Hulk Smash is a film in Gary's Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film was directed and produced by Marc Webb, and written by Shane Black. The film starred Christian Bale as Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Anne Hathaway as Betty Ross, Jeremy Renner as Emil Blonsky/Abomination, and Mel Gibson as General Ross.


  • Christian Bale as Bruce Banner
    • Lou Ferringo as the voice of Hulk
    • CGI as Hulk
  • Anne Hathaway as Betty Ross
  • Jeremy Renner as Emil Blonsky
    • CGI as Abomination
  • Mel Gibson as General Thaddeus Ross
  • Josh Holloway as Lenord Samson
  • Guy Pearce as Samuel Sterns
  • Jennifer Carpenter as Jennifer Walters
  • Bradley Cooper as Glenn Talbot
  • Josh Brolin as Nick Fury
  • Sam Worthington as Steve Rogers/Captain America (cameo)

Stan Lee cameos as an army general, serving alongside General Ross.


Opening Credits: General Thaddeus Ross speaking with soldier Emil Blonsky about the Super Soldier Serum.

For Bruce Banner, life is a roller-coaster. It has lots of bumps; his abusive father, the fact that Bruce himself is socially withdrawn, and that he is attracted to fellow professor Betty Ross. And when a nuclear explosion occurs in his lab, Bruce is caught in the blast. Meanwhile, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross has turned soldier Emil Blonsky into a giant monster, due to combining gamma radiaion and the Super Soldier Serum. With the help of Blonsky, Ross may fufill his goal; kill the giant green monster that has shown up in New York, and protect his daughter, Betty.

The only problem for Bruce, is that he IS the giant green monster. Thanks to the nuclear blast, Bruce turns into the Hulk when angry. And when Emil Blonsky, the Abomination, comes and harms New York just to kill Hulk, Bruce is angry.

Ending Credits: Samuel Sterns in a lab (with a cut following the Battle of Harlem), holding a test tube with Bruce's blood in it.

Movie PosterEdit

Hulk Smash Poster

The poster for Hulk Smash.

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