Dr. Robert Bruce Banner Ex-Husband Of Betty Ross...,,,

Hulk (Tony Gilroy film series)
Alias(es) The Hulk (currently)

Big Green Guy (formerly) Mr. Green

Gender Male
Age 24
Date of Birth December 12, 1976
Affiliation Betty Ross (love Interest, lover)

Lt. Jack Jameson (friend) Carl Lucas (enemy, possible friend) Frank Castle (close-friend) General Thunderbolt Ross (enemy, father-in-law)

Appears In Untitled Hulk Reboot

The Hulk Sequel Untitled Ghost Rider Spin-off (cameo only) Spider-Man Reveresed Timeline (2017 film) (appears)

Status Alive
Portrayed by Arley R. Swaby (not appears anymore)

Terry Pennyworth (5 Year old) (young)

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