sssssThe Marvel Originals Universe is a shared universe created by Marvel Studios and Universal Studios


featuring independently made films. Every movie in this line of films all exist in the same universe and are mainly produced by Universal Studios. Original Film is also involved into the production of the Marvel Originals Universe.

The difference between the Marvel Originals Universe and the MCU is that all the films in the Marvel Originals Universe are based off of superheroes that are completely originsal and created just exclusively for the films. All events, locations, and characters in the films are not based off of a comic, but a lot of story elements will be similar to the MCU and the comics.

The franchise takes place on the reality known as "Earth-219999" though the planet is simply known as Earth throughout the films of the Marvel Originals Universe. This is the first collaboration between Universal and Marvel. The MOU consists of 4 "parts" instead of "phases" like the MCU. Earth-219999 is actually the universe right next to Earth-19999, the MCU universe.

Movies Edit

Part One: Origins (2020-2022) Edit

  • Apex (2020)
  • Mister Magnificent (2020)
  • Timekeeper (2020)
  • Geoleaper (2021)
  • The Aquamariner (2021)
  • Overwatch (2021)
  • X-O (2022)
  • Vindicators (2022)

Part Two: Journey (2022-2025) Edit

  • Apex: Redemption (2022)
  • Mr and Ms Magnificent (2023)
  • The Aquamariner 2 (2023)
  • Geoleaper Within (2023)
  • Timekeepers (2024)
  • Overwatchers (2024)
  • Captain Jupiter (2024)
  • X-O2: Resurrection (2025)
  • Vindicators: The Fallen Legacy (2025)

Part Three: Battle (2026-2030) Edit

  • Magnificent Six (2026)
  • Apex: Crossfire (2026)
  • Timekeeper: Paradox (2026)
  • The Aquamariner 3 (2027)
  • Captain Jupiter: Surge (2027)
  • Geoleaper Beyond (2028)
  • Overwatching (2028)
  • X-O3: Darkness (2028)
  • The Ravagerz (2029)
  • Skylark (2029)
  • Vindicators: The Diverging Army (2030)

Part Four: Legacy (2030-2035) Edit

  • Captain Jupiter: Shock Therapy (2030)
  • Skylark Rising (2031)
  • The Ravagerz: Breakout (2031)
  • The Enhanced Ones (2032)
  • X-O4: Ascension (2032)
  • Skylark Ascending (2032)
  • The Ravagerz: Anarchy (2033)
  • Geoleapers (2034)
  • Timekeeping (2034)
  • Overwatch Legacy (2034)
  • Avengers/Vindicators (2035)

Starter Films Edit

Starter films are the films in the MOU that kick off a superhero series. The superhero series in the MOU are:

  • Apex (Apex, Apex: Redemption, Apex: Crossfire)
  • Mr. Magnificent (Mister Magnificent, Mr and Ms Magnificent, Magnificent Six)
  • Timekeeper (Timekeeper, Timekeepers, Timekeeper: Paradox, Timekeeping)
  • Aquamariner (The Aquamariner, The Aquamariner 2, The Aquamariner 3)
  • Geoleaper (Geoleaper, Geoleaper Within, Geoleaper Beyond, Geoleapers)
  • Overwatch (Overwatch, Overwatchers, Overwatching, Overwatch Legacy)
  • X-O (X-O, X-O2: Resurrection, X-O3: Darkness, X-O4: Ascension)
  • Captain Jupiter (Captain Jupiter, Captain Jupiter: Surge, Captain Jupiter: Shock Therapy)
  • Vindicators (Vindicators, Vindicators: The Fallen Legacy, Vindicators: The Diverging Army, Avengers/Vindicators)
  • The Ravagerz (The Ravagerz, The Ravagerz: Breakout, The Ravagerz: Anarchy)
  • Skylark (Skylark, Skylark Rising, Skylark Ascending)
  • The Enhanced Ones (The Enhanced Ones)
  • The Legacy Collection* (X-O4: Ascension, Timekeeping, Geoleapers, Overwatch Legacy)

The starter films would be Apex, Mister Magnificent, Timekeeper, Geoleaper, etc, the first film in each series. Next up are all the starter films in the MOU and their plots.

*There are no starter films in collections.

Apex (January 7th, 2020) Edit

Dane Besson, the world's greatest neurologist, has teamed up with the goverment to create a serum that modifies human DNA so they can use 100% of their brain capacity in order to see what it is like. When trials on apes and dogs become a success, human trials begin but no one pitches in. Full of will and ready to sacrifice, Dane volunteers to take the serum, but when Dane takes it in the first trial, he falls into a coma for 5 months. When Dane wakes up, he wakes up with extraordinary powers. He can move objects with his mind, he can read and communicate with other minds, he becomes multilingual after hearing one word from another language, his senses are stronger, he can take in information quicker than the normal human, and his short and long term memory has drastically increased, making him extremely smarter. When Dane tells the government about his new abilities, they immediately take him for testing and evaluation. After realizing their true plans of turning Dane into a military weapon, Dane escapes the facility. As Dane is on the run, he struggles with deciding what to do with his powers. The FBI sends an elite SWAT and hunt team, Squad A4X to hunt him down After multiple attempts to hunt him down, the FBI believes that they must find a soldier to counter his power. Searching for another candidate to take the Apex serum to hunt Dane down, introverted and outcast scientist, Brock Gibson, begs to take on the position, but is rejected. Going rogue, Brock breaks into the facility, shooting down 3 guards, and steals the Apex serum. Now gaining amazing powers, Brock becomes corrupted, as his whole life, he was abandoned by his parents, bullied, and humiliated, sees the Apex serum as his chance to show his power and anger within. Corrupted by the power, Brock gains a new mission to conquer New York, but with Dane Besson in the way, to 2 become enemies as Brock goes on a killing and demolition spree around New York City. Dane, taking on the moniker, Apex, after the press' nicknames for him, Brock dubs himself, Predator to form the words Apex Predator. As Predator is ready to prey instead of being the prey, he kidnaps Dane's finance, Rachel, and his best friend, Elliot Olsen. Struggling to choose which one to save and look for, Dane tries to come up with a strategy to save them both, which ends up getting Rachel saved, but Elliot impaled by a steel beam. After Elliot's death, Dane must stop the Predator once and for all. With the FBI taking down Squad A4X, much to their discern, they agree to destroy the serum and equip Dane with a battle suit to assist him in defeating the Predator. During their final battle at Times Square, Dane is able to discover the true extent of his abilities, involving getting into people's heads. Predator is eventually taken down and knocked out, later being brought to Steel Max Prison. After defeating Predator, the true enemy, Dane and the FBI make a deal to keep all the events at the lab and Squad A4X's mission confidential, as well as Dane's alter ego as Apex. Dane later quits his job as a neurologist to use his powers to help people.

Mister Magnificent (May 24, 2020) Edit

Benjamin Mortdecai, known onstage as Mordo the Magnificent, is the greatest magician in history with his extremely realistic and impossible-to-explain magic tricks such as duplication, levitation, matter transmutation, disappearing objects, and stunning card tricks. But his refusal to reveal ANY of his tricks or converse with fans makes CIA agent and head of Supernatural Investigations Unit, Charles Bowen, suspicious. After investigating the famed magician and figuring out his secret, Bowen travels to Mortdecai's house to let him know. As the 2 meet, Charles shows Ben the Card of Horus that gave him the ability to manipulate reality itself, which explains how Ben performs his tricks, they aren't tricks, they're real. Ben tells Charles that when he was 15, he was touring one of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and got lost, falling into a wide crack in the ground while he was trying to find his way back. Ben, trapped loosely between rocks, is able to move around and discovers a red glowing light. Ben moves towards it and discovers that deep in the pyramid is a cave and thats where he was. Ben finds the source of the light, which is coming from a glowing playing card encased by glass and gold, sitting on a pedestal. Ben makes contact with the card and the light suddenly begins to wrap around him. Ben suddenly blinked and found himself with the rest of the tourists as if he teleported there. When Ben got home he began to realize that he could control and bend reality, making things disappear or duplicate or move around without him touching it. He could also manipulate the shape and structure of certain objects, warping them. After Ben told Charles the story, he advises Charles to leave and urges Charles to keep it a secret and keep the Card of Horus a secret. As Charles leaves, he tells Ben that he could use his abilites for a cause greater than himself. Captivated, Ben visits Charles' office and Charles tells Ben that he should use his abilities to help people and fight crime. Ben is introduced to the rest of the CIA who vow to make sure the world doesn't know that Benjamin Mortdecai is a superpowered crime-fighter. Ben and Charles both make a costume to mask Ben's face and give him technological advances that help Ben control his powers. As Ben is sent to take down a ruthless crime lord who has stolen some vital and lethal technological weapons from Chemtech only known as Boss Griffin, he begins to believe that Charles is going on rogue missions. After his first fight with Boss Griffin, Mister Magnificent suffers a huge defeat and has a talk with Charles about his past of using his powers. After gaining powers, Ben told his best friend, Patrick Bowen who went on the trip with him, who happened to be Charles' cousin, explaining their resemblance and why he wanted to investigate his friend, about the Card of Horus. With Patrick touching it after Ben showed it to him, they both had reality-bending powers and used it to rob stores and pull pranks around their city. Things got too far when Patrick accidentally blew up a gas station when messing with the store clerk, but instead of feeling bad, it amused Patrick. Ben, scared of what Patrick was becoming, had told him to stop using his powers, but Patrick didn't listen and began to use his powers for more sinister purposes. The friendship between them fell apart, and resulted in a huge fight between the 2. Neither won and Patrick disappeared due to the many criminal charges placed against him that would ruin his life. Ben never saw him again and vowed to never use his powers for good or for bad, instilling him to become a magician instead. During their talk, Ben gains the motivation to stop Boss Griffin again, but accidentally stumbles across Charles' files on his computer along the way when pinpointing the crime lord's location and discovers that Charles is searching for the current location of the Card of Horus, as the card teleports to another location 2 days after being touched. Ben realizes that Charles may be hiding something. When Ben goes on the mission, Charles staying behind at the base, he almost gets killed by Boss Griffin with an unknown mystical golden staff. Ben finally defeats the crime lord and returns to the base, to find Charles missing. After asking 2 co-workers there where Charles was, they claim that Charles told him that he was going on the mission with Ben. With Ben knowing now that something was wrong with Charles, the 2 workers are mysteriously killed by flying blades from behind. Ben finds a man in a hood who teleported there and sees the face of Charles under the hood, with the Card of Horus with him, in a glass case secured to his chest by metal bands wrapping around his shoulders and waist. Ben discovers that Charles is channeling all of the cards' power to his body, eventually meaning that the card will be gone forever. Charles, revealing that he was on a rogue mission to get the card and that he was Patrick Bowen the whole time, just with a legally changed name to fool Ben, claims that Ben was supposed to die there by Boss Griffin's staff, which was given to him by Charles himself. Ben, fooled the whole time, now knows that Patrick was the real enemy. Now with immense reality-manipulating power, Patrick, going by Necromancer, warps the shape of the base and lifts the floor tiles Ben is standing on, revealing an abyss beneath the floor tiles that seem to lead to space. Charles explains that he has the power to control the fabric of their reality and by lifting the floor tiles, has created a hole to exit their reality that when when falling through it, Ben will go to the Multiverse, a place beyond reality and time, where everything there just is. Charles, dropping the floor tile into the abyss, banishing Ben into the multiverse, continues his plans. With Ben falling through warped space, he reaches the end of their universe and passes straight through the expanding border, finding himself into the Mutliverse itself, stuck in a gateway between his universe and another parallel universe he views at the end of the path far far away. With Ben stranded in the gateway, looking past at all the infinite universes he sees in the distance, he meets a god-like entity named Living Tribunal, who sees that Ben is lost. After talking to Living Tribunal, who lets Ben know that he controls the multiverse and tells Ben that the true use of his power is to defend the universe from people like Charles, Ben becomes inspired and Living Tribunal sends Ben back to his universe, but to the time before Ben is banished by Charles. With Ben being launched back to Earth and to the moment right after Ben falls into space, he encounters Charles again, who says that once he gains the cards' full power, he will match the power of Living Tribunal and will destroy all other realities, leaving only his universe standing. Necromancer disappears and Ben knows that he needs to stop Charles. After seeking help from Living Tribunal, the entity states that Ben must fight on his own to prove himself. Ben puts on the suit and battles Necromancer multiple times, and the 2 eventually take the fight into the Multiverse, where they stumble upon alternate realities and other dimensions, including the Quantum Realm, the Astral Dimension, and the Dark Dimension. With Necromancer and Mister Magnificent battling for the fate of the Multiverse, Living Tribunal banishes Necromancer into the Dark Dimension after Ben is nearly killed by him. Eventually, Necromancer finds his way out, but now disfigured and filled with darkness, performs his plan, many universes being destroyed. Mister Magnificent and Living Tribunal team up against the all-powerful Necromancer, about to take the card's full power. Living Tribunal eventually destroys the glass case, and Mister Magnificent takes the Card of Horus, only a fourth of it left. Necromancer is then taken to Living Tribunal's prison and Mister Magnificent is honored a hero. He later goes solo and uses his powers to fight criminals and other dimensional threats. In the post-credits scene, Necromancer assists help from an unknown force only known as Dormammu and escapes the prison, heading back to his universe.

Timekeeper (November 6, 2020) Edit

Bruce Wilkins is the night guard at the Lost Artifacts Museum, home to many rare priceless artfiacts. One night, Bruce witnesses a break-in and stops the robber, who had attempted to steal the Timekeeper's Necklace, an ancient hourglass necklace dug up at a digging site from Greece. As Bruce attempts to handcuff the robber, the robber quickly attacks Bruce and shatters the glass surrounding the necklace. Bruce chases the robber around, eventually stopping the robber and getting back the necklace, but after hearing voices coming from it, Bruce reluctantly wears it for a few seconds, but he realizes, he can't take it off, it suddenly can't fit through his head. Panicking, Bruce tries to rip it apart to get it off but can't. As he does so, he sees visions of his past and then unfamiliar visions about him. Knowing he won't be able to take it off, Bruce tries to investigate the necklace and it's history, discovering that it gives him powers along the way such as reversing time around him, slowing/freezing/speeding time around him, allowing him to have visions across time, and being able to jump into another time. As Bruce investigates the Timekeeper's Necklace, he learns about an ancient race of humans known as the Timekeepers that used the necklaces to guard time and protect people. Bruce, wanting to know how the necklaces were created, jumps back millions of years to see the creation, only to encounter a timekeeper named Darius who recognizes the necklace and that Bruce is from the future. The 2 befriend each other, with Darius training Bruce. Darius tells Bruce that once you wear the necklace, you are a Timekeeper that you must do your duty as one, protecting time and people. As they walk, Darius is killed by a man in a gold and black hood. As Darius dies, Bruce promises Darius to do his duty as a timekeeper. Before he takes his dying breath, Darius warns Bruce of the hooded man, who he's had battles with before, and that the hooded man is a time traveller named Chronos. After Darius' death, Bruce takes on the responsibility to hunt down Chronos and find out his identity while also taking on the legacy of a timekeeper.

Geoleaper (June 6, 2021) Edit

Tiffany Phillips, good friend of Dane Besson (Apex), is a famed chemist, studying atoms and molecules. But one of her side projects is Project Geoleap, working with a scientist named Emmet Edison, who wants to build a teleporter by moving a human's molecules to another place in an instant. When their project is a success, they keep the teleporter private to stay away from government involvement. One night when Tiffany and Emmet finish working on turning the teleporter into a suit, making 2 of them, a masked man breaks in their lab and electrocutes Emmet to death using a taser gun, stealing one of the suits. Tiffany blocking the bullets with a tabletop, takes the leftover suit to chase Emmet's killer. Failing to find him, Tiffany, having knowledge of forensic science having used to be a detective tries to track down Emmet's killer, going by Black Mist, finding out new clues along the way, slowly figuring out that the man behind the mask may be closer to them than they thought and after finding out his new plan, Tiffany uses the Geoleaper suit to track him down and stop him, while searching for a purpose to use her powers. Going by Geoleaper, she embarks on a vengeance mission to find Black Mist, she also runs across her city to see that it is corrupt and filled with danger, defiled by violent gangs and robberies. Noticing that her teleportation powers can help her counter these dangers, she finds a purpose for them and goes out to fight crime. After failing to save a bank from robbery, she travels across the world to find a teacher who can help her fight crime and meets Kang, a Japanese warrior and Kung-Fu master that used to fight crime and corrupt robbers in his old village. Through tough training, she believed that she would be able to hunt down Black Mist. After saving people from muggers and taking down gangs along the way, she ran into Black Mist, who seems to have bad intentions with his powers. Using his abilities to rob banks, she knows that she needs to stop him before he takes his schemes to the next level, but first, goes on a mission to find out who he is. She eventually finds out that he is Seth Beckham, a former colleague of hers and Emmets that worked on Project Geoleap.

The Aquamariner (September 9th, 2021) Edit

Pierre Howard, has an extremely rare and strange condition called the Weinstein's Disorder (discovered by Dr. Thomas Weinstein) that makes their DNA absorb any outside material it comes in direct contact with spontaneously at any random time. Some people's DNA have come in contact with crystals, sand, and even fire. But 2 with the condition have had their DNA have come in contact with water: Pierre Howard and famed heroic lifeguard Liam Briggs. What happens is that their DNA strands become surrounded with that material and the material wraps around the DNA strand. For Pierre and Liam, what results is amazing powers related to water. When the DNA absorbs the material, it takes a while for results to show. Liam and Pierre both just beginning to see their powers of hydrokinesis, water creation, turning objects into water, turning themselves into water, swimming at extraordinary speeds, and breathing underwater around the same time. The 2 both eventually crossing paths, try to help each other learn how to use and control their powers. But when Liam's family is killed in car accident, Liam enters a state of depression. To make matters worse, Pierre accidentally reveals to the world their powers. Liam and Pierre both have a hard time being accepted into society, both becoming outcasts. But when Liam is fired, he faces tragedy and sadness, which quickly forms into anger. Unable to find happiness, Liam disappears, supposedly hiding the ocean. Meanwhile, Pierre must struggle to control his powers and find a way to use them while trying to fit back into society. Later, people at the Avalon Beach begin to notice that the waves have been a lot stronger, like the huge waves they have back in Bahamas, up to the point where kids are prohibited from going into the ocean. Suspicious of the sudden rise in wave strength, Pierre believes that Liam may be responsible. After going into the beach to investigate the waves, Pierre finds Liam, his body in full water form. The two have a first fight, with Pierre being defeated and almost drowned. Pierre escapes, intent on stopping Liam's plan of using his control of the waves to start a deadly tsunami that can wipe out the whole East Coast. So Pierre searches for the another humans with his condition so they can together, take down Liam, dubbed as Wavepool, and stop his plan as the world's new hero, the Aquamariner.

Overwatch (December 29th, 2021) Edit

Beth Rushman is a retired CIA agent and military fighter, now a mom living a calm life with her 2 kids but struggling to pay her finances, but her past as a soldier comes back to haunt her when her old captain returns to ask her to help him in a project because she was his best fighter. Beth reluctantly volunteers when the captain promises a high pay that will help her catch up on her finances. She finds out that the project was based on a beta version of Project Apex, instead leveling the brain's capacity to 100%, this new project called Project Guardian, will level it up to only 35%, but will give the user's ability to sense danger nearby or of an important person and get visions of the past, present, and future of someone who is in danger. She can also touch someone and see any event that has or will happen to them. Beth is asked by the crew to volunteer as their first human trial. Beth agrees and just like Apex, she falls into a coma, this time, only for 2 days. Beth wakes up in the hospital, her senses and reflexes sharper than ever before. As she returns home, she begins to get visions of someone getting mugged in a nearby alleyway. Beth, believing the project worked, runs to the alleyway to see a man getting mugged. She saves the man, who happens to be her next-door neighbor, Chris. The 2 begin to develop a relationship until Beth is interrupted by her captain and her crew, who want her to do life-saving secret black ops missions for the military when they need her too. Beth sees it as more than she bargained for but reluctantly agrees anyway. Using her new abilities, quick thinking, detective skills, marksmanship, and martial arts, she must take down a terrorist only known as Silver Spectre who wants to and can start World War III.

X-O (April 10th, 2022) Edit

Robert Cooper is the CEO of NeXtGen, the world's most successful tech company ever. From high-tech phones to laptops to holographic television sets, Robert Cooper is the world's #1 tech innovator. Robert lives a tough life as a billionaire and coming up with original innovations, and his biggest step yet is when Robert attempts to make a beacon of light that can go on for millions of miles. That was 10 years ago. Now, the beacon has been finished and Robert will be the first one to light it up. The beacon that can stretch out to the cosmos all the way to Jupiter has been completed, but the humans aren't the only ones it grabs the attention of, because an alien race that lives deep in Jupiter, notices it. Curious, they send an alien in a high-tech exosuit and a cloaked ship to go there and find out where the beacon is coming from. As the ship arrives into Earth's atmosphere right above the source of the beacon, a meteor comes down and knocks it's left wing off. The ship comes crashing down in an open field. An open field that happens to be the backyard of Robert Cooper's mansion. Robert walks out to see nothing, until the cloaking system breaks. He runs over the alien ship and finds the alien in is black and silver exosuit labeled X-0. The alien is barely alive and stares into Robert's eyes before he dies. Robert, being smart and a quick thinker, knows it came because of the beacon. Robert takes pieces of the broken ship and the body of the alien into a tech room in his house. Robert notices the exosuit needs a bit fixing. To investigate how the alien technology works, Robert fixes it and puts it on, noticing that the exosuit gives him the great abilities of flight at the speed of light, running at the speed of light, high-tech optic laser blasters, technopathy, and super strength. He also he can put on the suit wherever and whenever he wants since he can call the suit to teleport around his body with his mind. Robert, wanting to keep this suit a secret from the public and government hides it in a high-tech secret room, but doesn't know what to do with it. Eventually, Robert notices that the suit has power that he can use to help people. He takes the X-0 suit, calling himself X-O. Robert masking himself, uses the suit to take down terrorists and fight crime. As X-O becomes he hero of his city, he learns of a threat from the aliens that created the X-0 suit, who are calling for war. As they approach Earth for invasion, X-O must learn to stop the war before it even begins.

Vindicators (July 4th, 2022) Edit

Ever since being warned about by General Al-Khan about the world-ending threat about a being named "Dharkkist", Robert Cooper has been having nightmares about the world ending and suffering from paranoia. Things get even worse when breaking news confirms that planets like Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars have all been destroyed by an unknown force, Robert knows 100% that Earth is next and that this relates to the "Dharkkist" threat. Robert Cooper has lost hope knowing that he, alone, couldn't stop whatever threat was to doom Earth, which gave him an idea. After hearing the news about crime fighters with teleportation powers, a woman who can sense danger from a mile away, a man with 100% brain capacity, a man who can bend reality, and man with hydrokinesis, Robert Cooper believes that he can assemble the team and save the world from whatever is coming. After paying millions of dollars and revealing his identity as X-O to the CIA in exchange for secret files containing superhuman data, Robert finds out more about Dane Besson, Tiffany Phillips, Beth Rushman, Ben Mordecai, Pierre Howard, and learns about a new superhuman named Bruce Wilkins to seems to have time-travelling capabilities, he goes out on the search to recruit these heroes. After easily recruiting them all when telling about the Dharkkist threat and the disappearing planets, the team assembles (not including Bruce) at Robert's mansion and trains together, calling themselves the Vindicators. As they train, they soon encounter a strange man in a green hood, who appears out of nowhere and might be from the future tries to warn the team about what Dharkkist plans to do to Earth and they need to find himself (Bruce Wilkins), and unite the team to stop Dharkkist. The time-travelling man disappears and the team goes to find Bruce. Finally, when Dharkkist arrives, it is up to them to defend their planet from Dharkkist and his army.

Captain Jupiter (October 8th, 2024) Edit

Talia Edison, younger sister of deceased Emmet Edison, is a local electrician and former navy captain until retiring to face a calmer life, not known by many. The only thing special about her is that she has the same DNA condition as Pierre Howard, the Aquamariner. But one night changes that when she gets fatally struck by a bolt of lightning while fixing a sparkling telephone line, occurring 6 months ago, missing out on V-Team saving the world from Dharkkist. Some charged lighting particles get into her blood, being absorbed by her DNA, with small bolts of electricity going on and off around her DNA. After she wakes up from her 6 month coma, missing out on many events. She wakes up with electrokinesis, extremely enhanced reflexes, running speed at the speed of sound, dematerialization into lightning, electrical sense, electrical travel, electromagnetic control, control of thunderstorms, and levitation by riding the electromagnetic poles. As Talia continues to discover her abilites and control them, she struggles to find a purpose for them, but inspired by her old job as a navy captain and the desire to redeem herself after her brother's death by getting rid of the types of people who killed him. Taking the name, Captain Jupiter, Jupiter coming from Zeus, the god of lightning, Talia suits up in an electrical-resistant suit and takes it to the streets to fight crime, saving people from gangsters and robbed banks. Captain Jupiter, searching for a more understanding for her powers, she tries to contact Aquamariner, which results in a misunderstanding, leading to a battle between the two. After settling their differences, Pierre helps Talia control her powers. As they train together, the 2 begin to develop a relationship and Pierre asks Talia if she wants to join the V-Team. When Talia ventures out to rescue a kidnapped senator from terrorists, her mission becomes interrupted when a masked man in a yellow and white futuristic suit speeds in at super speed who seems to have the same powers as Talia. The masked man, who goes by Speed Demon, fights Captain Jupiter, his main goal to kill her. As Speed Demon threatens to destroy her city, Captain Jupiter must find a way to stop him and find who is behind the mask.

The Ravagerz (March 30, 2029) Edit

Steel Max Prison is home to the world's most dangerous criminals and supervillains, housed in power-dampening cells that include villains like Wavepool and Speed Demon. The 8 have all have a life sentence there until one day when the Necromancer (Patrick Bowen), who is still on the loose but in hiding decides that he doesn't want to wreak havoc alone so he uses his reality-bending powers to break Wavepool, Speed Demon, Predator, Khrallos, Pyromaniac, Blackhawk, Black Mist, and Spectreo out of Steel Max. Together, the 9 lethal supervillains team up to wreak havoc and ravage the cities to "pay them back", until after an epic battle with X-O, Apex, and Mister Magnificent, are put back into jail before going on a mission on Mars with the Vindicators, with the superhero team busy, the US Superhumans Division needs to find a way to successfully handle the siege of Centerstone City by a lethal masked superhuman going by King Konquerer with the ability of extremely powerful telekinesis and opening dimensional portals. After a failed search for finding humans capable to taking on King Konquerer, the USD's last resort is getting a group of villainous superhumans, the Ravagerz, from Steel Max Prison to take down the superhuman in exchange for a shortened sentence and better treatment at a less intense prison they will be transported to. Fully monitored, complete with a robotic deadly parasite inside them ready to be activated at any point, the group of supervillains is forced to take down King Konquerer, if they make any move not ok with the USD, the parasite is to be activated, giving them an inevitable death. Determined to prove themselves and clean themselves up, the team of bad people work together to do some good and save Centerstone City.

Skylark (November 10th, 2029) Edit

A pilot named Hank Reynolds life changes when a gang of criminals invade his home, killing his wife and children along with his parents. Full of despair, anger, and vengeance, the old Hank Reynolds turns into a dark violent recluse for 3 months while trying to develop a suit that will allow him to fly, along with gadgets made of used airplane parts. Once the suit is developed, complete with a jetpack, bulletproof torso, machine gun gloves, tracking device discs, and bomb discs. Calling himself the Skylark, Hank wants to avenge his family by taking down the leader of the gang that killed his whole family and also wants to rid the world of the kinds of people that killed his family. Knowing that the lethal vigilante is onto him, the gang leader, builds a suit of his own to combat Skylark, calling himself Blackhawk. While Skylark is on the hunt for vengeance, the local police force is on a hunt to take down Skylark at all costs, believing that the violent vigilante is a threat to society. As Hank struggles with Blackhawk and the police force, he also must deal with living his own life too.

The Enhanced Ones (March 13, 2032) Edit

A spin-off of the Aquamariner, The Enhanced Ones tells the story of the enhanced people with the Weinstein's Disorder. After the world's 2 most powerful enhanced humans, Speed Demon and Pyromaniac, hunt down all other enhanced ones, Aquamariner and Captain Jupiter team up to assemble a team with old allies, know grown up, Bailey Margo (Sandgirl), Zack Heath (Stalactite), Dennis Ramirez (Windigo), and Harrison Dylan (Light Knight). When the team assembles, they go on life-saving missions while trying to take down Speed Demon and Pyromaniac, who claim to be under the orders of a man named "Keymaster". As the Enhanced Ones try to take down the enhanced humans, Keymaster assembles an army of his own.

Critical Response Edit

The response to the films of MOU were generally both loved by the critics and the audiences but there a few films that flopped. Below is the list of the films and their Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Part One Edit

  • Apex | Audience: 98% | Critics: 98%
  • Mister Magnificent | Audience: 81% | Critics: 72 %
  • Timekeeper | Audience: 67% | Critics: 59%
  • Geoleaper | Audience: 81% | Critics: 62%
  • The Aquamariner | Audience: 100% | Critics: 98%
  • Overwatch | Audience: 99% | Critics: 91%
  • X-O | Audience: 98% | Critics: 99%
  • Vindicators | Audience: 99% | Critics: 92%

Part Two Edit

  • Apex: Redemption | Audience: 80% | Critics: 90%
  • Mr and Mrs Magnificent | Audience: 68% | Critics: 71%
  • The Aquamariner 2 | Audience: 99% | Critics: 100%
  • Geoleaper Within | Audience 99% | Critics: 99%
  • Timekeepers | Audience: 91% | Critics: 87%
  • Overwatchers | Audience: 68% | Critics: 70%
  • Captain Jupiter | Audience: 99% | Critics: 100%
  • X-O2: Resurrection | Audience: 99% | Critics: 98%
  • Vindicators: The Fallen Legacy | Audience: 62% | Critics: 60%

Part Three Edit

  • Magnificent Six | Audience: 71% | Critics: 64%
  • Apex: Crossfire | Audience: 99% | Critics: 94%
  • Timekeeper: Paradox | Audience: 99% | Critics: 100%
  • The Aquamariner 3 | Audience: 92% | Critics: 94%
  • Captain Jupiter: Surge | Audience: 99% | Critics: 95%
  • Geoleaper Beyond | Audience: 99% | Critics: 96%
  • Overwatching | Audience: 78% | Critics: 71%
  • X-O3: Darkness | Audience: 90% | Critics: 91%
  • The Ravagerz | Audience: 45% | Critics: 37%
  • Skylark | Audience: 99% | Critics: 98%
  • Vindicators: The Diverging Army | Audience: 99% | Critics: 100%

Part Four Edit

  • Avengers/Vindicators | Audience: 99% | Critics: 92%
  • Captain Jupiter: Shock Therapy | Audience: 45% | Critics: 32%
  • Skylark Rising | Audience: 98% | Critics: 99%
  • The Ravagerz: Breakout | Audience: 68% | Critics: 59%
  • The Enhanced Ones | Audience: 99% | Critics: 100%
  • X-O4: Ascension | Audience: 54% | Critics: 42%
  • Skylark Ascending | Audience: 56% | Critics: 51%
  • The Ravagerz: Anarchy | Audience: 95% | Critics: 91%
  • Geoleapers | Audience: 29% | Critics: 14%
  • Timekeeping | Audience: 89% | Critics: 85%
  • Overwatch Legacy | Audience: 34% | Critics: 23%

TV Series Edit

  • Keepers of Time | Audience: 96% | Critics: 100%
  • Wildcard | Audience: 56% | Critics: 67%
  • Enhanced | Audience: 99% | Critics: 100%
  • Magnificent Four | Audience: 99% | Critics: 94%
  • Blackbird | Audience: 61% | Critics: 47%

TV Series Edit

The Marvel Originals Universe also consists of TV series that exist in the same universe, all of them airing on NBC. Here are the TV series and their summaries, with a list of episodes. in no particular order. All the MOU series on NBC have seasons each with 15 episodes, except for the Enhanced Season 4 miniseries, which has 10.

Keepers of Time (2022-2024) Edit

The Keepers of Time is a show that aired 3 seasons on NBC, being a spin-off of The Timekeeper. The Keepers of Time tells the origin story of Darius and the Timekeepers, and how they came to be. The series revolves around Darius' quest to find the Chronos temple in Ancient Greece and finding the Hourglass Stones that will help him create the Hourglass Necklace. The series will lead up to the moment where Darius comes into contact with Bruce Wilkins.

Season 1 (January 2022-May 2022) Edit

  1. Pilot- An ancient astronomer named Darius believes that a meteor shower is coming to Ancient Greece and believes that the collision may be catastrophic and makes efforts to warn the public. Meanwhile, legends of a man who can travel through time dubbed Chronos spread across the globe.
  2. Meteor Shower- After succeeding in getting Ancient Greece to take refuge in an underground cave to survive the meteor collision, Darius realizes that his predictions may have been wrong, when the green glowing meteor finally crashes, but only takes down a temple, and not the whole civilization. With the citizens losing their trust in Darius, he explores the meteor and soon realizes that remnants of it have been scattered throughout Ancient Greece, and wants to find every last piece of it to study the cosmos.
  3. The Chronos Temple- Continuing his search for the meteor remnants, Darius learns of a temple being built known as the Chronos Temple, built after a Titan going by Chronos who can control time. Being dedicated to Greek lore, Darius begins a quest to find the temple and meet the supposed Titan of Time.
  4. Mysterious Stranger- With Darius leaving home to find the Chronos Temple, he comes across the amazing city of Kalladusk where Greeks believe that the Titan of Time, Chronos, was spotted. Myths and murals of Chronos begin to resurface, sparking the creation of Greek mythology surrounding titans and gods. Darius has his first encounter with Chronos, but fails to gain his favoring,
  5. The Hooded Bandit- During Darius' travels, he learns that a hooded bandit has been robbing stores and wreaking havoc, leading many to believe that Chronos might be responsible, as they think he is the only one with enough power to cause such damage. Darius begins to question Chronos' intentions and refuses to believe that he is the bandit.
  6. The Six Stones- Darius, during his journey, meets a fellow astronomer, Perseus, who is also on the search for the meteor remnants, and joins Darius on his journey, but also states that there are extraterrestrial energies within the meteor, mostly concentrated into 6 green stones, which are the real things they should be looking after. He also believes that the stones have a connection to Chronos and that Chronos may be looking for them, so their goal is to follow Chronos, believing that he is attracted to the stones.
  7. A New Quest- Darius and Perseus both begin their side quest to find the 6 stones, while also on the path to the Chronos Temple. Perseus' predictions on following Chronos are right, as he believes that they are on the right track to finding the first stone. Meanwhile, they run into another genius astronomer named Callum, who is eager to join their quest, but Perseus doesn't trust him.
  8. Return of Chronos- With Callum on the team, Darius & Perseus run into Chronos again, who confirms their theory that he is after the 6 stones. Knowing that they are at competition with Chronos, they must devise a plan to get to the stones before Chronos does. The team of 3 also has a battle with Chronos and barely survive.
  9. The First Stone- With the 3 astronomers incapacitated, they must catch up with Chronos. As they do, they finally find the first stone when partnering with a philosopher named Euclid, who introduces them to triangulation. When they find the first stone, they realize that it has time-bending capabilities, just like Chronos does. The 3 are able to get the stone before Chronos, and avoid a fight.
  10. Disciples- As the astronomers continue on the journey, Callum begins to show shady behavior and Darius begins to also grow suspicions. They also find many other philsophers and astronomers who want to follow them on their journey. 3 new followers, Amos, Seamus, and Belle.
  11. Concept of Time- The astronomers continue to study the first stone they have collected and begin to understand the concept of time better. They try to find a way to access the stone's power.
  12. The Second Stone- As the group continues to follow Chronos, they come across the 2nd stone, but realize that Chronos has barely beaten them to it, but Chronos gives them the stone and vanishes, claiming that his work has been done and that he cannot ruin the timeline.
  13. Hidden Scroll- The group finally finds Chronos hot me, which seems to be very futuristic and out of their time. In it, they discover a scroll, a map of the location of all the 6 stones, and the Chronos Temple.
  14. Ancient Greece- When Darius and his followers find out from the map that the Chronos Temple is out of Greece, they exit the country after months of hiking and riding horses as they get closer than ever before. But they are soon interrupted and betrayed by Callum, who was a disciple of Chronos, spying on them.
  15. Jackpot- The battle between Darius, Perseus, Amos, Seamus, and Belle continues against Callum, who seems to have time-travelling capabilities as well. Chronos joins the battle and proves himself as an enemy to the group. It's Callum and Chronos vs. Darius' group. In the end, Chronos and Callum retreat, and the group finds the Chronos Temple.

Season 2 (February 2023-July 2023) Edit

  1. Welcome to the Chronos Temple- This season premiere marks the first part of the 4-Part Chronos Temple Special. Upon arrival at the Chronos Temple, built for the Titan of Time, Darius and his followers, stare in awe at the sculptures and altars created for him. They also believe though that the trip was worthless, as Darius went to worship the titan, but with Chronos being an enemy, he realizes that there is no purpose, until there, he learns a lot more information about Chronos and the threat he poses to the world.
  2. Danger at the Chronos Temple- Trapped at the Chronos Temple, imprisoned by it's workers and builders who were disciples for Chronos, Darius and his followers must fight off the disciples, while also finally using the stone's power, giving them the powers of Chronos, manipulating time.
  3. Secrets of the Chronos Temple- After fending off their captors, Darius and his followers search the temple for secrets and to learn more about Chronos. They discover Chronos plans to change history and take control of the entire timeline by gaining supplements of energy from the 6 stones to become the most powerful rogue "Timekeeper" in all of history. This is the first they hear of the "Timekeeper" name.
  4. Escape from the Chronos Temple- Episode 4 marks the end of the Chronos Temple Special. Knowing that there are threats to time from Chronos, Darius believes that they are time's last hope and that they can use the power from the stones to defend the timeline from Chronos and others like him, but they must come up with an escape plan first as Chronos and Callum return, threatening their survival.
  5. The Third Stone- Upon escaping the Chronos Temple and taking the secret route out, they go on the search for the 3rd stone, located hidden somewhere inside the temple. They must make their return back to the Chronos Temple while also making it out alive with the 3rd stone.
  6. Neverending Tunnel- The group of 5 finally find the 3rd stone, and agree to keep each stone for themselves so that each can use it's power to defend the timeline, and also so others don't get it. Darius, calling the group, the Timekeepers, swear an oath to protect time and not to betray one another. After doing so, the group tries to find their way out of the tunnel under the temple they found the 3rd stone in, but realize the tunnel has no end, finding themselves stuck in a time loop created by Chronos.
  7. Cave of Chronos- Finally breaking the time loop by surrendering the 3rd stone to Chronos, they escape the tunnel, but themselves in a cave beneath the temple. Here, they learn more secrets about Chronos, and from the map, learn that the 4th stone lies here.
  8. The Fourth Stone- Encountering the 4th stone, they realize it's power has been dampened, meaning that Chronos already found it and took some of it's energy. Giving the fourth stone to Amos, their fourth disciple, they have yet to find the 5th and 6th stone to grant to Belle and Seamus.
  9. Abe the Disciple- As the Timekeepers finally escape the Chronos Temple area, they embark on their new mission to find the 5th and 6th stones, and run into a philosopher named Abe, who wants to join the Timekeepers.
  10. Next Stop- With Abe giving the Timekeepers the idea of putting the stones into necklaces so the stones can easily be accessed, necklaces are crafted for Darius, Perseus, and Amos, as well as future ones for Seamus and Belle. Meanwhile, Abe takes on the duty to lead the Timekeepers to their next stop.
  11. 2 Steps Closer- As the Timekeepers are closer than ever to finding the 5th stone, they encounter a horde of Chronos disciples, who have all been granted time-bending powers by the 3rd stone Chronos stole. They introduce their new way of using their powers and call themselves the Paradoxicals.
  12. The Fifth Stone- The battle between Chronos' followers and the Timekeepers finally ends and Callum is revealed as their leader. When the group escapes by opening a portal to a place outside of time, the 4th dimensional space itself, the Timekeepers follow and see wonders outside of time, and must battle the Paradoxicals, learning that they are already in possession of the 5th stone.
  13. Almost There- After obtaining the 5th stone from the Paradoxicals, the Timekeepers begin their search for the final 6th stone and are closer than ever before. While battling members of the Paradoxicals along the way, their journey is finally interrupted when the Paradoxicals go back in time and start a time paradox that sends the fabric of time and reality unraveling.
  14. Encounter with Chronos- During their battle in the 4th dimension, the Timekeepers encounter Chronos once again, who actually teams up with them to stop the time paradox the Paradoxicals have created in order to restore the timeline to ensure his existence. Meanwhile, the team learns that Chronos is from the future.
  15. Endgame- Seamus is given an Hourglass Necklace, with the Timekeepers each having a necklace to control time, with the exception of Abe and Belle. Chronos finally comes back for the endgame to get the 5th stone's power. Only 2 steps away from being the world's most powerful controller of time, the Timekeepers must defend Seamus with their life. Meanwhile, Abe and Belle decide that the team should also return to the temple to retrieve the fourth stone. They also learn that if one doesn't have the stone attached at all times, their powers begin to fade over time, meaning that Chronos has a stone attached to him, leading them to believe there is 7 stones, or he has a stone from the future as they begin to question the Timekeepers' destiny.

Season 3 (March 2024-July 2024) Edit

  1. The Titan of Time- The Timekeepers return in the last season when they try to learn more about Chronos' past and what future he is from. Meanwhile, they begin their journey to defend the timeline, also hoping to find the 6th stone and get back the 4th.
  2. Under the Hood of Chronos- As the Timekeepers go against the Paradoxicals once again to save the timeline from destruction, Belle and Seamus try to find out who is under the hood to prove that he is actually from the future.
  3. Return to the Chronos Temple- The Timekeepers' plan begins to retrieve the 4th stone back from Chronos. As they perform their siege of the Chronos Temple, they have a battle with Chronos and the Paradoxicals to get back the 4th stone. The powers of the Paradoxicals also begin to fade away when the Timekeepers take back the 4th stone.
  4. A Truth Revealed- Finding a way to capture Chronos and hold him custody after their battle at the Chronos Temple, the Timekeepers interrogate Chronos, who reveals crucial information that he was trained by Darius himself, but "betrayed" by Darius as well. The rest of the team begins to question Darius' allegiance.
  5. Hope of a New Timeline- The Timekeepers, after learning more about Chronos' origin story and his plans to murder Darius, they begin to theorize that murdering Darius might cause a new timeline where Chronos is good.
  6. The Sixth Stone- When Abe and Amos are captured in an attempt to find the 6th stone by the Paradoxicals, the Timekeepers must fight them and gain it back. Once they do, Abe gets a necklace, and the Timekeepers begin their quest to defend time.
  7. Disciples Assembled- With the Timekeepers' popularity increasing, being known by the whole Ancient Greece, thousands of disciples become eager to follow the time-defending team. Training begins and the Timekeepers begin to build a temple, a dojo, to train their new followers.
  8. Duplication and Alchemy- Knowing that their follower's time-manipulating powers will eventually fade, the team struggles to find a way to duplicate the stones so each can have a necklace for their own. Luckily, Abe reveals himself to be an alchemist and duplicates the stones. The temple finishes building.
  9. The Forging- Now that there are stones for the new disciples, Abe and the team find a way to harness another energy from the stones, destiny itself. With new necklaces being forged for the new followers, Abe adds the energies of destiny into the golden band of the necklace itself, causing the necklace to become indestructible and wrap around the users neck so that it cannot be taken off if the user is destined and worthy to become a Timekeeper. Only 453 of the disciples are deemed worthy.
  10. Seige of Chronos- When the rest of the disciples unable to wear the necklace leave, the Timekeepers soon discover that they have turned rogue, corrupted by Chronos, and have joined the Paradoxicals. When Chronos and his army attack the Timekeeper Temple, the new Timekeepers must use their training to defend the temple.
  11. The New Race- With the new race of Timekeepers being established, they make it into the history books, and they begin their next battle against the Paradoxicals to defend the year, 1545, from causing a war that will destroy hundreds of civilizations. Meanwhile, Belle learns of her family's fate when she travels to the year, 23 BC.
  12. Concept of Time Part 2- Classes begin about the concept of time when Darius teaches his new students about time and paradoxes. Darius takes on a new prodigy named Julian.
  13. Into Darkness- In another battle against the Paradoxicals, whose power relies on Chronos' time stone from the future, they fight in the 4th dimension, but accidentally find themselves in another dimension, the Dark Dimension beyond time, where they meet a malevolent force named Dormammu.
  14. Timekeepers Assembled- After escaping Dormammu's realm by creating a time loop, the Timekeepers make it back to gain more followers. With the Timekeeper race being fully assembled, becoming the center of power in Ancient Greece, they continue their battles to defend time against Chronos, the Paradoxicals, and a new race of rogue Timekeepers from the future, known as Paladins.
  15. Arrival of Bruce Wilkins- 30 years later from the previous episode, the Timekeeper Temple, turning into a school of sorts for new Timekeepers, Darius continues to grieve of Perseus' death 30 years ago during the war against the Paladins. As Darius trains new students and now being married to Belle, he meets a man from the future, with a Hourglass Necklace around his neck that he cannot take off, Bruce Wilkins, who found the necklace in the museum he guarded for the night. He asks Darius to teach Bruce and tell them about their history and the necklace. As Darius trains Bruce and tells him their origins, Chronos returns to find his past self, and kills Darius, sparking a new timeline created by Chronos himself. Darius, before he dies, learns that Chronos is Bruce Wilkins.

Wildcard (2021-2024) Edit

Wildcard, a spin-off of Mister Magnificent focuses on the story of private investigator and real cousin of Patrick Bowen, David Bowen as he tries to delve deeper into the secret of the Card of Horus and how it was created. His partner is a former CIA agent, Tasha Hill, who helps him in the investigation. However, David's brother, Patrick, has returned as the Necromancer, interrupts them, attempting to stop their investigation. As David and Tasha search for answers, they eventually come into contact with the ancient card, giving both them reality-bending powers, with David becoming the vigilante Wildcard with Tasha fighting crime alongside him as Miss Magnificent.

Season 1 (September 2021-February 2022) Edit

  1. Pilot- Private investigator for the FBI, David Bowen, cousin of the infamous Patrick Bowen, Necromancer, becomes curious of how his cousin got his powers in the first place and goes on a journey to find the source.
  2. David and Patrick- This second episode of Wildcard goes into David and Patrick's past life as kids and their chemistry as they grew up. When David learns about the Card of Horus' new location, he encounters his cousin Patrick once again in the present.
  3. Ace of Hearts
  4. Card of Horus
  5. Tasha Hill
  6. Enter Necromancer
  7. Into Egypt
  8. The Secret Village
  9. Scandal
  10. War
  11. The Necromancer Trials
  12. Horus
  13. A Mine in Cairo
  14. Journey of the Card of Horus
  15. The Object from Space

Season 2 (September 2022-March 2023) Edit

  1. Patrick's Plans
  2. Mister Magnificent
  3. Clash Between Magicians
  4. The Case Files
  5. New Location
  6. Pinpointed
  7. The Cave of Ra
  8. Imprisoned
  9. Going Solo
  10. Rescuing Tasha
  11. Miss Magnificent
  12. New Hero
  13. The New Clues
  14. Extraterrestrial
  15. The Battle at the Cave of Ra

Season 3 (September 2023-March 2024) Edit

  1. Wildcard
  2. Magical Duo
  3. Invasion
  4. Two Against One
  5. Focus
  6. The Magnificent Three
  7. Welcome to the CIA
  8. Invasion
  9. Return of Necromancer
  10. The Good Side of a Dark Warrior
  11. Apex Team-Up
  12. No Mercy
  13. Going in Circles
  14. The Prophecy
  15. The God of Kingship

Enhanced (2022-2025)-(2032)Edit

In this spin-off to the Aquamariner, Enhanced tells the story about the other remaining humans diagnosed with Weinstein's Disorder and the discovery of more humans with the disorder. Featuring Pierre Howard in some occasions, the series focuses on Zeke Daniels before he became the villain, Pyromaniac, as he searches for the others diagnosed, meeting Light Knight, Sandgirl, Stalacite, and Windigo along the way. The first 3 seasons in the series lead up to the events in The Aquamariner 2, taking to the series to a 7-year hiatus until the release of The Enhanced Ones, where it continued for a miniseries January 2nd, 2032 and ended March 31, 2032, with all the teen members now fully grown up.

Season 1 (November 2022-May 2023) Edit

  1. Pilot- Zeke Daniels was an ordinary kid back in the day, in 1998, until he was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder passed on through recessive genes, the Weinstein's Disorder, named after Thomas Weinstein, the doctor who discovered it. When Zeke Daniels finds himself in a fire and suffers 3rd-degree burns, heated dust particles get into his system, and combine with his DNA.
  2. Surge of Fire- 25 years later, Zeke Daniels begins to discover that he has the power of pyrokinesis and enlists the help of another "enhanced" human named Pierre Howard to help train him.
  3. Spark- A war sparks when Zeke searches the database for many other "enhanced" humans and finds old childhood friends
  4. Others Like Me
  5. Thomas Weinstein
  6. Search for the Enhanced
  7. Ember
  8. Light Knight
  9. Sandgirl
  10. Stalacite
  11. Windigo
  12. The Cure
  13. The Aquamariner
  14. Thomas E. Weinstein Academy
  15. A New Beginning

Season 2 (November 2023-May 2024) Edit

  1. Welcome to the Academy
  2. The Database
  3. Zeke's Past
  4. Concern
  5. The Flames Inside
  6. Scorch
  7. Control
  8. Against the Grain
  9. High Voltage
  10. Seige on Weinstein Mansion
  11. Enemies
  12. Unwelcome Visitors
  13. Rogues
  14. Pyrokinesis
  15. Siege

Season 3 (November 2024-May 2025) Edit

  1. Doomed
  2. Defense
  3. Protests
  4. Enhanced Rights
  5. Anger Within
  6. Reign of Ember
  7. Turning Rogue
  8. Troubled
  9. Healing
  10. Geokinesis
  11. Transmutation
  12. Exilir
  13. Assembly Required
  14. The Truth
  15. Weinstein's Initative

Season 4 (January 2032-March 2032) Edit

  1. Reborn
  2. Return to the Academy
  3. Discovery
  4. The Enhanced Army
  5. Keymaster Legacy
  6. New Division
  7. War of the Enhanced - Part 1
  8. War of the Enhanced - Part 2
  9. Elements
  10. The Revelation

Magnificent Four (2027-2030) Edit

Magnificent Four acts as a spin-off to the Mr. Magnificent series, taking place after the events in Magnificent Six. After Mister Magnificent and Miss Magnificent leave the team consisting of David Bowen (Wildcard), Johnny Quinn (Occulus), Rachel Pine (Crimson Queen), and Grant Pullman (Blackjack), Ben gives the remaining four an opportunity to continue their crime fighting. As the new team of four assembles, they are threatened by a rogue döppelganger of Mister Magnificent who claims to be from an alternate universe.

Season 1 (December 2027-July 2028) Edit

  1. Pilot
  2. Rise of Four
  3. On the Loose
  4. Multiverse
  5. Döppelganger
  6. Magnificence
  7. Negative
  8. The Zero Dimension
  9. Extent
  10. True Power
  11. Corruption
  12. Possession
  13. Infinity
  14. Darkness
  15. Resurrection

Season 2 (December 2028-July 2029) Edit

  1. Return of Horus
  2. The Stone Within
  3. Witch Doctor
  4. Magnificent Mist
  5. Dimensions
  6. The Fifth Dimension
  7. Return of Mr. Magnificent
  8. Requiem
  9. Curses
  10. Magic
  11. New Threats
  12. Summoning
  13. Enchanters
  14. Magnificent Five
  15. The Great One

Season 3 (December 2029-July 2030) Edit

  1. A New Era
  2. Reign
  3. Vindication
  4. Fallen Hero
  5. Revolution
  6. Rebellion
  7. One Chance
  8. Journey
  9. Search for the Horus Pyramind
  10. Enter the Horus Pyramid
  11. Siege of the Horus Pyramid
  12. Battle of the Horus Pyramid
  13. Apocalypse
  14. Old Gods
  15. Titan

Blackbird (2024-2027) Edit

Blackbird is a MOU series on NBC that acts as a spin-off of the TV series, Enhanced, focusing on Zeke Daniels' brother, Alex Daniels when he, with the Weinstein's Disorder too, gets the blood from a blackbird into his system, with the blackbird's DNA merging with Alex's human DNA, giving Alex the ability to fly at incredible speeds, control blackbirds, and later on, turn into one. Using this gift, Alex has fight his brother, Zeke, now Pyromaniac, as Blackbird. Alex must also learn to control his powers and learn to successfully use them to fight crime with the help of his friends.

Season 1 (August 2024-February 2025) Edit

  1. Pilot
  2. Alex Daniels
  3. Feathers
  4. Evolution
  5. Take Flight
  6. Rogue
  7. Fighting Crime
  8. Memoriam
  9. Return of Pyromaniac
  10. Fight or Flight
  11. Birth of the Blackbird
  12. Genetics
  13. Battle of 2 Brothers
  14. Enemy from the Future
  15. Blackbirds

Season 2 (August 2025-February 2026) Edit

  1. Cry of the Blackbird
  2. Harness
  3. Dispatch
  4. New Abilites
  5. Metamorphisis
  6. True Blackbird
  7. Blackbird and the Enhanced
  8. A Bigger World
  9. Blackbird vs. Aquamariner
  10. Pyrotechnic
  11. Fire of the Dragon
  12. Burning Feathers
  13. Falling Forever
  14. Blackhawk
  15. Revolution

Season 3 (August 2026-February 2027) Edit

  1. Quarantine
  2. Blackbird and the Enhanced Part 2
  3. Ravaging
  4. Greatest Battle
  5. The Scavengers
  6. Pyromaniac
  7. Settling Things
  8. Blackbird Against the World
  9. Aquamariner Returns
  10. Blackbird Reborn
  11. Blackbird Redemption
  12. Blackbird Ascending
  13. Blackbird Enemies
  14. Blackbird War
  15. Blackbird Legacy

Netflix Originals Edit

The Marvel Originals Universe also contains 2 originals on Netflix, an original series lasting 3 seasons and 1 original spin-off movie. Here are the Netflix Originals and their summaries.

Within the Villain (3 Seasons) Edit

Within the Villain is an original Netflix anthology series about the villains of the MOU. 1 season comes out every time a part/phase of the MOU ends. Season 3 came out after the release of the Enhanced Ones.Within the Villain explores the personal and past lives of the villains, a closer look at their origin stories, and their descent into madness.

Season 1 (2023) Edit

  1. Journey to a Predator- Explores Brock Gibson's troubled past and neglectful foster parents and his descent into becoming a sociopath, eventually known as the superpowered Predator.
  2. Exploring the Necromancer- Explores Patrick Bowen's troubled life with abusive parents and troublemaking history in school. Goes into his friendship with Ben Mortdecai and the history of his powers, more about how he gained it and what he used it for. Also goes into the creation of his plan as disguising as a CIA agent.
  3. The Darker Side of Bruce Wilkins- Explores the origin of Chronos, being Bruce Wilkins from the original timeline and his descent into madness, also how Chronos created a paradox that would destroy him in the end.
  4. Stepping Into the Black Mist- Explores more about Seth Beckham's past life and him joining the Geoleaper project with Tiffany and Emmet. Goes into Seth being fired and how he gained his vengeance against Emmet Edison.
  5. Drowning in the Waves- Explores Liam Briggs' past life and career as a heroic lifeguard and his past with the Weinstein's Disorder. Goes deeper into his descent into madness and his world gets torn apart.
  6. Legacy of a Dictator- Explores Joseph Powers' past life and dealing with his ancestry to Adolf Hitler. It also goes into his planning of starting World War III and why he turned into a sinister terrorist hell-bent on tearing down countries.
  7. The General of Jupiter- Explores more about the aliens on Jupiter and how their civilization came to be, but mostly focusing on General Al-Khan's past life and how he became one of the most notorius alien generals in Jupiter.

Season 2 (2026) Edit

  1. Power and Corruption- Explores more about the test subject at NeXtGen, Norman Chalmers, and his descent into madness when wearing the NRG-447 suit.
  2. Into the Ashes- Explores more about Zeke Daniels, the fire-controlling enhanced human, and how he turned from a hero and ally of Aquamariner to the nemesis and feared villain, Pyromaniac.
  3. Between the Molecules- Explores more about the scientist at Chemtech, Sasha Kim and how the facility's shrinking suit turned her into a insane villain known as Fission, with a desire to destroy.
  4. Doomed by Armageddon- Explores about the rogue Timekeeper, Anill Kapur, and how he was corrupted by his time-shifting powers, turning into the dangerous Paladin.
  5. On the Run- Explores more about Dennis Riggs, the ruthless US military general who was hell-bent on hunting down Beth Rushman. Explains more about his descent into madness and his history as an undercover agent for the hidden country no one knew about, Mortovia.
  6. The Return of Emmet Edison- Explores more about Emmet Edison's past life living as a brother to Talia Edison and becoming a genius scientists, but also more about how he came back to life from the grave after being electrocuted by Seth Beckham, becoming a man with a shifted personality and his descent into madness as Speed Demon.
  7. Terraformed Into an Alien- Explores more about Michael Faraday, the military war hero who helped X-O defeat the Jupiter aliens and how they kidnapped him and transformed him into the Jupiter alien known as Khrallos.

Season 3 (2033) Edit

  1. Son of Horus- Explores more about how Osiris Ramses turned rogue when he gained his god-like powers from the Card of Horus.
  2. The Tenth Hunter- Explores more about Elliot Olsen's time when kidnapped by Predator and when NECROcorp reanimated Elliot's body and turning him into Hunter X. Goes more into the history of NECROcorp.
  3. The Paradoxicals- Explores more about the Paradoxicals and their rivalry & history with the Timekeepers. Goes into their history as well as Lord Kronus' main origin story.
  4. Cosmokinesis- Explores more about the alien, Astrax, who was the test subject for Dharkkist's genome enhancement experience and how Astrax came to Earth in the form of many human beings and how his control of the cosmos lead to his path to darkness.
  5. Blinded by the Limelight- Explores more about the villain under the hero name, Spotlight. Goes into how Juliette McCoy descended on her path to take down the superheroes surrounding her and steal the spotlight while gaining the public's trust as a hero.
  6. Echoes of Al-Khan- Explores more about the son of Al-Khan and villain of Geoleaper Beyond, Thrall-Khan, and how he followed in his father's footsteps to become Jupiter's greatest general.
  7. Turning Your Back- Explores more about Tara Wilson's path to insanity from being stuck in the shadows of her best friend and hero, Overwatch, as she turned into the assassin, Aero.
  8. Footsteps of the King- Explores more about Kang-Dharhk, the son of Ra-Dharhk and how he worked so hard to follow in his father's footsteps and complete his mission.
  9. Bow to the Konquerer- Explorers more about Sean Heder and his past at Earth-0 and more about his path to darkness as he became King Konquerer, controller of the multiverse.
  10. Crossbones- Explores more about Blaze Orlando's troubled past and how he formed the Crossbones Gang and also his development to become Blackhawk.
  11. Doom in 2 Universes- Explores more about the Victor von Doom in the MCU Earth, the genius but powerless and outcast scientists, and the Victor von Doom in the Earth-9003 universe, the powerful conquerer and ruler of Latveria.
  12. Keeper of Keys- Explores more about the manipulative Hector Banner and a closer look into how he grew such a strong hatred towards enhanced humans.

Magnificence (Original Movie) Edit

Magnificence is the origin story of Ben Mortdecai and Patrick Bowen, telling the story of how they got their powers and what went wrong. It was released exactly 1 year after the release of Mister Magnificent. The film is 2 hours 7 minutes long and explores the life of Ben Mortdecai in his teenage years.

Official Synopsis Edit

"A 15-year old Ben Mortdecai finds himself transported into a whole new world after gaining powers you can only dream of. After an expedition to Egypt that led him into an accident inside the Great Pyramid, he discovers an ancient playing card known as the Card of Horus, that upon touch, gives the user to bend reality. Dawned with a supernatural gift, he immediately tells his best friend, Patrick Bowen, about it and they return to the Great Pyramid, where they find out the Card of Horus is missing. As they try to find it's location, they discover that it changes location after being touched. Upon finding it once more and touching it, Patrick gains reality bending too and the 2 begin to have the time of their lives using it, but as they dig deeper into the power, they find themselves digging deeper into darkness and striding along a dark path."

Heroes Edit

The main heroes of the MOU are:

  • Dane Besson/Apex: Dane Besson is a former neurologist who volunteered for a government project that could level the human brain's capacity up to 100%. After Dane took the serum for human trials, he fell into a coma and woke up a man with telekinesis, sharper senses, telepathy, increased memory, intelligence, etc. With this incredible powers, Dane chooses to fight crime for the city, eventually becoming the famed hero of Washington, DC and a leader of the Vindicators. Powers: Telepathy, Mind Control, Telekinesis, Multilinguality, Super Senses, Superhuman Intelligence HERO of Apex
  • Benjamin Mordecai/Mister Magnificent: Benjamin Mordecai was the world's greatest magician in all time who went by Mordo the Magnificent, but his secret to his tricks was they are not tricks. Long ago when Ben was 15, he encountered a mysterious glowing card called the Card of Horus and after touching it, he was given the powers to literally bend reality. After failing to use them for good and for bad, he eventually decided that he should use his powers to become a magician, but after being found out by the CIA, he now works as a powerful crime fighter and member of the Vindicators. Powers: Reality Bending, Telekinesis, Reality Warping, Interdimensional Travel, Illusion Creation, Size Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Transmutation, Invisibility, Phasing HERO of Mr. Magnificent
  • Bruce Wilkins/The Timekeeper: Bruce Wilkins was a former night guard at the legendary Lost Artifacts Museum until one night when he stopped a robber trying to steal the Hourglass Necklace. After putting it on, unable to take it off, receives the power of chronokinesis, being able to manipulate time around him by slowing it down, freezing it, reversing it, and speeding it. Although Bruce can travel through time, he faces limitations as he uses his powers more, his powers begin to take a toll on him. The more he uses his powers, the farther he goes back, he experiences pain and sickness in his body like no other. After discovering that by wearing the necklace he has swore an oath to serve the Timekeepers, a group of people that wear the Hourglass Necklace, Bruce becomes a Timekeeper, the first one in centuries, using his powers to help people, stop evil Timekeepers, and be a part of the Vindicators. During the war against Dharkkist, Bruce had to sacrifice himself to save many planets by going far back in time and also shifting his place in the 3rd dimension as he traveled back far to Pluto, which could cause a massive period of celluar degeneration, which would eventually kill him. There in that time, which occured before Dharkkist had begun his hunt to destroy the Solar System planets, Bruce had known Dharkkist's weakness, light. Before he traveled back, Bruce and the Vindicators had used energy from the Sun to replace the dark energy in Dharkkist's veil, which he used to kill Dharkkist back in the time he traveled to. There Bruce killed Dharkkist, which prevented the destruction of the Solar System planets from ever happening and the attack on Earth. Powers: Chronokinesis, Teleportation, Super Speed, Flight HERO of Timekeeper
  • Tiffany Phillips/Geoleaper: Tiffany Phillips was a former chemist, who mainly studied the movement of molecules and atoms. After she used her knowledge to work on a teleportation suit project with Emmet Edison, Tiffany becomes launched into a greater world after she embarks on a mission to hunt down a masked man that stole a teleportation suit and killed Emmet Edison as she slowly uses her powers from vengeance to helping people. Now, she is known as Geoleaper, being a teleporting crime fighter and member of the Vindicators. Powers: Teleportation, Size Manipulation HERO of Geoleaper
  • Pierre Howard/Aquamariner: Pierre Howard is a former marine biologist with an extremely rare condition called Weinstein's Disorder where his DNA will spontaneously at any random moment absorb the first outside material it comes in contact with, taking that material and letting it wrap around the DNA strand, giving the human amazing abilities relating to that material. Pierre, his DNA absorbing water, uses his hydrokinesis to help people and train others with his condition, also being a member of the Vindicators. Powers: Hydrokinesis, Liquification HERO of The Aquamariner
  • Beth Rushman/Overwatch: Beth Rushman is a former CIA agent and military fighter, now serving as the superheroine, Overwatch. After participating in a military experiment that levels brain capacity up to 35% instead of 100%, she gained abilities that allowed her to have visions of nearby people in danger and have visions of any event she chooses whether it's the past or future, also gaining super senses. Using her new abilities to fight crime, solve crimes, and track down evil-doers, Beth Rushman is the superheroine, Overwatch, and also a member of the Vindicators. Powers: Omniscience, Super Senses, Clairvoyance, Superhuman Awareness Abilities: Computer Hacker, Crime Solving, Martial Arts HERO of Overwatch
  • Robert Cooper/X-O: Robert Cooper is a former tech guru and CEO, now vigilante in a high-tech alien exosuit called X-0. After discovering an alien exosuit from a ship that crashed in his backyard after Robert launches a space beacon that grabs the attention of Jupiter aliens, Robert has used it's capabilities of running and flying at lightspeed, optic lasers, technopathy, and super strength to fight crime extraterrestrials as the hero and a leader of the Vindicators, X-O. Powers: Flight, Super Speed, Optic Lasers, Super Strength, Technopathy, Magnetokinesis, Vibrational Blasts, X-Ray Vision Abilities: Genius-Level Intellect, Martial Arts HERO of X-O
  • Talia Edison/Captain Jupiter: Talia Edison is the sister of the deceased scientist, Emmet Edison, and an electrician with Weinstein's Disorder, also a former Navy captain now living a simple life. After being electrocuted when working on a telephone line, her DNA absorbs lightning particles, giving her Zeus-like powers like electrokinesis, enhanced reflexes, super speed, dematerialization into lightning, electrical sense, electrical travel, electromagnetic control, control of thunderstorms, and levitation. Now, she uses her powers as a heroine named Captain Jupiter to fight crime and serve the Vindicators. Powers: Electrokinesis, Flight, Super Speed, Enhanced Reflexes, Dematerialization, Electrical Sense, Electrical Travel, Electromagnetic Control, Weather Manipulation, Levitation HERO of Captain Jupiter
  • Hank Reynolds/Skylark: Hank Reynolds was an experienced pilot until he quit his job and became a recluse after his home was invaded by a gang that killed his whole family. Swearing revenge on the gang leader, Hank stays secluded in order to find time to build a high-tech suit using spare plane and jet parts that can give him the ability to fly. After the suit is finished complete with a jetpack, bulletproof torso, machine gun gloves, tracking device discs, and bomb discs, Hank uses it to bring the gang leader to justice, also dragging himself into a larger world of heroes and vigilantism, eventually leading him to be a heroic lifesaver and being the newest member of the Vindicators. Powers: Flight, Bulletproof Abilities: Skilled Marksman, Tracking Devices, Explosions, Martial Arts HERO of Skylark
  • Tasha Hill/Miss Magnificent: Tasha Hill was a former CIA agent who gained reality-controlling powers from the Card of Horus while helping David Bowen in his investigation for the Card of Horus. After gaining her powers, she uses it to fight crime and act as a partner to Mister Magnificent, also being his love interest. Miss Magnificent was a former member of the Magnificent Six. Powers: Reality Bending, Telekinesis, Reality Warping, Interdimensional Travel, Illusion Creation, Size Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Transmutation, Invisibility, Phasing HERO of Wildcard, Mr and Mrs. Magnificent, Magnificent Six
  • David Bowen/Wildcard: David Bowen was a private investigator deeply interested in the Card of Horus and brother of criminal Patrick Bowen. With help from Tasha Hill, he investigated the magical card, but also came in contact with it, giving him reality bending powers. Using his powers to fight crime as "Wildcard", David still wars with his evil brother and acts as a member of the Magnificent Four. Powers: Reality Bending, Telekinesis, Reality Warping, Interdimensional Travel, Illusion Creation, Size Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Transmutation, Invisibility, PhasingHERO of Wildcard, Magnificent Six, Magnificent Four
  • Alex Daniels/Blackbird: Alex Daniels is the brother of Zeke Daniels, the supervillain, Pyromaniac. Alex, who also has Weinstein's Disorder, received the powers of flight and telepathy with blackbirds when his human blood got mixed with blackbird blood during a blood transfusion. His DNA had absorbed the blackbird DNA from the blood, turning him into the vigilante, Blackbird. Using the help of a mechanical protection suit, Alex is the hero, Blackbird, fighting against his brother, Pyromaniac. Powers: Telepathy (Blackbirds), Flight, Mutation (Into Blackbird) HERO of Blackbird
  • Bailey Margo/Sandgirl: Baliey Margo was a regular teenage girl with the Weinstein's Disorder until grains of sand got into her blood during a heavy sandstorm where she was trapped in a cloud of sand. With her DNA absorbing the sand particles, she gained the ability to shoot sand from her hands, turn into sand, and manipulate sand. She is a member of the Enhanced Ones and trained by the Aquamariner and formerly by Pyromaniac. Powers: Control of Sand, Super Strength, Metamorphisis, Flight, Durability HERO of Enhanced, The Aquamariner 2, The Aquamariner 3, The Enhanced Ones
  • Zack Heath/Stalacite: Zack Heath, like Sandgirl, was a normal teenage boy with the Weinstein's Disorder and enthusiastic cave explorer and after falling down an getting stabbed by a falling stalacite, the minerals within went into his DNA, with the DNA absorbing it, giving him the ability of compelte geokinesis and turning parts of his body into dirt, rock, and crystal. He is a member of the Enhanced Ones and trained by the Aquamariner and formerly by Pyromaniac. Powers: Geokinesis, MetamorphisisHERO of Enhanced, The Aquamariner 2, The Aquamariner 3, The Enhanced Ones
  • Harrison Dylan/Light Knight: Harrison Dylan was an average teenager with Weinstein's Disorder and the 3rd one to have lightning particles be absorbing by his DNA, giving him the same powers as Captain Jupiter and Speed Demon but with the addition of photokinesis, the full control of light. He is a member of the Enhanced Ones and trained by the Aquamariner and formerly by Pyromaniac. Powers: Photokinesis, Electrokinesis HERO of Enhanced, The Aquamariner 2, The Aquamariner 3, The Enhanced Ones
  • Dennis Ramirez/Windigo: Dennis Ramirez had a great life ahead of him, 2 years away from graduating from Harvard University until his condition with the Weinstein's Disorder changed him when kinetic wind particles got into his blood, being absorbed by his DNA, giving him the ability of aerokinesis and atmokinesis, control of air and weather. Dennis uses his wind powers as Windigo, a member of the Enhanced Ones trained by the Aquamariner, formerly by Pyromaniac. Powers: Aerokinesis, Weather Manipulation HERO of Enhanced, The Aquamariner 2, The Aquamariner 3, The Enhanced Ones
  • Johnny Quinn/Occulus: Johnny Quinn was a skilled explorer who accidentally came in contact with the Card of Horus, gaining reality-bending powers. Going by the name Occulus, Johnny had originally used his powers to burgle nearby banks and convenient stores until he was arrested. During his time in jail, when Mr. Magnificent was searching for reality-benders, he pulled Johnny out of jail to join the Magnificent Six. Occulus now fights crime and works with the Magnificent Four. Powers: Reality Bending, Telekinesis, Reality Warping, Interdimensional Travel, Illusion Creation, Size Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Transmutation, Invisibility, Phasing HERO of Magnificent Six, Magnificent Four
  • Rachel Pine/Crimson Queen: Rachel Pine was a little kid forced into a mining labor in Sweden when she had discovered the Card of Horus, which was a little before Ben Mordecai did. So her whole life, she had reality-bending without even knowing, thinking that the strange occurrences she noticed throughout her life were supernatural events, which inspired her to become on occult detective. Around the time she started noticing the "events" where actually her reality-controlling powers, Mr. Magnificent had found her to recruit her for the Magnificent Six. Crimson Queen now knows the extent of her powers and uses them to fight crime with the Magnificent Four. Powers: Reality Bending, Telekinesis, Reality Warping, Interdimensional Travel, Illusion Creation, Size Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Transmutation, Invisibility, Phasing HERO of Magnificent Six, Magnificent Four
  • Grant Pullman/Blackjack: Grant Pullman was a teenager and family friend of Mr. Magnificent when he was recruited by Mr. Magnificent for the Magnificent Six because of his exceptional tech, statistics, and engineering skills. After helping out a lot with the Magnificent Six, he continued to help out the team, Magnificent Four, when Mr and Mrs Magnificent left. Grant eventually received powers when he came in contact with the Card of Horus when fighting against the Necromancer. Grant still works with the Magnificent Four. Powers: Reality Bending, Telekinesis, Reality Warping, Interdimensional Travel, Illusion Creation, Size Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Transmutation, Invisibility, Phasing Abilities: Hacker, Master Engineer, Master Coder HERO of Magnificent Six, Magnificent Four


Villains Edit

Here are the main villains. Since there are many villains in the MOU, only villains of the starter films, major recrurring villains, and Ravagerz members will be listed.

  • Brock Gibson/Predator: Brock Gibson was an introvert scientist that worked on Project Apex with the government. Brock grew up extremely socially awkward and abandoned by his parents, living in an orphanage up until college. He had a sad story, he was an only child, abandoned, and had no friends his entire life. Brock always believed that he needed to find himself a purpose, so when the government wanted another person to take the Apex serum to hunt down Dane Besson, Brock took it to make something of himself. But now with extreme power, something Brock had never had before, he had become the villain, Predator, being corrupted and using his powers for bad purposes. Apex eventually defeated Predator and put him in Steel Max Prison. Predator is a member of the Ravagerz. Powers: Telepathy, Mind Control, Telekinesis, Multilinguality, Super Senses, Superhuman Intelligence VILLAIN of Apex; HERO of the Ravagerz
  • Patrick Bowen/Necromancer: Patrick Bowen was a childhood friend with Ben Mordecai. After Ben got powers from touching the Card of Horus, he showed Patrick, who also touched it. The 2 both had reality-bending powers and at first, they both used it to do steal things from stores and prank civilians. Ben realized this was wrong and stopped, but Patrick didn't. When Patrick's powers corrupted him, Ben realized and told his parents, who sent Patrick to a mental institution for 15 years. After 15 years, Patrick was released and the 2 didn't reunite, until Patrick changed his name to Charles and trained to become a part of the CIA Supernatural Investigations Unit. As Charles Bowen, he helped Mister Magnificent and pretended to be his ally, but in the end, he revealed himself as Patrick Bowen with his reality-bending powers, becoming Mister Magnificent's arch-nemesis, the Necromancer. After his battle against Ben and Living Tribunal, he was banished into Living Tribunal's prison, but eventually found his way out and returned to Earth. He later broke out the prisoners from Steel Max Prison. He is a member of the Ravagerz. Powers: Reality Bending, Telekinesis, Reality Warping, Interdimensional Travel, Illusion Creation, Size Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Transmutation, Invisibility, Phasing, Omnipotence (temporary), Omniscience (temporary) VILLAIN of Mister Magnificent, Wildcard, Magnificent Four;HERO of the Ravagerz
  • Bruce Wilkins/Chronos: Bruce Wilkins is the Timekeeper, but from an alternate timeline, he is Chronos, a time-travelling supervillain. Chronos comes from a timeline where Bruce had discovered the Hourglass Necklace, went back in time to see Darius, but instead Darius was never killed because there was no Chronos in that timeline. With Darius still alive, he had done more tough trials and training. The trials and practices were too tough for Bruce, so he returned to present day to practice on his own. With no trainer, Bruce was easily corrupted by his power and had no motivation to use it for good. Corrupted by power and feeling unstoppable, Bruce wreaked havoc and caused time paradoxes. Then, Bruce had traveled way back far in time, around the beginning times of Ancient Greece, going by Chronos, after the titan of time, where he showed off his time-travelling abilities to the people. He had become the inspiration for the Greek Titan, Kronos, creating a time loop, making Bruce responsible for the creation of that titan. Bruce had then pretended to be a citizen of that time, where he took blessings and offering from the greek villagers. He was recognized by Darius, who noticed that he wasn't from their time, since Darius was an expert in the concept of time and leader of the Timekeepers. Darius had quickly become an enemy of Chronos, and was eventually killed by him when Bruce's past self had came to that time to be trained. But when Chronos killed Darius, it created a new timeline where Bruce became the Timekeeper, not Chronos. But Chronos remained alive because he would need to be for that new timeline to be created. The 2 quickly became arch enemies. Chronos was eventually killed by the Timekeeper. Powers: Chronokinesis, Teleportation, Super Speed VILLAIN of Timekeeper
  • Seth Beckham/Black Mist: Seth Beckham was a scientist that was deeply intrigued by the concept of teleportation and had worked on the teleportation project with Emmet Edison and Tiffany Phillips. After Seth's concept of how to use the teleportation got out of hand, Emmet and Tiffany, believing him to be deranged and corrupted, kicked him out of the project. Seeking revenge, Seth had masked himself and broke into the lab 1 month later, electrocuting Emmet Edison to death with a taser gun and stealing one of the teleportation suits. Seth, wearing the suit, often got into many battles with Tiffany when she tried to avenge Emmet. Seth called himself "Black Mist" because when he teleported, the suit left a cloud of black mist. Using his teleportation powers to create chaos and fight off Geoleaper, Seth was eventually defeated by Geoleaper and put into Steel Max Prison. He eventually became a member of the Ravagerz. Powers: Teleportation VILLAIN of Geoleaper;HERO of the Ravagerz
  • Liam Briggs/Wavepool: Liam Briggs was a heroic lifeguard at the beach and newlywed father of 2 3-year olds. He had the Weinstein's Disorder and had water absorbed by his DNA. He trained with Aquamariner on his hydrokinesis powers, that eventually corrupted him when his whole family was killed in a car accident and when he become a social outcast, with his job being taken from him. Liam, sad, had ran away into the ocean since he was able to survive there, but his real plan was to drown the whole Earth by controlling the water to create huge tidal waves as he was angry at the world for taking everything away from him. When using his powers to drown cities and create tsunamis, he was stopped by the Aquamariner after multiple encounters and was put in Steel Max Prison. He is now a member of the Ravagerz. Powers: Hydrokinesis, Wave Creation, Liquification VILLAIN of The Aquamariner;HERO of the Ravagerz
  • Zeke Daniels/Pyromaniac: Zeke Daniels was a man who had the Weinstein's Disorder who lived a tough life when both of his parents were drafted into war, losing both of them and being a recluse most of his life. He gained the powers of pyrokinesis when he was severely burned during a house fire, with heated dust particles being absorbed by his DNA. Zeke, amazed by his powers, went on a search for the others like him, finding and training Light Knight, Sandgirl, Stalacite, and Windigo along the way. Zeke also befriended Aquamariner and helped him take down Wavepool. In Aquamariner 2, Zeke's past was brought back to him. With sad and angry thoughts combined with his pyrokinetic powers, Zeke became weak and was easily corrupted by his power. Zeke, known as Pyromaniac, began to get into frequent fights with Pierre when using his powers for bad purposes. Zeke eventually went rogue and went on to become of the most dangerous and ruthless supervillains in the MOU. He was eventually stopped by Pierre and put into Steel Max Prison, but eventually joined the Ravagerz. Powers: Pyrokinesis, Flight, Transmutation VILLAIN of The Aquamariner 2, The Aquamariner 3, The Enhanced Ones;HERO of Enhanced, The Ravagerz
  • Joseph Powers/Spectreo: Joseph Powers was a German military captain related to Adolf Hitler, staying extremely loyal to Hitler's ideals, which corrupted Joseph into becoming a ruthless and violent military captain, which led to his resignation. Angry at the world and disappointed by the fact that his ancestor, Adolf Hitler, couldn't complete his plans, he wanted the whole world to fall so that he could repair it later and rule it as one. In order to do so, taking on a codename called Spectreo, he assembled an elite team to form a terrorist group who would do their work to instigate conflict between countries leading up to World War III. Spectreo and his team had hacked multiple countries to create fake emails and documents to bend the truth. They also developed a nuclear bomb they called the Silver Spectre that would be launched to multiple countries to start conflict, making each country believe it was launched from another country. Joseph, tricking the CIA to think that his name was Silver Spectre, easily led them to a dead end. Ready to launch the bombs and start nuclear war, he was stopped by Beth Rushman (Overwatch) and put into Steel Max Prison. He later became a member of the Ravagerz, known for his genius-level intellect, hacking skills, combat, and marksmanship. Abilities: Genius Level Intellect, Marksmanship, Hacking, Martial Arts, Master of Deception, Master Manipulator VILLAIN of Overwatch;HERO of The Ravagerz
  • General Al-Khan: Al-Khan was an alien general from Jupiter who declared war on Earth after their alien ship crashed, which led him to believe that Earth attacked it. Al-Khan, the strong and ruthless alien general, sent him, along with an army of aliens to Earth to attack it. Al-Khan was able to destroy cities and countries with his telekinesis, optic laser vision, super strength, seismokinesis, and invisibility. Al-Khan was also able to understand the human beings and talk English as he was multilingual. Al-Khan fought a lot with X-O during the war, being the main villain of the film. Al-Khan was killed by X-O. As he died, Al-Khan told X-O that their planet was still doomed with the "hungry" return of a being named "Dharkkist". Powers: Telekinesis, Optic Laser Vision, Super Strength, Seismokinesis, Invisibility, Phasing VILLAIN of X-O
  • Rai-Dharhk/Dharkkist: Rai-Dharhk was an alien from the Dharhk civilization on Pluto, that was named after his father, Crah-Dharhk, the king of Pluto and known to be the most powerful being in the universe, not knowing that his son was much stronger. Rai-Dharhk lived his whole life in darkness, with his special alien body adapting to it, giving him black skin and the ability of umbrakinesis, the control of darkness, dark matter, and shadows. This ability was a dangerous one, where he could kill anyone at an instant, give them dark visions and nightmares, and open a portal to the Void (a realm of infinite darkness) where he could enslave people there. Rai-Dharhk also had the ability to feed on planets for energy and immortality. He also had the abilities of telepathy, chronokinesis, multilinguality, seeing the whole universe, intellect, and energy absorption. Believing that he was more powerful than his father, Rai-Dharhk overthrew his father and became the king of Pluto, demanding that he be called "Dharkkist". As he had visions of other planets in the universe, he became deeply interested in the planet Earth and the humans. At first, he thought they were the perfect civilization, with great power, like gods, but then he saw that they were weakest aliens he had ever saw. Wanting to see if they could do better, Dharkkist wanting to be a god to them, his army flew to Earth where they met an ancient civilization of humans. Dharkkist had used alien machinery on about 140 of them, genetically modifying their DNA to make it spontaneously at any random moment to absorb the first outside material it comes in contact with, creating the Weinstein's Disorder, where people with the disorder were descendants of those ancient humans. He flew back to Pluto and started a new project where he wanted to make an object that could give the user chronokinesis. He chose 6 green diamond shaped stones and transferred all of his chronokinesis power into the stone. He sent the 6 stones as meteors into Earth, which were eventually discovered by Darius and used to make the Hourglass Necklaces. Around that time, civilians on Pluto had discovered a stone that when touched, could give the user the power to manipulate reality. After touching it, he gained the powers of Mister Magnificent. After studying the culture of Earth, Dharkkist became interested in the concept of playing cards and magic tricks. He drafted his own playing card and concealed the power of the stone inside it and to see if he could grant the humans the power of the card, he sent it to Earth, which landed in Egypt. The Egyptians had thought it was a holy object sent from the god, Horus, and to keep it safe from other civilizations, buried it in a mine, calling it the Card of Horus. After that, Dharkkist had worked on another project where he made high-tech suits called X-0 and sent them to Jupiter for their army, the same suit that Robert Cooper would later wear. After his many projects, Dharkkist hoped that he would be able to improve humanity and "control" a species. After witnessing the powers of humans with the Weinstein's Disorder, Dharkkist believed that he was a God since he had great power and could control a whole species by granting him abilities. Many centuries later, Dharkkist, by feeding on planets from other star systems and taking the energy from their cores, has lived many years. Now Dharkkist, believing that he is as powerful as ever, is dying. These events occur before the film, X-O. After feeding on countless planets outside of the Milky Way. Dharkkist believes he is ready to feed on the most powerful planets he knows, the Solar System planets. Around the time the events in Vindicators Begins, Dharkkist begins his expedition by feeding on Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. Dharkkist, ready to invade and feed on Earth, is stopped by the Vindicators. Dharkkist and the Vindicators have many fights and encounters. Dharkkist refers to himself as their father as he is responsible for most of their abilities. During the war against Dharkkist's army and the Vindicators, the team of 7 eventually find his weakness of light. After discovering Dharkkist's weakness, Bruce as the Timekeeper, went back in time, also shifting his place in the 3rd dimension, found Dharkkist and killed him using the pure power of light. Dharkkist eventually died at that time, which had prevented the destruction of the Solar System planets and the deaths of quadrillions, but also stopped the formation of the Vindicators. Powers: Umbrakinesis, Void Access, Telepathy, Chronokinesis (Temporary), Energy Absorption, Teleportation, Omniscience, Telekinesis, Multilinguality, Superhuman Intelligence, Super Strength, Invisibility, Phasing, Reality Bending, Interdimensional Travel, Flight, Transmutation, Illusion Creation, Size Manipulation, Dark Beam Vision, Dream/Vision Granting, ClairvoyanceVILLAIN of Vindicators
  • Adam/The Fallen Legacy: Created by the US Government to be the perfect superhero. Adam was an artifically created human being, given immense god-like power by a group of scientists lead by Dr. Vrauss. While Adam was perfect and of no flaw, he had no morals in him or purpose known. Given the mission to save the world, Adam only found humanity to be the source of evil and destruction in the world. Adam set out on a mission to save the world by ending humanity at whatever cost. He clashed against the Vindicators to do this, but was eventually stopped and killed by them. During his mission to make humans extinct, Adam released of all the Vindicators enemies from prison, and assembled them as the Rogues, who followed Adam during his quest, though Adam planned to eliminate them all during the end. Adam had killed his creators and many other people mercilessly, starting with the ones he found to be the most wicked and threatening. Adam later found a way to destroy all of humanity and wipe the Earth away to be a planet of nothing, so that he could start from a clean slate. Going into space, Adam found an ancient gem known as the Pulsar Gem, which was securely stored in the core of the Sun, where it was protected by an alien race known as the Pyros, who lived on the Sun. Adam was immune to the Sun's power and radiation and easily killed the Pyros, stealing the Pulsar Gem, which was a powerful ancient pulsar that turned into a singularity, which miraculously compressed into a stone over time whose power created the Sun. After stealing the Pulsar Gem, the Sun was still present, but it's life span was shortened by 2 billion years. Adam knew this, but dismissed it, saving that by the time the Sun dies and destroys the Solar System, the planet Earth itself would die and become unable to support any kind of life. Bringing the Pulsar Gem back to Earth, Adam crafted a machine to contain and manipulate the power of the Pulsar Gem. Meanwhile, the Rogues were sent to battle the Vindicators in an intense that caused major damage throughout the city of Los Angeles, becoming a notorious battle in American history. After defeating the Rogues, the Vindicators were able to find Adam, who by that time, created a Core Drill, that was going to drill into Earth's core, and using the power of the Pulsar Gem, it would send out an energy pulse from the core that would wipe out all life on Earth, and start out with a clean slate. The planet would be barren and only dirt and rock. From there, Adam would be able to create bring back life on the planet and create his own image of a perfect planet. Powers: Superhuman Strength, Heat Vision, Invulnerability, Immortality, Perfect Human Body, Flight, Teleportation, Cloning, Clairvoyance, Genius-Level Intellect, Superhuman Intelligence, Super Speed, Telekinesis, Matter Creation, Telepathy, Transmutation, Size Manipulation, Phasing, Invisibility, Energy Absorption, Omniscience, Omnipresence at Will, Perfect Mind, Super Senses, X-Ray Vision, Weather Manipulation, Immunity
  • Emmet Edison/Speed Demon: Emmet Edison was a genius mad scientist and brother of Talia Edison, Captain Jupiter, who worked on a teleportation project with Tiffany Phillips and formerly, Seth Beckham. Emmet Edison also, like his sister, had the Weinstein's Disorder. When Seth Beckham invaded his lab and electrocuted Emmet with a taser gun, he was presumed dead and given a burial. But Emmet was actually unconscious and on the brink of death, but was so close, the machines picked him up as deceased. While Emmet was buried unconscious, in his coffin, the lightning particles from the taser were already in his body and absorbed by his DNA. When he gained his powers while unconscious, the lightning energy in his body woke him up. Emmet, his psychology different than before, immediately begins to use his lightning powers uncontrollably. Emmet, more angry at the world, masks himself and begins to commit crimes using his powers, but was stopped by a woman with similar powers, which happened to be his own sister. Feeling betrayed and angry, Emmet called himself Speed Demon, using his super speed to his advantage and wearing a new costume, went out to find and hunt down his own sister, driven mad. Speed Demon was eventually defeated by Captain Jupiter and put in Steel Max Prison, where he eventually joined the Ravagerz. Emmet eventually left the group and escaped prison, where he joined Pyromaniac. The 2 teamed up under the orders of Keymaster to hunt down the Enhanced Ones. Emmet was eventually killed when Pyromaniac betrayed him and burned him. Powers: Electrokinesis, Super Speed, Immortality, Invincibility VILLAIN of Captain Jupiter, The Enhanced Ones;HERO of The Ravagerz
  • Sean Heder/King Konquerer: Sean Heder was a man that lived in Centerstone City. He lived a life without his biological parents and weird things seemed to happen when he was around. His life was normal until his adoptive parents revealed that they never knew his parents and that they adopted him when they found him as a baby appear from an actual portal in their backyard. They had not reported the occurrence and claimed that someone left them on their doorstep to keep the event secret. After hearing the truth, Sean tried to see if the weird events that happened around him, seeing doppelgangers and moving objects, had to do with the portal. During his investigations, he learned that he had the power of telekinesis and the ability to open up dimensional portals. After learning to control his powers, he opened a random portal, which led him to an alternate universe, the universe where he was born. He learned that he came from an alternate Earth called Earth-0 where the humans that lived there had his abilities. After staying on the Earth, he learned that his parents abandoned him and sent him to another Earth. Angry and feeling betrayed, Sean gets easily corrupted by his powers and uses them for evil purposes. It drags onto him. Wanting to know more about his birthplace while also staying on his own world, Sean calls himself "King Konquerer" and uses his powers to siege Centerstone City, using his own city as a portal that will merge Earth-0 and his own Earth together. King Konquerer was eventually stopped by the Ravagerz and sent back to Earth-0. Powers: Interdimensional Travel, Telekinesis, Interdimensional Awareness, Portal Creation, Black Hole Creation VILLAIN of The Ravagerz
  • Blaze Orlando/Blackhawk: Blaze Orlando was the leader of the Crossbone gang who and his gang invaded Hank Reynold's home and killed his family, leaving Hank alive to let him grieve for "fun", showing his ruthless character. When Hank suited up as Skylark to get revenge on Blaze, Blaze and the gang members built a flight suit of their own to combat the Skylark. Blaze, calling himself Blackhawk, became Skylark's arch-nemesis. Skylark, who wanted to kill Blackhawk, but learned that it was the right thing to take the path of justice, not vengeance, so Blackhawk was put in Steel Max Prison. Blaze eventually joined the Ravagerz, but was killed during the mission against King Konquerer in Centerstone City. Powers: Flight, Bulletproof Abilities: Martial Arts, Marksmanship VILLAIN of Skylark;HERO of The Ravagerz
  • Hector Banner/Keymaster: Hector Banner was a former military solider and CEO of BannerTech who was very against people with the Weinstein's Disorder. He saw them as not welcome to human civilization and wanted them eradicated. These thoughts were triggered when his wife was killed during a fight between the Aquamariner and Pyromaniac. Hector seeing them as a cancer to humanity, wanted the Enhanced Ones dead, enlisting the help of Speed Demon and Pyromaniac, whom he told he just wanted to kill the Enhanced Ones. Once they got the mission done he would kill the 2 villains secretly. Going by Keymaster, believing he could unlock anyone's potential and control them , implying that he is really manipulative. Being the mastermind of the whole battle between the Enhanced Ones and Pyromaniac & Speed Demon, he also built an army of enhanced-hunting robots. Keymaster was eventually found out and put into prison by the Enhanced Ones. Abilities: Master Manipulator, Genius Level Intellect, Martial Arts, Marksmanship, Master Hacker, Master Engineer VILLAIN of The Enhanced Ones
  • Richard Faraday/Khrallos: Richard Faraday was a former military general who was kidnapped by General Al-Khan and imprisoned into Jupiter during the alien war in X-O. While there, Richard was tortured by the aliens, enough so that the aliens are able to put new thoughts about the humans in his mind. Eventually, Richard was taken by the aliens and put into a machine that can transform any species into the Jupiter alien kind. Richard was basically "terraformed" into an alien and was given the name Khrallos. Now with the enhanced power of a Jupiter alien, Khrallos was sent to Earth to kill X-O in X-O2: Resurrection. Khrallos was eventually defeated by X-O and put in Steel Max Prison, where there, he became a member of the Ravagerz. Powers: Telekinesis, Invisibility, Phasing, Super Strength, Optic Laser Vision, VILLAIN of X-O2: Resurrection;HERO of The Ravagerz
  • Elliot Olsen/Hunter X: Elliot Olsen was Dane Besson's best friend. He had supported Dane throughout his neurology career, while Elliot worked as a neurosurgeon himself, constantly helping Dane with his projects and theories about the human brain. Elliot always supported Dane through his tough times and was described as a friend who would never give up and was always there. Being of African-American origin, Elliot suffered from being bullied as a child, which gave Elliot a very sensetive personality. During Apex, Elliot was captured by Predator and wasn't found for 2 weeks. While he was kidnapped, Dane's fiance, Katie Towry was also held captive in an unknown location. While Dane tried to figure out where they were and who to find first, Elliot was constantly tortured by Predator and mentally scarred when Predator messed with his mind daily. Katie was eventually found first, and then Elliot. When Dane found Elliot, the 2 tried to escape together. But Elliot was accidentally left behind when Predator made the building collapse. Apex had rushed into the building, to find Predator impale Elliot with a steel beam, killing him. Elliot's death had caused huge grief within Dane. Later, a secret foreign company known as NECROcorp had stolen Elliot's body and used the Lazarus Exilir they created, reanimated Elliot's dead body. They had warped Elliot's mind and increased the hostility levels in his brain, to embed an anger within him that would motivate Elliot to kill Dane. The company equipped Elliot a weaponized suit with machine guns, steel armor, grapple hooks, jetpacks, etc that was called Hunter X, as in Hunter 10. Hunter X was sent to kill Apex, but failed. Elliot came back and they gave him the Apex serum, making him a more formidable opponent for Dane. Apex and Hunter X had constant battles until Apex was able to find about NECROcorp, which turned out to be a foreign company specializing in studying organism revival hired by Squad-A4X, the organization that was sent to hunt down Apex previously in Apex. During Apex's last battle with Hunter X, Katie, who was a biologist, helped create a counterserum that reversed the effects of the Lazarus Exilir, which would get rid of Elliot's hostility. Later, Elliot was set free of charges and Squad-A4X and NECROcorp were taken down, taking the blame. Powers:  Telepathy, Mind Control, Telekinesis, Multilinguality, Super Senses, Superhuman Intelligence, Flight Abilities: Marksmanship, Martial Arts

Crossovers Edit

The Marvel Originals Universe has had 2 crossovers with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and 1 crossover with the Marvel X-Men Universe. Here is each crossover with their description in chronological order.

Magnificent Four Season 1: Episode 8 - The Zero Dimension Edit

In the eighth episode of Magnificent Four the team of four has fully harnessed their powers of bending reality to create portals to other realities. While taking test on their powers, the team travels a dimension where they meet a race of humans known as mutants that are trained in a mansion owned by Charles Xavier. After getting in an altercation with the mutant team, X-Men, the Magnificent Four quickly escape the dimension, but in doing so, make an error and find themselves in a reality known as the Zero Dimension where reality begins to become non-existent. Now, the team must figure a way out.

Magnificent Four Season 2: Episode 5 - Dimensions Edit

In the fifth episode of Magnificent Four Season 2, the team of four must chase the Witch Doctor through multiple dimensions. While using their powers to travel through different realities, they finally find the Witch Doctor in a universe known formerly as Earth-199999, where they meet a group of heroes calling themselves the Avengers. After getting into an altercation with them, the 2 teams settle their differences and team up to fight the Witch Doctor.

Avengers/Vindicators Edit

The Avengers and the Vindicators cross paths in Avengers/Vindicators when a mad scientist on the Avengers Earth named Victor von Doom creates a dimensional portal that can merge 2 Earths together. Coincidently, another After the Avengers, now growing old, fail to stop him, the portal opens up and creates a beacon linking Earth-199999 and specifically Earth-219999 together, dragging them closer and closer. Meanwhile on the Vindicators Earth, the team believes that a dimensional crisis is in process. Mister Magnificent and Miss Magnificent try to use their powers to close the portal, but are too late when the 2 universes merge together. With the Avengers and the Vindicators both in the same Earth together, they cross paths and quickly see each other as threats. While the 2 teams have an epic battle across the world for 45 minutes of the film, leaving destruction in their path, Victor von Doom, suffering from a scarred face after being zapped when turning on his machine, obtains a metal mask from Latveria to cover his face and search for his equivalent from the other universe. When Victor finds his equivalent, the king of Latveria with amazing powers of telekinesis, mind control, size manipulation, flight, and electrokinesis named Doctor Doom, Victor realizes that his plan worked that he specifically chose Earth-219999 to find his superpowered döppelganger and merge bodies. After merging bodies with his equivalent, Victor becomes Doctor Doom, now filled with powers, something he claims that he never had. Wanting to dominate his new universe, he watches as the Avengers and Vindicators fight to the death. But knowing he will need help, Victor tries to use his mystical electrokinesis energy from his body to find and revive a powerful being from the other universe, Dharkkist. As the Avengers and the Vindicators stop fighting and settle their differences, they realize that they must join forces to stop the real threat of Doctor Doom and Dharkkist, who now have a new plan of destroying every universe in the multiverse.

The Apex Series Edit

Apex (2020) Edit

Dane Besson is the world's most famous neurologist, but after teaming up with the government to work on a top-secret project that can make a human access 100% of their brain capacity, he has become more, a human of apex intelligence. After waking up from a coma with telekinesis, telepathy, shaper senses, multilinguality, increased memory, and the ability to take in information faster than a normal human being. Dane, discovering his powers and being forced to train and be tested by the government, has run away as the government sends a covert ops team to search for him, believing that he may be a threat. As Dane runs, searching for a purpose for his powers, a socially-awkward scientist, Brock Gibson, has taken the Apex serum to hunt Dane down. With Dane on the run, Brock quickly loses control, going on a killing rampage, Dane must use his powers to stop him, now finding a purpose as a hero.

Apex: Redemption (2022) Edit

Dane Besson returns as Apex in Apex: Redemption. After receiving visions of himself from another timeline where he had fought against Dharkkist and remembering when he helped Bruce kill Dharkkist, Dane begins to get PTSD, having him suffer from hallucinations, forcing him to take a break from crime fighting. As he stays as a recluse in his new secluded home, his past of fighting with Predator comes back as the town blames Apex for the mass destruction caused where he fought Predator. With his image ruined and the public debating whether he's the hero who saved the world from Predator or a hazard of destruction, Apex's perfect opportunity to redeem himself is when Norman Chalmers, a test subject for a NeXtGen suit that can absorb energy goes on the loose, rogue, Apex must suit back up and stop Norman before he kills more people.

Apex: Crossfire (2026) Edit

After the war between the Vindicators and the Rogues, Dane begins to have guilt again for the damage caused, even after Robert had assured Dane he could fund the money to rebuild. As PTSD comes back to him, Dane tries to fight it. With Dane left distracted, an old thought-to-be-deceased ally of Dane now comes back as an enemy, ready to hunt down Apex and kill him for good. After Dane's first encounter with the hooded man decorated in a red steel mask and blue exosuit decked with lethal firepower, Dane knows that he must fight off this masked assassin. After figuring out the man is Elliot Olsen, who seems to have mysteriously risen from the dead, Apex must deal with the crossfire between him and his old pal, while trying to figure out what brought him back to live.

The Mr. Magnificent Series Edit

Mister Magnificent (2020) Edit

Ben Mordecai was the world's greatest magician in all time, and after a CIA detective named Charles Bowen has debunked Ben's secret, Ben's reality-bending powers gained after touching a sacred object called the Card of Horus, Charles has suggested that Ben uses his powers to work for the CIA instead of doing magic shows. As Ben tries to deal with his dark past with his powers, he notices that when Charles goes out on the unauthorized search for the Card of Horus, Charles might have a dark secret within him too.

Mr and Ms. Magnificent (2023) Edit

As Ben continues his feud with the Necromancer, he is encountered by a woman named Tasha Hill with similar powers who calls herself Miss Magnificent. After learning about each other, the CIA suggests that the two should work together. As Mister and Miss Magnificent go on lifesaving missions around the globe, it leaves them distracted from a bigger threat that lies beneath within the Card of Horus. When David Bowen, private investigator and brother of the Necromancer, comes to give data about the new location of the Card of Horus, the 2 search for it so they hide it from the public world, but when they do, they discover that an evil extraterrestrial spirit known as Crah-Dharhk is the one giving the card it's powers.

Magnificent Six (2026) Edit

When Ben, Tasha, and David discover that there are two other people in the world with reality-bending powers besides the Necromancer that have touched the Card of Horus, they believe that they must assemble the other 2 before they turn rogue. In order to find them, Ben recruits Grant Pullman (later dubbed Blackjack), a family friend to do technology and engineering work for them. Grant builds a modified satellite that can track people who have touched the Card of Horus. They find Rachel Pine (dubbed Crimson Queen), an occult detective starting to learn about her powers and Johnny Quinn (dubbed Occulus), a former explorer, now jailbird, after burgling stores and banks. After Ben recruits Rachel and pays Johnny out of jail, he forms the Magnificent Six, consisting of Ben (Mr. Magnificent), Tasha (Ms. Magnificent), David (Wildcard), Rachel (Crimson Queen), Johnny (Occulus), and Grant (Blackjack). Ben and Tasha agree to train David, Rachel, and Johnny as Grant becomes the team's assistant. Their times of training and peace are later interrupted when the team is threatened by Osiris Ramses (Armageddon), a man from Egypt and Horus worshipper with god-like powers.

The Timekeeper Series Edit

Timekeeper (2020) Edit

Bruce Wilkins was an ordinary night guard at the Lost Artifacts Museum, until the night when a robber broke in to steal the most priceless artifact known as the Hourglass Necklace. With the glass case broken, the robber almost steals it until stopped by Bruce. When Bruce picks up the necklace to put it back up, he notices that the band meant to go over his neck has shifted it's size to fit Bruce. Out of curiosity, Bruce puts on the necklace, but can't take it off. With the necklace on, Bruce discovers that he has become part of a larger world, the fourth dimension. With the ability to slow down, freeze, speed up, and reverse time around him, Bruce investigates the history of the necklace, discovering that it originated from a group of ancient humans called the Timekeepers, who lived in the 600s. When going back to the year 644, Bruce meets Darius, the founder of the Timekeepers, who trains Bruce, and when Darius is suddenly killed by a man in a hood, who Darius claims to be a rogue Timekeeper, Bruce must use his powers to pursue the man, calling himself Chronos, and avenge Darius.

Timekeepers (2024) Edit

In the aftermath of the battle with Dharkkist, Bruce now knows that truth about the creation of the Hourglass Necklaces. Unsettled, Bruce feels ashamed to know that the Timekeepers were created by his biggest enemy, Dharkkist. Wanting to know more about the Timekeepers, Bruce travels back in time once again to learn more about the Timekeepers and their history. While there, Bruce learns of the Armageddon Prophecy, which claims that in the year 2145, the universe is to be doomed by a rogue Timekeeper named Paladin. Determined to stop the threat known as the Armageddon Prophecy, Bruce and a group of 4 Timekeepers join forces to travel to the future and save their universe.

Timekeeper: Paradox (2026) Edit

After the war between the Vindicators and the Rogues, Bruce now knows more about the history of the Timekeepers, knowing more about a rival group called the Paradoxicals. As Bruce goes back in time to learn more about the rival group, he finds nothing, but realizes that he may be looking in the wrong direction as Bruce uses his powers to find a way to go into the fourth dimension that surrounds the third dimension. When Bruce travels there, he meets the leader of the Paradoxicals, Callum, or Father Time who has a plan to end the world with a plan known as the Apocalypse Paradox that Bruce must stop.

Timekeeping (2034) Edit

Timekeeping takes place in the future, 2061 as Bruce is dying, retired from timekeeping. With Bruce recently diagnosed with a sickness and his necklace size growing, giving him the ability to take it off, Bruce passes the necklace off to his son, Aaron Wilkins, who promises Bruce that he will learn to control it's powers by going back in time to meet Darius before he was killed and ask for training. As Aaron trains with Darius, he becomes the new Timekeeper of the future and serves his duty of protecting time. Once Aaron goes out into the field, he encounters an alternate version of himself, the son of the evil version of Bruce Wilkins, Chronos.

The Geoleaper Series Edit

Geoleaper (2021) Edit

Tiffany Phillips is a chemist, who deeply studies the properties of atoms and molecules, and after partnering with Emmet Edison to work on a teleportation project, they develop a secret teleportation suit called the Geoleaper. After Emmet was electrocuted to death by a masked man who also stole the suit. Tiffany, wanting to avenge Emmet, takes the suit too and chases after Emmet's killer, who calls himself Black Mist. As Tiffany searches vengeance, she becomes part of a larger world and finds out more clues about the masked killer.

Geoleaper Within (2023) Edit

Tiffany Phillips has returned to her normal life, working at Chemtech for a new project that can change the distance between molecules of a person to increase or shrink their size with friend and colleague, Sasha Kim. When Sasha Kim volunteers to wear the shrinking suit, it works. But when he regrows, Tiffany immediately notices that Sasha began to act different as she took off the suit. Tiffany's suspicions become confirmed when she finds out that Sasha broke into the lab and stole the shrinking suit. Aware she's up to something, Tiffany suits up as Geoleaper to stop her, soon figuring out Sasha's plans to destroy the Chemtech facility for "no reason". When Tiffany tampers with the Geoleaper suit to allow her molecules to come closer together, shrinking her, she teleports into the microscopic world, soon discovering that when shrinked, your brain chemistry changes, explaining Sasha's sudden insanity, making Tiffany struggle within and struggle with trying to stop and also save Sasha, calling herself Fission.

Geoleaper Beyond (2028) Edit

When tampering with the suit, Tiffany Phillips discovers that the suit can travel light years away. After adding a breathing mask to the suit. Tiffany tests out her teleportation capabilities, teleporting into space on the planet Jupiter, meeting a race of aliens who plan to return to Earth and invade the planet. Knowing she may be the only one to stop this threat, Tiffany must her teleportation powers to take down the Jupiter aliens and save Earth.

Geoleapers (2034) Edit

Geoleapers takes place in the future of 2062, where Tiffany Phillips is deceased and the Geoleaper suits have become available to the multiple militaries of countries. With the world at war once again in World War III, one brave and experienced soldier and niece of Tiffany, Tanya Phillips, was captured and locked up in the base in Geneva. In the vicinity of the leader of the Axis Legacy countries, Sebastian Varkof, Tanya is determined to take out the ruthless dictator and find a way to end the war by leading the Allies to victory.

The Aquamariner Series Edit

The Aquamariner (2021) Edit

Pierre Howard is a marine biologist with the Weinstein's Disorder discovered by Dr. Thomas Weinstein where the human's DNA will randomly at any moment absorb the first outside material it comes in contact with. And when Pierre Howard nearly drowns in a water tank, his DNA absorbs the water molecules which wrap around the DNA, giving Pierre the abilities of hydrokinesis and turning himself and other objects into water. Around the same time, famed lifeguard Liam Briggs, with the disorder, gets bitten by a shark when saving a civilian, causing his DNA to absorb the salt water around him, giving him similar powers to Pierre. The 2 eventually cross paths and Pierre and Liam harness and train together, but when Liam turns rogue, taking on the moniker, Wavepool, using his hydrokinesis to cause tsunamis, Pierre must team up with other people with the Weinstein's Disorder and stop Wavepool.

The Aquamariner 2 (2023) Edit

When Pierre Howard and Zeke Daniels, a man with the Weinstein's Disorder with his DNA absorbing fiery dust particles, giving him pyrokinesis, team up to fight crime, Pierre notices Zeke's developing hostile behavior. After learning about Zeke's dark past, Pierre fears that Zeke might turn rogue. When trying to comfort Zeke, it's too late and Zeke goes out all rogue, burning down their headquarters. Zeke, taking on the moniker Pyromaniac, goes on a killing spree, burning buildings and destroying towns. Knowing that Zeke must be stopped, Pierre and his fellow enhanced humans with the disorder, Sandgirl, Windigo, Stalactite, and Light Knight, team up to stop Zeke.

The Aquamariner 3 (2027) Edit

After the war between the Vindicators and the Rogues, Pierre Howard has gone solo, not working with any other enhanced humans, fighting crime by himself. Pierre, now a recluse living in a secluded beach house, lives a calm life in a relationship with Lizzie Parker, enjoys the serenity surrounding him until he receives a distress call from Light Knight, through a lightning bolt code they created, claiming that an Enhanced One who can control the cosmos named Astrah has kidnapped him, Sandgirl, Stalactite, and Windigo. Knowing that they need his help, Pierre must suit back up again as the Aquamariner to save his friends and stop Astrah. As he goes to locate his friends and find Astrah, he begins to suspect that he is becoming a part of something bigger.

The Overwatch Series Edit

Overwatch (2021) Edit

Beth Rushman, a retired CIA agent and military fighter, resides home to take care of her daughter, struggling with paying off her finances, until approached by her general, calling her one of his greatest fighters, which is why he wants her to work on a project with him and the military, offering a million dollar pay. Reluctantly accepting it, Beth participates in Project Guardian, which the human test subject (Beth) takes the Apex serum, but instead, it levels the brain to 35%, not 100%. When Beth takes it, he becomes unconscious for 2 days, and wakes up with sharper senses, the ability to sense and get visions of danger, and have visions of her or someone's past, present, and future. Using her new abilities, the CIA recruits her to take down an unknown terrorist only known as Silver Spectre, who knows and will start World War III.

Overwatchers (2024) Edit

After the war against Dharkkist, Beth now knows that she is part of something bigger than her, part of a much bigger world. Now taking on the job of forensic scientists, being able to solve crimes with her powers in an instant, becomes famous for her crime-solving abilities, leading the CIA to put the Guardian serum in all US soldiers. Now in doing so, the CIA believes that it is unnecessary for her to have her powers, so they send a squad to extract her serum out of her system. After refusing to let them take it, as she needs to serve the Vindicators, Beth as officially become a wanted fugitive, with the CIA sending a squad of overwatchers lead by the army's most powerful Overwatcher, known as Valkyrie.

Overwatching (2028) Edit

After her near death in the war against the Vindicators and the Rogues, Beth resigns her position in the Vindicators and struggles with whether she should keep doing her duties as Overwatch, should she continue overwatching? But when she's about to turn herself in so the CIA take the serum out of her, she gets news that her daughter has been kidnapped by an unknown assassin. On her final quest to save her daughter, she soon discovers that her captor may be her closest friend, Tara Wilson, who has the assumed the identity of an assassin named Aero.

Overwatch Legacy (2034) Edit

Overwatch Legacy takes place in the future, 2030, where Beth's daughter, Scarlet, joins the military to become an overwatcher, so she can live up to her mother. With Beth wanting to stop Scarlet from getting herself into danger, it becomes too late as Scarlet finds herself fighting in Civil War II where it's East vs. West. As Scarlet fights for her life and for her country, she lives up to the legacy of her mother and hero, Overwatch.

The X-O Series Edit

X-O (2022) Edit

Robert Cooper is the CEO of the biggest tech company, NeXtGen, making technology of the next generation from phones to laptops to satellites, Robert is a multi-billionaire. After a space beacon his company built grabs the attention from aliens from Jupiter, seeing the beacon as a warning from Earth, they send an alien in a high-tech exosuit called X-0 to visit Earth in a cloaked ship. As the ship approaches the atmosphere, a meteor knocks it's left wing off, causing the ship to crash and land in Robert's huge backyard. As Robert investigates the powerful X-0 suit and the wreckage, the aliens of Jupiter find out about the crashed ship, thinking that the attack was from Earth and send the ruthless General Al-Khan and his army to war with Earth, with Robert having to suit up as X-O and stop the invasion on his own.

X-O2: Resurrection (2025) Edit

After the war with Dharkkist, Robert feels more comforted for the next alien threat now that he and his team of 6 have taken down the universe's most powerful alien army. Filled with confidence and with a lighter heart, Robert wants to continue crime-fighting and planet defending, and takes a break from being the CEO of NeXtGen, while still keeping his identity as X-O secret, but when another alien ship lands in Robert Cooper's backyard, he checks it out, to find a blue-skinned alien named Khrallos with one mission: kill Robert Cooper.

X-O3: Darkness (2028) Edit

Following the war between the Vindicators and the Rogues, Robert has started the Aftermath Foundation, an organization that funds the rebuilding of sites destroyed during battles involving the Vindicators. With the foundation being successful, Robert suits back up as X-O to explore the cosmos and lands on Pluto, the darkest planet in the Solar System. As Robert descends into darkness, he meets the Dharhkians, who aren't so friendly and are ruled by the Dharhk Cult, a group of Plutonians dedicated on carrying out the legacy of Rai-Dharhk. building a weapon of darkness directed towards Earth that can send the planet into the Void dimension. On a quest to save Earth once again, X-O must locate the weapon and destroy it while fighting off the Dharhkians.

X-O4: Ascension (2032) Edit

X-O4: Ascension takes place in the future of 2072, where Robert Cooper has been dead for 10 years, with his son, Darren Cooper, is now the CEO of NeXtGen and owner of the Cooper Mansion. When Darren looks for his father's old files so he can improve an old project of his fathers, he stumbles upon a secret room where he finds the X-0 suit, learning a lot more about his father and his crime-fighting, world-saving career. Wanting to live up to his father, Darren takes the suit and tests out it's powers. When he ventures out into space, aliens from Jupiter notice it, believing that it's the return of their enemy, X-O. They send an huge army to kill him which Darren must fight off as he finds himself in a larger world in his journey to live up to his father's legacy as the hero, X-O.

The Captain Jupiter Series Edit

Captain Jupiter (2024) Edit

Talia Edison, sister of Emmet Edison, had the Weinstein's Disorder and was a former naval captain, now a woman living a simple life as an electrician, but when she gets electrocuted when working on a broken telephone line, her DNA absorbs the charged lightning particles, giving her abilities such as electrokinesis. Inspired by the existing heroes and wanting to stop the kinds of people that killed her brother, she built an electroproof suit and used her powers to fight crime as Captain Jupiter, but her biggest challenge yet comes when another man with electrokinesis powers named Speed Demon hunts her down.

Captain Jupiter: Surge (2027) Edit

After being a part of the Vindicators and fighting in the war between the Vindicators and the Rogues, Talia finds herself in a bigger world, and now known worldwide as the hero, Captain Jupiter, he now has bigger responsibilities to protect her city, until the attention is taken from a rival hero named Spotlight with a exosuit that allows her to manipulate light. As the 2 quickly become rivals when saving people around the town, Talia believes that Spotlight might not be an actual hero.

Captain Jupiter: Shock Therapy (2030) Edit

After witnessing the powers of Mister Magnificent, Talia becomes amazed about what reality can offer. Wanting to discover other dimensions, Talia asks Mister Magnificent to show her the Multiverse, who originally denies. When Talia steals the Card of Horus in it's glass case one night, she accidentally opens a portal to another Earth which she refers as Earth-2, and meets her counterpart from the other Earth, who is the partner of Emmet Edison's counterpart on that Earth, Shock King, while she goes by Shock Queen. With the portal closing and Shock Queen being stranded on Talia's Earth, she has a new goal to kill Talia and take over her mantle to trick the rest of the public and Vindicators.

The Skylark Series Edit

Skylark (2029) Edit

When the family of pilot Hank Reynolds is killed during a home invasion by the dangerous gang, the Hawks, Hank wants justice for his family. Staying as a recluse, Hank, to get revenge, using his engineering skills, uses spare airplane and jet parts to develop a high-tech exosuit with firearms and a jetpack. Becoming the vigilante, Skylark, Hank sets out to kill the ruthless gang leader, Blaze Orlando, who builds a suit of his own to combat his hunter.

Skylark Rising (2031) Edit

Now being a member of the Vindicators and learning about extraterrestrial beings, as well as other dimensions, Skylark is part of a much bigger world, but must still deal with the troubles happening in his city when Hank learns about a secretive and unknown ruthless crime boss known as The Gentleman, who has dark plans to overthrow the mayor and take over his city, filling it with violence and corruption. Now, Skylark must level his way up to find and stop The Gentleman from his sinister plans.

Skylark Ascending (2032) Edit

With Skylark being the hero of his city, Centerstone City, he is confronted by the FBI who want to recruit him as an official FBI assassin. With Skylark ascending onto a new level of crime-fighting, he is part of a bigger system where his first mission to find out and hunt down the leader of a ruthless terrorist group still with no known name in Skylark's biggest mission yet.

The Vindicators Series Edit

Vindicators (2022) Edit

When warned about the return of a being named Dharkkist, Robert Cooper begins to have horrible visions and paranoia, believing that something is coming to end the world. Knowing he can't stop this threat himself, he recruits a team of superhumans and heroes that he's heard of and who's information he obtained from CIA files, including Apex, Mister Magnificent, Geoleaper, Overwatch, and Aquamariner. When the team meets up, they encounter a time-traveller from the future in a green hood who warns about what Dharkkist plans to do to Earth and that they need to find Bruce Wilkins. They eventually recruit the Timekeeper and fully unite, calling themselves the Vindicators, ready to save their planet from destruction by defeating Dharkkist.

Vindicators: The Fallen Legacy (2025) Edit

The Vindicators return to reunite together, now with a new member, a lighting-manipulating crime-fighter named Captain Jupiter have become known globally, but while many are grateful for the group's heroic deeds in saving the lives of millions, many also find themselves concerned for their safety, as Vindicators battles leave immense destruction and costly consequences. They are also found criticized by their failure to appear in time to save lives during disasters around the world. Realizing that they aren't perfect and can't save everybody, the US government embarks on a mission to create an artificial human being to be the perfect superhero, named Adam who is able to save everybody and with capabilities to end crime. As this superpowered being is created, Adam is given one mission and purpose, to save the world of all evil, but Adam finds himself seeking out to destroy humans, seeing them as the main threat of the planet and source of evil. Embarking on a mission, Adam sets out to wipe away all of human civilization, and the only thing standing in his way are the Vindicators, the world's only hope, as each hero finds himself conflicted by their inner demons and own flaws.

Vindicators: The Diverged Army (2030) Edit

A year after the war between the Vindicators and the Rogues, which caused lots of mass destruction, the government makes a second attempt to control the Vindicators and finally finishes a new law that restricts the freedom of the Vindicators and how they fight crime. The government and the United Nations decides when each hero can go out and fight crime. All the members are forced to comply, but if they don't, then they must quit their position and find a way to sap their powers. This puts the Vindicators in a tough situation, forcing them to divide, leading them to a fallout. When Apex, Mister Magnificent, Timekeeper, Overwatch, and Captain Jupiter resign, but don't get rid of their powers. They instead, become criminals, while X-O, Geoleaper, Overwatch, and Aquamariner work with the government. Eventually, when X-O is forced to arrest Apex and his team, it's Team X-O vs. Team Apex has the Vindicators are torn apart, fighting against each other. As a civil war between heroes commences, X-O recruits a vigilante named Skylark to help them take down Team Apex. In the midst of the battle, Skylark begins to see a pattern and is led to believe that the battle is being manipulated. Skylark parts away from the battlefield and encounters a metallic being named Ultrax, who has a goal to destroy the Vindicators. Warning the Vindicators about the manipulation and oncoming threat, they encounter their biggest adversary yet, Ultrax, the son of Rai-Dharhk, hell-bent on revenge for them killing his father.

Avengers/Vindicators (2035)Edit

The Avengers and the Vindicators cross paths in Avengers/Vindicators when a mad scientist on the Avengers Earth named Victor von Doom creates a dimensional portal that can merge 2 Earths together. After the Avengers, now growing old, fail to stop him, the portal opens up and creates a beacon linking Earth-199999 and specifically Earth-219999 together, dragging them closer and closer. Meanwhile on the Vindicators Earth, the team believes that a dimensional crisis is in process. Mister Magnificent and Miss Magnificent try to use their powers to close the portal, but are too late when the 2 universes merge together. With the Avengers and the Vindicators both in the same Earth together, they cross paths and quickly see each other as threats. While the 2 teams have an epic battle across the world for 45 minutes of the film, leaving destruction in their path, Victor von Doom, suffering from a scarred face after being zapped when turning on his machine, obtains a metal mask from Latveria to cover his face and search for his equivalent from the other universe. When Victor finds his equivalent, the king of Latveria with amazing powers of telekinesis, mind control, size manipulation, flight, and electrokinesis named Doctor Doom, Victor realizes that his plan worked that he specifically chose Earth-219999 to find his superpowered döppelganger and merge bodies. After merging bodies with his equivalent, Victor becomes Doctor Doom, now filled with powers, something he claims that he never had. Wanting to dominate his new universe, he watches as the Avengers and Vindicators fight to the death. But knowing he will need help, Victor tries to use his mystical electrokinesis energy from his body to find and revive a powerful being from the other universe, Dharkkist. As the Avengers and the Vindicators stop fighting and settle their differences, they realize that they must join forces to stop the real threat of Doctor Doom and Dharkkist, who now have a new plan of destroying the multiverse.

The Ravagerz Series Edit

The Ravagerz (2029) Edit

After the Necromancer breaks Wavepool, Speed Demon, Predator, Khrallos, Pyromaniac, Blackhawk, Black Mist, and Spectreo out of Steel Max Prison, being the second breakout, the group of villains, escape to the cities and cause mass destruction, ravaging everything in their wake, calling themselves the Ravagerz. When the team is stopped by the Vindicators. Taken back into jail once again, the timing seems to be right when Centerstone City becomes under attack and sieged by a man with dimensional powers known as King Konquerer. With the Vindicators out on a space mission and the military failing to take him down, the US Supernatural Department, at their last resort, gets the most powerful humans in Steel Max to assemble to take down Centerstone's attacker, giving them the opportunity to transfer to a prison where treatment is better and where their sentence is shortened. With the team forced to stop King Konquerer in Centerstone, lead by military forces and with deadly nano-bots in their system that can be activated at any moment to give the person a painful death if they break the rules. As the team tries to stop King Konquerer, the villains begin to learn the ethics of teamwork as a family and become better people in the process, trying to redeem themselves and do some good as they begin to feel remorse for their previous crimes.

The Ravagerz: Breakout (2031) Edit

The Ravagerz return in the sequel. With the surviving villains, Wavepool, Predator, Necromancer, Black Mist, Pyromaniac, Spectreo, Speed Demon, and Khrallos, now at a prison with better treatment and perks, Midkey Institution. The team is later broken out by an unknown squad of armed soliders, lead by a rogue CIA officer Steven Moran who wants them to complete a rogue mission for him that only they can do, which involves taking out an unknown subject codenamed TK-444 located in New York City.

The Ravagerz: Anarchy (2044) Edit

The Ravagerz have been through a lot. With Speed Demon and Pyromaniac leaving the team and being broke out by a man named the Keymaster and the CIA almost killing them, nothing gets better when the US Supernatural Division returns with a new mission when a powerful crime boss codenamed White Knight with telepathic powers takes control of the Oval Office and unleashes upon the country, a day where all crime is legal, causing chaos. Needing to stop him, the Ravagerz set out to eliminate the White Knight during Anarchy Day while having to battle rogue citizens, deadly gangs, and brainwashed minions.

The Enhanced Ones Series Edit

The Enhanced Ones (2032) Edit

When the Keymaster enlists the help of Speed Demon and Pyromaniac to eliminate the Enhanced Ones, including Aquamariner, Captain Jupiter, Windigo, Sandgirl, Stalactite, and Light Knight, the team faces their biggest challenge yet as they hide under the shadow of the Keymaster, who secretly wants ALL enhanced people dead, as he builds an army of his own.

Home DVD/BluRay Collections Edit

This features special collections for home video in the MOU and what it contains.

Marvel Originals Universe: Part 1 Box-Set Edit

  • The Movies
  • Apex BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Mister Magnificent BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Timekeeper BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Geoleaper BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Aquamariner BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Overwatch BluRay/DVD Disc
  • X-O BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Vindicators BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Road to an Original Universe (Special Features) BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Part 2 Sneak Peek BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Collectibles
  • Cardboard VR Vindicators Headset
  • Code To Get Exclusive MOU Part One VR App
  • Dharkkist's Veil
  • Vindicators Playing Cards
  • Dharkkist Action Figure
  • The Case File
  • Digital Copy Codes
  • Vindicators Tattoo
  • Map of Superhumans
  • The Hourglass Necklace
  • Card of Horus
  • Vindicators Coaster
  • Info Sheet: Apex
  • Info Sheet: Mister Magnificent
  • Info Sheet: Timekeeper
  • Info Sheet: Geoleaper
  • Info Sheet: Aquamariner
  • Info Sheet: Overwatch
  • NeXtGen Badge
  • Newspaper Clipping of Disappearing Planets
  • Mark of Dharkkist Sticker
  • Robert Cooper Sticky Notes
  • Project Apex Case File
  • Steel Max Prison Inmate Files
  • Vindicators Bumper Sticker

Marvel Originals Universe: Part 2 Box-Set Edit

  • The Movies
  • Apex: Redemption BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Mr and Ms Magnificent BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Aquamariner 2 BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Geoleaper Within BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Timekeepers BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Overwatchers BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Captain Jupiter BluRay/DVD Disc
  • X-O2: Resurrection BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Vindicators: The Fallen Legacy BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Continuing an Original Universe (Special Features) BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Part 3 Sneak Peek BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Collectibles
  • Cardboard VR Vindicators Headset V2
  • Code To Get Exclusive MOU Part 2 VR App
  • Adam Action Figure
  • The Pulsar Gem
  • The Case File
  • Digital Copy Codes
  • Rogues Tattoo
  • Map of Steel Max Prison
  • Norman Chalmers ID Badge
  • NRG-02 Suit Blueprint
  • Mister Magnificent Playing Cards
  • Ancient Painting of Crah-Dharhk
  • Info Sheet: Windigo
  • Info Sheet: Light Knight
  • Info Sheet: Sandgirl
  • Info Sheet: Stalactite
  • Info Sheet: Pyromaniac
  • Chemtech Sasha Kim Files
  • Shrinking Suit Blueprint
  • The Armageddon Prophecy Scroll
  • WANTED Poster: Beth Rushman
  • Emmet Edison Obituary
  • Info Sheet: Captain Jupiter
  • Info Sheet: Speed Demon
  • Khrallos Mission Tablet
  • Khrallos Mugshot
  • Khrallos Transformation Pictures
  • Info Sheet: The Rogues
  • Info Sheet: Adam
  • Adam Blueprint

Marvel Originals Universe NBC TV Series Box-Set: Full Collection Edit

  • The Series
  • Keepers of Time: All 3 Seasons (BluRay)
  • Wildcard: All 3 Seasons (BluRay)
  • Enhanced: All 3 Seasons (BluRay)
  • Magnificent Four: All 3 Seasons (BluRay)
  • Blackbird: All 3 Seasons (BluRay)
  • Expanding an Original Universe (Special Features) BluRay
  • The Collectibles
  • The Hourglass Stone
  • Card of Horus Playing Deck
  • Blackbird Feather Quill Pen
  • Card of Horus Collectible Case
  • Cardboard VR Headset for Enhanced TV Series
  • Code To Get Exclusive Enhanced VR App
  • The Case File
  • Map to the Chronos Temple
  • Map of the Hourglass Stones
  • Ancient Cave Drawings of the Timekeepers
  • The Chronos Scroll
  • Info Sheet: Card of Horus
  • Map of the Card of Horus
  • Info Sheet: Miss Magnificent
  • Info Sheet: Wildcard
  • The Enhanced Academy Grounds Map
  • The Enhanced Academy Poster
  • Weinstein's Disorder: Known Cases
  • Papers of Dr. Thomas Weinstein
  • Zeke Daniels Family Photo
  • Newspaper Clipping of Zeke Daniel's Parents Getting Killed In War
  • MAGNIFICENT FOUR SAVES DAY: Newspaper Clipping
  • Info Sheet: Crimson Queen
  • Info Sheet: Blackjack
  • Info Sheet: Occulus
  • How to Travel to Other Realities Handbook
  • X-Men and Magnificent Four Selfie Photo
  • Avengers and Magnificent Four Selfie Photo
  • Info Sheet: Blackbird
  • Blackbird Sightings Picture Clippings
  • Newspaper Clipping of Blackbird Sightings
  • Newspaper Photo of a Brawl Between Blackbird and Pyromaniac

Marvel Originals Universe: Part 3 Box-Set Edit

  • The Movies
  • Magnificent Six BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Apex: Crossfire BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Timekeeper: Paradox BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Aquamariner 3 BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Captain Jupiter: Surge BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Geoleaper Beyond BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Overwatching BluRay/DVD Disc
  • X-O3: Darkness BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Ravagerz BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Skylark BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Vindicators: Rogue BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Concluding an Original Universe (Special Features) BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Part 4 Sneak Peek BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Collectibles
  • Cardboard VR Vindicators Headset V3
  • Code To Get Exclusive VR MOU Part 3 App
  • Ultrax Action Figure
  • Ultrax's Mind Veil
  • Superhero Supervision Act Booklet
  • The Case File
  • The Magnificient Six Tattoo
  • The Ravagerz Tattoo
  • Horus Ancient Painting
  • EXALT HORUS Club Business Card
  • Info Sheet: Crimson Queen
  • Info Sheet: Occulus
  • Grant Pullman Badge
  • NECROcorp Business Card
  • NECROcorp Campus Map
  • NECROcorp Project Lazarus Analysis File
  • NECROcorp Elliot Olsen "Hunter X" Mission Sheet
  • The Paradoxicals Map
  • Lord Kronus Ancient Painting
  • Ancient Painting: Timekeepers vs. Paradoxicals
  • Apocalypse Paradox Scroll
  • Info Sheet: Astrah
  • Astrah Sightings Photo Clippings
  • Flash Drive with Security Footage of Captured Enhanced Ones
  • Astrah Attack Newspaper Clipping
  • Light Knight Lightning Code Key Sheet
  • SPOTLIGHT SAVES DAY! Newspaper Clipping
  • Info Sheet: Spotlight
  • Unsent Envelope to Spotlight: Vindicators Recruitment
  • Spotlight Mugshot
  • Anna Parker Badge at NeXtGen
  • Flash Drive w/ Test Footage of Geoleaper Suit Upgrade
  • New Geoleaper Suit Blueprint
  • Photo Screenshot of Jupiter Aliens
  • Photo of Beth Rushman and Tara Wilson
  • BFF Necklace: Beth x Tara
  • EXIL1R Serum Vial
  • Aftermath Foundation Flyer
  • Robert Cooper's Space Journal
  • Ancient Paintings of the Dharhkians
  • X-O's Photo of the Void Weapon
  • Pluto NASA Screenshot Collection
  • The Ravagerz Mugshot Collection
  • The Ravagerz Mission File
  • Info Sheet: Wavepool
  • Info Sheet: Speed Demon
  • Info Sheet: Predator
  • Info Sheet: Khrallos
  • Info Sheet: Pyromaniac
  • Info Sheet: Blackhawk
  • Info Sheet: Black Mist
  • Info Sheet: Spectreo
  • Info Sheet: Necromancer
  • Nano-Bot Blueprint
  • RAVAGERS Initiative fILE
  • Hank Reynolds Best Pilot Certificate
  • Hank Reynolds Diploma
  • THE HAWKS ATTACK AGAIN: Newspaper Clipping
  • Skylark Suit Blueprint
  • Info Sheet: Skylark
  • Blackhawk Suit Blueprint
  • Blaze Orlando Criminal Record File
  • REYNOLDS FAMILY MURDERED: Newspaper Clipping
  • Ultrax Alien Painting
  • Faction X-O Tattoo
  • Faction Apex Tattoo
  • VINDICATORS TURNED ROGUE?: Newspaper Clipping
  • Faction X-O vs. Faction Apex Photo
  • Faction X-O Roster
  • Faction Apex Roster
  • Alien Photo: Ultrax Accessing the Minds of Team Apex
  • The World: Before and After Picture (The X-O v. Apex War)

Marvel Originals Universe: The Legacy Collection Box-Set Edit

  • The Movies
  • X-O4: Ascension BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Geoleapers BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Timekeeping BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Overwatch Legacy BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Legacy of an Original Universe (Special Features) BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Collectibles
  • The New Vindicators Trophy Emblem
  • The Case File
  • Info Sheet: Darren Cooper
  • Robert Cooper Obituary
  • New X-O Blueprint
  • X-O RETURNS?: Newspaper Clipping
  • Info Sheet: Tanya Phillips
  • Tiffany Phillips Obituary
  • WORLD WAR III BEGINS: Newspaper Clipping
  • Info Sheet: Sebastian Varkof
  • Bruce Wilkins Will
  • Info Sheet: Aaron Wilkins
  • THE NEXT TIMEKEEPER: Newspaper Clipping
  • Timekeeper Academy Location Map
  • Info Sheet: Scarlet Rushman
  • THE NEXT CIVIL WAR BEGINS: Newspaper Clipping
  • Military Overwatch Suit Blueprint
  • The New Vindicators Tattoo
  • Info Sheet: The New Vindicators

Marvel Originals Universe: Part 4 Box-Set Edit

  • The Movies
  • Avengers/Vindicators BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Captain Jupiter: Shock Therapy BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Skylark Rising BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Ravagerz: Breakout BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Enhanced Ones BluRay/DVD Disc
  • X-O4: Ascension BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Skylark Ascending BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Ravagerz: Anarchy BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Geoleapers BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Timkeeping BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Overwatch Legacy BluRay/DVD Disc
  • Echoes of an Original Universe (Special Features) BluRay/DVD Disc
  • It's All Over (Documentary & Video Message) BluRay/DVD Disc
  • The Collectibles
  • Cardboard VR Legacy Headset V4
  • Code To Get Exclusive MOU Part 4 VR App
  • The Ravagerz Trophy Emblem
  • Victor von Doom's Dimensional Veil
  • Doctor Doom Action Figure
  • The Case File
  • Info Sheet: Victor von Doom
  • Info Sheet: Doctor Doom
  • Latveria: A History Handbook
  • THE MULTIVERSE CONFIRMED: Newspaper Clipping
  • Satellite Images of the 2 Earths Colliding
  • Avengers vs. Vindicators: Quality Photo
  • Info Sheet: Zeus
  • Talia Edison Shock Therapy Case
  • Info Sheet: The Gentleman
  • WHO IS THE GENTLEMAN?: Newspaper Clipping
  • Skylark New Suit Blueprint
  • Midkey Institution Campus Map
  • Info Sheet: Steven Moran
  • Info Sheet: TK-444
  • Mission TK-444 Tablet
  • Midkey Instituation: New Inmates File
  • Info Sheet: Keymaster
  • Info Sheet: The Enhanced Ones
  • The Keymaster's Plan
  • DEF-3ND Robot Blueprint
  • Info Sheet: Darren Cooper
  • NEXTGEN NEW CEO! Newspaper Clipping
  • Robert Cooper Obituary
  • X-O RETURNS! Newspaper Clipping
  • Skylark Debriefing File
  • Mission Cleansweep File
  • Info Sheet: The Boss
  • Mission GRY-PH0N Debriefing
  • Anarchy Day Schedule
  • The Ravagers vs. Gryphon Photo
  • WORLD WAR III BEGINS: Newspaper Clipping
  • Guide to World War III Handbook
  • Info Sheet: Tanya Phillips
  • Bruce Wilkins Will
  • Info Sheet: Aaron Wilkins
  • Info Sheet: Scarlet Rushman
  • Guide to Civil War II Handbook
  • EAST VS. WEST: Newspaper Clipping
  • Superhuman Regulation Act

The Multiverse Resort Edit

The Multiverse is a resort consisting of several movie theme parks created by Warner Bros, Disney, and Universal partnered up to create several movie-themed rides, specifically focused on superhero/sci-fi/adventure themed parks. The Marvel Originals Universe has a theme park in The Multiverse Resort.

Marvel Originals Universe Edit

  • Vindicators: Conquest of Dharkkist (4D Coaster: 6 mins)
  • X-O: Race Through Space (3D Simulator: 5 mins)
  • Mister Magnificent: The Ride (4D Coaster: 5 mins)
  • Geoleaper Beyond (3D Simulator: 4 mins)
  • Apex: Mind Ride (Coaster: 3 mins)
  • Timekeeper: The Fourth Dimension (4D Coaster: 6 mins)
  • Captain Jupiter VS. Speed Demon (Coaster: 3 mins)

Marvel Cinematic Universe Edit

  • The Ant-Man Experience (4D Coaster, 15 mins)
  • Avengers: The Ultron Offensive (Coaster, 5 mins)
  • Flight of the Iron Man (Coaster, 2 mins)
  • Captain America: Fight for Freedom (3D Simulator, 4 mins)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Escape from Ego (4D Coaster, 5 mins)
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (4D Coaster, 6 mins)
  • Avengers: Mission HYDRA (4D Coaster, 8 mins)
  • The Mighty Thor & The Incredible Hulk (Coaster, 3 mins)

DC Extended Universe Edit

  • Justice League: Gods Among Us (4D Coaster, 11 mins)
  • Batman V. Superman: World's Finest (Coaster, 5 mins)
  • The Flash: Speedforce (Accelerated Coaster, 4 mins)
  • Superman: Take Flight (3D Simulator, 5 mins)
  • Throne of Atlantis (Water Ride, 3 mins)
  • Wonder Woman: Quest for Peace (4D Coaster, 6 mins)
  • Cyborg: The Experience (3D Simulator, 4 mins)
  • Justice League: United (4D Coaster, 8 mins)

Jurassic Universe Edit

  • Gyrosphere (Interactive Ride, 20 mins)
  • The Jurassic World Tour (Tour Ride, 30 mins)
  • Cretaceous Cruise (Water Ride, 5 mins)
  • Wrath of the Indominous (4D Coaster, 8 mins)
  • Jurassic Park: The Lost World (3D Simulator, 6 mins)
  • Tyrant King: The Attraction (3D Simulator/Car Ride, 4 mins)
  • Monorail (Train Ride, varies)
  • Pterodyactal Flight (Coaster, 5 mins)

Arrowverse Edit

Back to the Future Universe Edit

Monsterverse Edit

Interstellar Universe Edit

X-Universe Edit

Stranger Things Universe Edit