Captain America and the Invaders is a film in the FMCU directed by Joss Whedon with Chris Pine in the title role. The film will be realesed for summer.


  • Chris Pine as Steven Rogers/Captain America
  • Jamie Bell as Bucky Barnes
  • Diane Kruger as Sharon Carter
  • Josh Brolin as Nick Fury
  • Ralph Finnes as Johann Schmidt/The Red Skull
  • Sam Witwer as Namor
  • Charlie Hunnam as The Torch
  • Stan Lee as Heinz Kruger
  • Don Cheadle as Nick Fury, Jr. (post-credits)
  • J. K. Simmons as Dum Dum Dugan (post-credits)


Deep Cover for the AlliesEdit

The film starts with Nick Fury talking to an American spy, Steve Rogers, telling him about a secret project of infiltrating the Nazi ranks. He is ready to infiltrate under a new name: Sven Richter. It then cuts to Sven/Steve, now a colonel in the Nazi Army, talking to Dr. Johann Schmidt about a project, called "Projekt: Hauptmann Deutschland", to make a "Supersoldat" to win WWII, and Sven is the prime candidate. Sven, knowing that refusing may blow his cover, agrees to the project and takes the serum. However, the next night, when Steve/Sven was talking to Nick Fury using a SHIELD hologram projector, a German spy named Heinz Kruger catches him in the act and tells Johann about this treachery. He is sentenced to execution the next day.


Steve was kept in a prison cell until the next day, when he was tried.  His lawyer, Sofie Gerber, was actually an undercover SHIELD agent herself, known as Sharon Carter. She was also exposed, and they were both about to be killed when the Invaders (a SHIELD super-team preceeding the Avengers, consisting of Bucky, a young boy with special military training, Namor, a member of an undersea race, and the Torch, a robot with flamethrower weaponry) busted in. They saved Steve, and flew back to the SHIELD helicarrier. There, Steve recieved a new costume and an indestructible shield. He became "Captain America", and led the Invaders into battle. Then, it cuts to Johann walking into the Projekt: Hauptmann Deutschland chamber, ready to fight Steve.

Rise of the Red SkullEdit

Steve went into battle with the rest of the Invaders when the Nazis invaded the Helicarrier. The Nazis took several lives, including the life of Sharon. The 4 Invaders continued along, when a mysterious man walked out of a plane. He had a red skull mask, and called himself the "Red Skull". Steve discovered that the Red Skull had also taken the serum, but Steve overpowered him with the help of Namor. The Red Skull revealed himself as Johann, and with that, pushed Steve off the helicarrier. The Torch then burned the Skull to a crisp, and they have a funeral for steve, whose body was lost somewhere in the Southern Ocean. In a post-credits scene, Nick Fury, Jr. and Dum Dum Dugan find Cap's body in the Antarctic.

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