Iron Man: Armored Avenger is the 1st movie of The Marvel Movie Series and of Sector 1.


After being kidnapped by A.I.M, Billionare Tony Stark builds a suit of armor to escape. When he returns, he builds an upgraded suit to combat evil as the Iron Man. During his adventures, he comes into contact with Anton Vanko aka Whiplash.


Tony Stark awakens on an operating table and finds that his chest is covered in gause. He meets a fellow captive named Ho Yinsen, who tells him that he was kidnapped by A.I.M after a piece of shrapnel from a booby trap was lodged in his chest. Tony rips open the gause to reveal a circular, crude, electromagnet to keep the shrapnel out of his heart and then Wong-Chu, an A.I.M oprative, walks in and informs Stark that he has 6 months to build a powerful missile for them, or they will kill him.

Yinsen asks how A.I.M got Stark, to which he replies that he was testing a missile in Afganastan and was attacked. Tony works on the rocket, but tells Yinsen that he wants him to build a suit of armor for him as Stark covers for him. After 5 months, Tony and Yinsen have completed the suit and Tony suits up while Yinsen charges the suit. Wong Chu and his people march down to the lab to find Yinsen yelling to them that Stark has gotten away, so they chase him as the Suit finishes charging.

Yinsen is traped into a corner and shot as Tony puts on the helmet of the suit. Tony then uses the suit to kill the terrorists and uses a mini missile on his left gauntlet to blow up all of their weapons. Walking through the desert after ditching the suit, he is found and tooken home by his friend Cornel. James Rhodes

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