Sgt. Francis "Frank" Castle, Jr. U.S Marine Corps (formerly).,,,,

Frank Castle

Frank Castle Sr.† (Father;deceased)

Will Castle† (Son;deceased) Tony Edward Stark (Figure-father, Collague) Lisa Castle† (daughter;deceased) Unnamed Stepmother (Revived) (Stepmother) Freddie Honeymoon (Brother-in-law, enemy) Billy Russo (half-brother, possible foster brother) Micheal Castiglione (Uncle, stillborn;deceased) (Revived)

|- |Friends: Peter Parker (former friend, trusted ally) Stephen Strange (Best friend-lost father). | | | |- | | | | |}

Frank Castle
Alias(es) The Punisher (currently)
Gender Male
Age 23
Date of Birth September 13, 1976
Title(s) Frank Castle Jr.
Appears In Marvel's Punisher Spin-off (film)

Punisher Sequel

Spider-Man Reveresed Timeline (2017 film) (appeared)

Untitled Punisher vs. Blade Punisher (Netflix TV Series) Untitled Punisher vs. Luke Cage Untitled Spider-Man Reboot

Status Alive (revived by Danny Rand)
Portrayed by Taylor Belford,

Joshua Rush Pennyworth (TV Series)

Marvel Movies Fanon Wiki:HeaderHistory of character is unknown.

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