Spider-Man (2017)


Louis Leterrier

Screenplay by

Michael Arndt
Simon Beaufoy

Characters by

Stan Lee
Steve Ditko


Dylan O'Brien
Leven Rambin
Edward Norton
Viggo Mortensen
Hunter Parrish
Ashley Benson
Dayo Oekniyi
Donna Murphy
Hugh Laurie

Music by

Alan Silvestri

Produced by

Marvel Studios

Distributed by

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Released by

July 2017


165 minutes

Spider-Man is a 2017 American superhero film that is based on Marvel's flagship character, and produced by Marvel Studios. The film is the first of a brand new trilogy. It is directed by Louis Leterrier, and is written by Michael Arndt and Simon Beaufoy. Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige serve as producers. The film is also the first to introduce the MCU 2.0 which will serve as a new launching pad to the New Avengers film planned in 2022.

This film stars Dylan O'Brien reprising his role as Spider-Man/Peter Parker after making his first MCU appearance in Civil War. The other main cast includes Leven Rambin, Edward Norton, Viggo Mortensen, Hunter Parrish, Ashley Benson, Dayo Oekniyi, Donna Murphy, and Hugh Laurie. The film will be out in July 2017 in 2D, 3D, and IMAX.


Peter Parker is on the verge of becoming special. He has a secret, a secret that holds powers. These powers were once a curse, but now after a huge event that shocked the superhero world. Peter has set a new lease on his secret life. Now it's time for him to become the hero he was always meant to be. And when a vengeful man set to unleash a new kind of fury to New York City, Peter whose also dealing with teenage angst, high school drama, and love will have to battle himself as well this threat to save those he cares about. Now it's time for Peter Parker to don that mask. Here comes Spider-Man.

Plot summaryEdit

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  • Dylan O'Brien as Peter Parker/Spider-Man --- After "Civil War" nearly divided the country and superheroes apart, the nerdy, shy Peter has been in the shadows, but after sided with Captain America, his advice leads Peter to use his secret spider abilities as a gift and not a curse, so he becomes Spider-Man and use his talents for good; however, he continues to struggle hiding his abilities lying to his aunt and his friends; but the antics of the Hobgoblin will force his way to see if he's truly the hero he is meant to be.
  • Leven Rambin as Mary Jane Watson --- One of the most popular girls at Middleton High; she is currently dating Flash Thompson, but has been getting advice from Peter whose she known since kindergarten as well Harry; she has feelings for Peter, but rather continue her turbulent relationship with Flash.
  • Edward Norton as Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin --- A former Oscorp researcher who helped Smythe create a breathtaking bionic creation; however, Osborn favored Smythe more and fired Kingsley. Kingsley seeks revenge and decides to steal Osborn's secret serum to form his sinister guise as Hobgoblin.
  • Viggo Mortensen as Norman Osborn --- The CEO, president, and founder of Oscorp; he is also Harry's father and has been distant towards him because of his business. Osborn is so focused now to create a massive eco-friendly network that will control Global Warming; but will use bionics as a catalyst; however the dealings with Spider-Man and Hobgoblin will cause concern over Osborn's dream to create a new utopia.
  • Hunter Parrish as Harry Osborn --- Norman's son and only child; he is one of Peter's childhood friends. He is smart like Peter, very suave to the ladies, but doesn't has a setfocus not until he gets duped by Felicia. His relationship with his father is torn because of the company.
  • Ashley Benson as Felicia Hardy --- She is an exchange student who mysteriously makes her way to Middleton High and begins to cause a bit havoc especially towards Peter and Harry.
  • Dayo Oekniyi as Randy Robertson --- He is another Middleton student and one of Flash's good friends and as well Peter's. He occasionally doesn't see his future following his father's footsteps, and unfortunately heads the wrong path by joining Tombstone's gang.
  • Donna Murphy as Aunt May Parker --- Peter's aunt and primary guardian; she still grieves her husband's death and always keep faith that her nephew will have a natured future.
  • Hugh Laurie as J. Jonah Jameson --- Daily Bugle's strict and obnoxious Editor-in-Chief; he has no tolerance towards his employees and especially the masked figure known as Spider-Man.
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  • Josh Helman as Alistair Smythe --- Head of Oscorp's Bionics Division and a crippled genius who uses his brilliance to create groundbreaking robotics.
  • Gildart Jackson as Bernard --- The Osbourne's family butler and Harry's "secondary" father.
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Joseph "Robbie" Robertson --- He is Daily Bugle's second-in-command and has tolerance with his fellow co-workers. He inspires Peter to join the Bugle's new Junior Division as well as his son, Randy.
  • Zach Roerig as Flash Thompson --- Another Middleton High student and Peter's rival who constantly bullies him.
  • Indiana Evans as Liz Allan --- A fellow Middleton High student and one of Peter's friends. She has a huge crush on Harry.
  • Bruce Greenwood as Uncle Ben Parker --- Peter's uncle who was fatally shot by a thug; he appears in several flashbacks and ghost appearances throughout the film.






Alan Silvestri will compose the score. With Silvestri's guidance, Junkie XL will create the film's theme taking influences from the 1967 theme and as well pay homage to Danny Elfman's Spider-Man theme.


The second part of the trilogy, Spider-Man: Grim Hunt is set to be out in May 2019. Most of the main cast such as O'Brien, Rambin, Mortensen, Parrish, Benson, Murphy, and Laurie will return. The villains are rumored to be Kraven the Hunter and another character yet to be announced. Chances of the Green Goblin to make it in the sequel is slim.

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