Green Sky

The movie poster with the quote "It's Getting Greener"

A spin-off of the Silver Surfer movies.


Glactus is back! Shocking, huh? While The Silver Surfer is defeated, only one extraterrestrial life-form can save the day... no! Not Adam Warlock! Impossible Man, of course! Galactus is about to eat Impossible Man's home planet... and his wife, Impossible Woman! Gasp! Now Impossible Man must stop Galactuses minion, The Super Skrull, and save the day! :)


  • Jim Carrey - Impossible Man
  • Tina Fey - Impossible Woman
  • Brian Steele - Super Skrull
  • Terrence Stamp - Galactus
  • Alan Tudyk - Uatu The Watcher
  • Doug Jones - Silver Surfer

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