Spider-Man Przyjaciel z Sąsiedztwa


Spider-Man: Friendly Neighborhood is 2014 movie directed by Marc Webb, starring Alex Pettyfer as Peter Parker.

Brief PlotEdit

I don't got ability to write good plot. So here you are - characters:


Spider-Man (Alex Pettyfer)


Petra Schuster (I didn't wanted to Mary-Jane, and I technically could do Gwen Stacy, but... why no? Actress: Victoria Justice)

Daredevil (Seth Green)

David Holzman (David Suchet) (Uncle Ben kinda)

Elektra (Katerina Geronikolou)

Dmitri Natchios (Matt Frewer)


Jackal (Jack Nicholson) 

Norman Osborn (Green Goblin in After-Credits Scene) (Christian Bale)

Vulture (Michael Gambon)

Hammerhead (Al Pacino)

Toomes Gang:




Dr. Octopus (Harvey Keitel)

Scorpion (Post-Credits Scene Only)

Albert Bowl (Flashback) (Kirk Munroe)

Angelo Fortunato (MENTIONED)

Frank Simpson (MENTIONED)

Cletus Kassidy (CAMEO)

Other Characters:

Mary Jane Watson (Karen Gillan)

Frank Castle (DEATH) (Eric Christian Olsen)

And a bit of characters invented by me. They all survive, don't worry.


Peter Parker finds out a secret behin his parent's death and he got throwed into gang war, involving drug smuggling, radioactive spiders, and Oscorp.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Movie got 84% on Rotten Tomatoes with consensus: "Fresh take on webhead with over-a-top cast and too much characters"

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