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This is a sequel to Fantastic 4: Fantastic Fantasy.


After the defeat of Red Ghost and Mole Man, the F.F. became famous. But, meanwhile, a villain long defeated, The Mad Thinker, finally busts out of The Vault, a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison. The Mad Thinker goes into hiding and creates an android with super-strength. Meanwhile, Victor VanDamme has been in the hospital ever since he went into outer space with his friends, Reed, sue, Ben and Johnny. Now he's find out a thing or two about the cosmic rays... and how they've given him unbelievable power! His face has been permanetly burnt by the cosmic rays, but buys a castle out in Latveria, uses his powers to rule the small country, and hires people to forge him a mask made of invincible iron.... now he'll get revenge on Reed for bringing him to face... and doing this to his face! Can the F.F. stop the terrible trio of Mad Thinker, The Awesome Android and Victor, who has changed his name to... VonDoom!


  • Christian Bale - Mr. Fantastic
  • Derek Mears - The Thing
  • Kristen Bell - Invisible Woman
  • Ryan Kwanten - Human Torch
  • Hugh Laurie - Mad Thinker
  • John Hamm - Dr. Doom
  • Nathan Jones - The Awesome Android