Annihilus Frying Shield

Invisible Woman blocking one of Annihilus's blasts.

This is the third Fantastic Four movie by Ladybug68.


Reed Richards accidently discovers and enters a place called The Negative Zone. The 4 get sucked into it and have no choice but to confront the zone's over-lord, Annihilus, to help free them. When Annihlius seems to be hostile, he transports himself to Earth, and brings cosmic rays from the Negative Zone with him! The rays infect Alicia Master's father;'s molding clay he uses to make puppet's, and now, whoever he makes a puppet of, he can control!


  • Ben Kingsley - The Puppet Master
  • Kristen Bell - Invisible Woman
  • Christian Bale - Mr. Fantastic
  • Ryan Kwanten - Human Torch
  • Derek Mears - The Thing
  • Charlize Theron - Alicia Masters
  • Christopher Lee - Annihilus