The Imruer-verse is a shared movie universe based on Marvel Comics' characters, created by Imruer.

Movies Edit

Age of Heroes Edit

Age of Villains Edit

  • F4: Doom (2020)
  • Invincible Iron Man 2 (2021)
  • The Wasp (2021)
  • Avengers: Assemble (2022)
  • F4: Cosmic (2022)
  • Amazing Spider-Man (2023)

Cast Edit

Heroes Edit

The Avengers Edit

  • TBA as Iron Man/Anthony Stark
  • TBA as Thor Odinson
  • TBA as Hulk/Bruce Banner
  • TBA as The Wasp/Janet van Dyne
  • TBA as Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Fantastic Four Edit

  • TBA as Fantastic I/Reed Richards
  • TBA as Invisible Woman/Susan Storm
  • TBA as Human Torch/Johnny Storm
  • TBA as The Thing/Ben Grimm
  • TBA as Fantastic II/Lyja Storm
  • TBA as Psi-Lord/Franklin Richards

Supporting Cast Edit

Iron Man Supporting Cast Edit

  • TBA as Edwin Jarvis
  • TBA as Pepper Potts

Hulk & Thor Supporting Cast Edit

  • TBA as Odin
  • TBA as Sif
  • TBA as Betty Ross

Spider-Man Supporting Cast Edit

  • TBA as Black Cat/Felicia Hardy
  • TBA as May Reilly-Parker
  • TBA as John Jonah Jameson
  • Max Carver as Flash Thompson

The Wasp Supporting Cast Edit

  • TBA as Henry Pym