Invincible Iron Man 2 or Iron Man 2
Marvel 111.908


,is the second film in the iron man franchise and third film in the MMCU.It will be directed by Wes Anderson who directed the first one.Matt Bommer,Jamie Ray Newman,Jamie Fox and Kevin James will repise their roles with Kevin Spacey,Stephen Moyer and Jude Law will join them.It is set for realese in 2016.


  • Matt Bommer as Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Jamie Ray Newman as Pepper Potts
  • Jaime Foxx as James Rhodes
  • Kevin James as Happy Hogan
  • Kevin Spacey as Obidiah Stane/Iron Monger
  • Stephen Moyer as The Ghost
  • Jude Law as Abner Jenkins/The Beetle



Obidiah Stane becomes bankrupt when he loses his money to his failing products ever since Tony Stark,Stane realising the only way to get up in the world is to kill Tony Stark.

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