This is a list of all the Main and supporting characters as well as the films they appear in.

The AvengersEdit

Steven Rogers/Captain AmericaEdit

  • Captain America:The First Avenger-Chris Evan
  • Captain America:Winter Soldier-Chris Evans
  • The Avengers-Chris Evans
  • The Amazing Spider Man 2 (End Credits)-Chris Evans
  • The Avengers 2-Chris Evans
  • Captain America:Sentinel and the Spy-Chris Evans
  • Avengers:Rise of the Masters of Evil-Chris Evans
  • Captain America:Rise of the Panther-Chris Evans
  • The Avengers:Thanos Quest-Chris Evans
  • More To Be Added

Anthony Stark/Iron ManEdit

  • Iron Avenger-Robert Downey Jr
  • Iron Avenger 2-Robert Downey Jr
  • The Avengers-Robert Downey Jr
  • Iron Avenger 3-Robert Downey Jr
  • The Avengers 2-Robert Downey Jr
  • Ant-Man-End Credits-Robert Downey Jr
  • Avengers:Rise of the Masters of Evil-Robert Downey Jr
  • The Avengers:Thanos Quest-Robert Downey Jr
  • Avengers:Kang Dynasty-Robert Downey Jr

Bruce Banner/The HulkEdit

  • The Incredible Hulk
  • The Avengers
  • The Avengers 2
  • Avengers:Rise of the Masters of Evil
  • Hulk:Deadliest Man Alive
  • The Avengers Thanos Quest
  • Hulk vs the World
  • Gamma World Pt 1
  • Gamma World Pt 2
  • Avengers:Kang Dynasty

Donald Blake/ThorEdit

  • To be added

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