Fantastic Four is an upcoming film based on the first marvel family it will be directed by J.J. Abrams and star Wes Bently as Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic,Annie Wersching as Susan Storm/Invisible Woman,
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Chace Crawford as Johnny Storm/Human Torch,Tom Hardy as Ben Grimm/The Thing and Clive Owen as Victor Von Doom/Dr Doom.



Reed Richards,Victor Von Doom and Ben Grimm are working on a new device in their collage lab when Reed discovers a chemical he tells Victor and Ben to show the Proffesor when Reed meets Susan Storm a new student.Reed shows her around forgetting about Ben and Victor.Ben and Victor are suspended for wasting the proffesors time Victor blames Reed because he did not arrive in time or tell them his chemical.Victor leaves the building vowing revenge on Reed,Ben tells Reed that he is no Mr Fantastic and that he cant do everything before leaving.

The AccidentEdit

Reed now head scientist working at Doom Indistries is Volunteered for the Space Program,Victor tells him to pick three people he wants to take on the trip along with Victor into space to identify a Galactic Storm.Reed calls Ben and askes him Ben agrees and tells him to call Suzie,Reed then meets Susan and askes her she agrees to come if her brother Johnny can come as he is staying with her to evade the cops.Reed agrees and they meet up at a private NASA space staion owned by Doom.They boared the ship and are taken to space where Reed askes Ben to Scan the storm.Ben says yes and when their outside the storm Ben suits up and walks onto the platform and begins scanning the storm becomes unstable and Ben tries to evacuate but is hit by a beam as is Reed,Susan,Johnny and Victor who takes the hardest blow leaving him with scars all over his body as if a bolt of lightning had hit him.

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