up but teleported so many times so quickly he created a worm hole and sucked the explosion into it. There was a ship closing in on him so he destroyed by pushing it over 50 straps of grenades and sucking it into a worm hole the size of the grand canyon out at sea where it created a hole to the centre of the earth but he teleported a mountain into the hole creating an island called Genosha. He returned to base and is seen creating  a set of adimantium and vibranium blades which slided out from under his jacket sleeves.


  • Eminem-Survival of the fittest
  • Skrillex-Banarang

Mid and Post credit scenesEdit

Mid-credit sceneEdit

Azazel dies and his soul becomes a spirit of vengence

Post-credit sceneEdit

We see a flash back of when Danny Ketch touched ghost rider's bike and became the new ghost rider, the spirit of vengence was Azazel

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