Marvel Now! Universe is a film universe based on the events of Marvel Now, All New Marvel Now and Avengers Now from Marvel comics.


Phase 1: Avengers Now!

Superior Iron Man

Unstoppable Hulk

Astonishing Spider-Man

Captain America: World War

Unworthy Thor

Avengers Now!

Phase 2: New faces

Uncanny X-Men

Fantastic Four: Origins

Savage Wolverine

Captain America: Hunt or be Hunted

Astonishing Spider-Man 2

Avengers Return

Phase 3: The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy


Superior Iron Man 2

Uncanny X-Men 2

Unworthy Thor: Worthy

Hulk: Agent of SHIELD

Fantastic Four: Wanted

Avengers: Infinite

Phase 4: Heroes

Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past

Fantastic Four: Villains Assemble

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