Spider-Man Verse The Goblin Action, Crime, Sci-fi, Superhero Film

Spider-Man Versus The Goblin
Director: Jon Watts (director) and Arley Swaby (co-director)
Writer(s): Stan Lee (writer by)
Expected Release: TBA
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Cast Edit

  • Junior Peart As, Luke Cage (rumored).,,,,
  • Ashley Swaby as, Catherine Walker (rumored)..,,,,
  • Lewin Solomon Sr. As, Harold Osborn (rumored).,,, Peter's best friend.,,

Old classmate before collage graduate.,

  • Darian Lopez (capture motion) As, Rickford (mentioned only).,,,
  • Katherine Briscoe as Mary Jane Watson, Peter's lover.
  • Arley Swaby as Benjamin Reilly (uncredited).,,, Peter's cousin.
  • Unknown Mentioned Actress as Teresa (uncredited).,,, Peter's sister.

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