Dracula's Bat-Form

Dracula's bat-form

Dracula returns with Deacon Frost, controlling an entire army of day-walking vampires.


After the events of The Vampire Slayer, Blade and Hannibal King have been searching for Deacon Frost. Meanwhile, Vampre-Hunter, Frank Drake, is hired by Rachel VanHelsing to help her find her once-allies, Blade and the newly Day-Walker, Hannibal King. Drake finds Dracula's resting place from his last defeat, and accidently releases him. Dracula kills Frank Drake for his blood, then forms a legion of Day-Walking Vampires.


  • Idris Elba - Blade
  • Thomas Jane - Hannibal King
  • James Marsden - Frank Drake
  • Ali Larter - Rachel VanHelsing
  • Ed Harris - Deacon Frost
  • Tadanabou Asano - Dracula