Black Jack Tarr

Black Jack Tarr as he appears in the film.

This is the sequel to Shang Chi, witht he revenge of Fu Manchu's army and Black Jack Tarr.


Shang Chi, Leiko Wu and Jimmy Woo return to Tokyo exactly 2 years after they're adventure in Fu Manchu's palace, but Fu Manchu's daughter, Fah Lo Suee, takes over Japan and revives Black Jack Tarr to destroy the man who killed her father! Thas not all, Shang and Jimmy meet up with they're old friend Leiko Wu, who has been kidnapped by her old love, Clive Reston!


  • Tony Jaa - Shang Chi
  • B. Wong - Jimmy Woo
  • Jamie Chung - Leiko Wu
  • Maggie Q - Fah Lo Suee
  • Chow Yun Fat - Fu Manchu (flashback only)
  • Adam Baldwin - Black Jack Tarr
  • Sam Baron - Agent Clive Reston