Hulk-Bunny (movie)

Hulk-Bunny is a movie in JLBrough's version of the mcu

Plot Edit

Bruce Bunny had to follow the rules of his superhero Mentor Empig Blonsky, Empig pored X-Jection Slime on his eyes then he started to become evil, Empig Told Bruce Bunny to get the Super-Spoiler Serum before him, Bruce became Hulk-Bunny and Empig Blonsky became Apigination after that Apigination was a Fully-Fledged Villain and Hulk-Bunny had to stop Apigination and his minion Muga

Cast Edit

Ed Helms as Bruce Bunny/Hulk-Bunny (voice)

Hulk Hogan as Empig Blonsky/Apigination (voice)

Michael Shannon as Muga

Jennifer Lawrence as Betty Rosquito (voice)

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