Spectacular Spiderman June, 5, 2016 starring Logan Lermen as Peter Parker/Spiderman, Jennifer Lawrence as Gwen Stacy Directed by Zach Snyder


  • Logan Lerman as Peter Parker/Spider-man- A 16 year old orphan who lives with his aunt and uncle. He gets bit by a spider and becomes Spiderman to stop the Lizard
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Gwen Stacy- Flash`es ex girlfriend and Peter,s new girlfriend
  • Erza Miller as Harry Osborn- Peter`s friend from highschool
  • Jason Issacs as Norman Osborne- Harry`s father and ceo of Oscorp
  • Dylan Baker as Dr Connors/The Lizard- Peters highschool science teacher who tries to regrow his arm but takes a lizard serum
  • Lucas Till as Flash Thompson- The school bully
  • George Clooney as Richard Parker- Peters father.
  • Anjolina Jolie as Mary Parker- Peter`s mother.
  • Mark Valley as Captain George Stacy- Gwen`s father who at first does not like Spiderman but learns to trust him.


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