Iron Man Klątwa Kvch


Thanks for Doomlurker of DC Movies Fanon Wiki for idea with adding logos of movies. Iron Man: Curse of the Kvch (Iron Man: Avenger in Armor in some countries) is first movie in Marvel Movies - My Own Universe. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Iron Man. This page belongs to I'm Polish. Also, don't be mad if there will be some language mistakes. Sure, there will be some.


Director: Jon Favreau  Screenwriter: Justin Theroux


Iron Man (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)


Pepper Potts (Scarlett Johansson)

Happy Hogan (Johnny Galecki)

Markel Petri (Tony's friend) (Jorge Fernández Madinabeitia)

Howard Stark (Robert Downey Jr) (DIES)

Obadiah Stane (Bryan Cranston) (AFTER-CREDITS SCENE ALSO)


Khrt (Voice of Steve Buscemi) (Alien of Kvch planet)

Justin Hammer (Dick van Dyke)

And... some of his henchmen. Ofc invented by me.


Maria Stark (Katrina Kaif) (DEATH)

Mark Scarlotti (David Boreanaz)


Tony Stark's parents die in car accident. Alone boy tries to cloister himself, and sits in garage all day, trying to create armor from his father's plans using mysterious technology found in a garden. 20 years later he discovers that this is planet belonging to Technarchy from Kvch planet, and one of them wants to retrieve to armor. Tony becomes Iron Man to fight evil, but alien leader teams-up with Justin Hammer's pack, to kill Iron Man.

Critical ReceptionEdit

This film got 15% on Rotten Tomatoes, but gained mixed reviews from audience. Box office was really big, and it was considered guilty pleasure, similar to Transformers.

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