Lockjaw, Worlds Most Dangerous Weapon


Human Torch

Ryan Kwanten on stage as the Torch.

This is the fourth Fantastic Four film by Ladybug68.


Reed Richards discovers a long lost society, and brings the Fantastic Four to see if there's any life there. They find a group called "The Inhumans", and Johnny falls for one of them named Crystal. Reed sees a Bull-Dog with cosmic powers, named Lockjaw, which Medusa says is "the ultimate weapon." But, one of The Inhumans is a traitor, working with the cosmic entinies, Maximus the Mad and Molecule Man, in using Lockjaw to destroy Earth!


  • Christain Bale - Mr. Fantastic
  • Ryan Kwanten - Human Torch
  • Kristen Bell - Invisible Woman
  • Derek Mears - The Thing
  • Deborah Ann Woll - Medusa
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Gorgan
  • Luke Evans - Black Bolt
  • Amber Heard - Crystal
  • Miguel Silvestre - Karnak
  • Luke Goss - Triton
  • Billy Crudup - Maximus The Mad
  • Michael Emerson - Molecule Man