Gamma Wars is Teen Film in PG 12. The Relesse Date is July 15, 2016

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Debuts Edit

Ugo Obosi as Superugo George O. Gore II as Superugo II Kira Kosarin as Cassandra Lang

Villans Edit

TBA as The Leader (Voice)

TBA as Apocalyptic Girl

TBA as Carmilla Black

TBA as Tiffney XXV

Julian Sands as Hobgobiln

Aaron Paul as Beetle

Fiona Rolla as Wicth Master

Allies Edit

Paul Rudd as Scott Lang

Heroes of Gamma Edit

Hope van Dyne as Waspsitnger Jack Griffo as Chris/Demonclaw Sung Kang as Scropy/Snakeball

Chris Evans as Hulked Out Captain America

TBA (Voice) as Hulkbuster

Newbies Edit

Spencer List as Mark Allen

TBA as White Tiger (real name Ava Ayala)

Peyton List as Liv Allen

TBA as Cloak 

Sarah Edwards III As TBA

Cassie Scerbo as Sally Avril 

Buchi Obosi as Bonnie Hawkford

Alex Heartman as Flash Thompson


Guset Stars Edit

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Stan Lee as Himself

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