Phase 1 Avengers Innititive

2017- Invincible Iron man-The Mandarin, Iron Monger

2018- Captain America Super Soldier- Red Skull Hydra, Baron Zemo

2018 The Hulk- The Leader

2019- Invincible Iron man 2- Crismon Dynamo, The Ghost

2020- Thor God Of thunder- Loki, Thanos

2021- The Avengers Earths Mighteist Heroes- Super Skrull and Skrulls

Phase 2- Avengers reassembled

2022 Invincible Iron man 3- Extremis soldiers, Iron Patriot Mallen, The Mandarin

Thor revenge of Asgard-2023- Malkeif and the Icy elves

Captain America 2 Rise of the Winter Soldier-2023- Winter Soldier, A.i.M

Iron Man/ Hulk Heroes United-2024-  Technovore, Abomination

Ant Man- 2024

The Avengers 2 Rise of Kang-2025- Kang

Phase 3 Avengers Hope

Invincible Iron man 4- 2026- Whitney Frost/Madame Masque, Eziekel Stane

Hulk 3 2026- Absorbing Man,

Thor 3 Enter Ares-2027-  Ares, Demons

Captain America 3-2027-H.A.M.M.E.R

Invincible Iron man 5-2029- Fire Brand/Aldrich Killian,

The Avengers 3 Tyranny of Thanos -2030- Thanos

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