Peter Benjamin Parker Vilgente Spider-Man..,,,,

Spider-Man (character)
Alias(es) Spider-Man

Undergoos (called by Tony Stark) Spider-Guy

Species Human
Gender Male
Age 16

(Going on 17)

Title(s) Peter Benjamin Parker
Appears In Untitled Spider-Man Reboot

Spider-Man Reversed Timeline (2017 film) (appeared) Punisher Sequel(mentioned only, mask)

Status Alive (revived)
Portrayed by Omar Sanchez

Marvel Movies Fanon Wiki:HeaderHistory of character is unknown.

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  • Untitled Fantastic Four Reboot (cameo only) - Omar Sanchez, Arley Swaby (origin story by/teenage)
  • Untitled Spider-Man 3 (appearance) - Omar Sanchez(rumored)

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