Moonknight: Awkening is a reboot to the Moonknight series after Dr. Nygma's series is over.

Moonknight: Awakening


Rated R


Ben Affleck, Leonardo DeCaprio, Tom Hardy, Phil LaMarr, Megan Fox




Marc Spectre was a mercenary, until, one day on a mission in Egypt, with his brother, Randall, and his best-friend, Raoul, when he discovered a secret temple. He saw a strange statue, and walked in front of it. He became the host of a vengeance seeking ancient spirit. He left the temple and saw his old love dead. She told Marc that his brother, Randall, did this. Moon Knight went and attacked Randall. The fight ended wit a gerenade explosion, which gave Randall brain-damage and drove him insane. 10 years later, Randall escaped the Mental Institution and became an axe-wielding maniac who calls himself Shadow Knight. Moon Knight was seeking vengance and teamed up with his former employer, Frenchie. The two tracked down Raoul Bushman at a chemical factory, about to kill Marlene Alraune, an innocent woman. moon Knight kicked Raoul into a vat of acid, which scarred Raoul horribly. Moonknight helped Marlene escape, and the two became close friends. Later, Raoul crawled out f the vat, with a huge mark in the middle of his face which looked like a skull! Can Moonknight, frenchie, and Marlene survive the massacre of these 2 maniacs?


  • Ben Affleck - Marc Spectre / Moon Knight
  • Tom Hardy - Randall Spectre / Shadow Knight
  • Phil LaMarr - Raoul Bushman
  • Leonardo DeCaprio - Frenchie
  • Megan Fox - Marlene Alraune