Hulk is a 2017 film directed and written by Joss Wheadon. The film stars Christian Bale as the titular character, with Jeremy Renner as the film's main antagonist, the Abomination.


  • Christian Bale as Bruce Banner
    • ​Lou Ferrigno as Hulk (voice)
    • CGI as Hulk (body)
  • Jeremy Renner as Emil Blonsky
    • Jeremy Renner as Abomination (voice)
    • CGI as Abomination (body
  • Anne Hathaway as Betty Ross
  • Mel Gibson as General Thaddeus Ross
  • Tom Cruise as Leonard Samson
  • Guy Pearce as Samuel Sterns

Stan Lee makes a cameo as Betty's grandfather.


Five years ago, Bruce Banner was involved in a science experiment in an attempt to re-create the Super Soldier Serum, which involved gamma radiation. It failed, and whenever Bruce gets angry, he turns into a giant, unstoppable green rage monster, called the Hulk, and hospitalized his girlfriend, Betty Ross. Due to this, General Thaddeus Ross wanted him dead, and Bruce had to go into hiding.

It's been five years, and Bruce has gained the courage to return to the United States, and find his old friend Samuel Sterns at Culver University to try and cure the Hulk. Meanwhile, Ross has spotted Hulk and has hired Russain soldier Emil Blonsky to try and take him down. But when they fail, Ross tries to re-create the Serum yet again on Hulk, and creates the Abomination. With the help of Sterns, Betty, and Leonard Samson, can Hulk defeat the Abomination and General Ross? 

End-Credits: Samuel Sterns is seen in a lab, with a test tube with Bruce's blood. He enduces it into himself, and transforms into the Leader.

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