Spider-Sense Spider-Man is an action superhero comedy film, and the first film in the Marvel Animated Cinematic Universe (MACU). It will be released in 2015. The movie will be animated the same way Wreck-it-Ralph, Frozen, and Big Hero 6.

Synopsis Edit

This film starts out with Spider-Man swinging from in the sky, and he tells his back story to the viewers (the 4th wall will be broken in these films, so don't seem suprised). It shows a crudely drawn sketch of Spidey beating a wresteling match, letting a robber go, and the robber killing Uncle Ben (but Spidey calls it "dabbing Ben with a sharp stick"), and beating the robber. Suddenly, a metallic arm comes out, and slices the web in half. It turns out this guy was Doc Ock. Spidey makes a witty joke that desirves to be here: "Paging Doctor Octopus, we got some broken calimari". The doctor tells Spider-Man that he has assembled a team, when an electricity volt hits Spider-Man. Electro shows himself, along Kraven, Mysterio, Sandman, and Vulture, together, there're the Sinister Six. Spider-Man makes a variation of the name (Stupid Six), and tries (emphisis on tries) to beat the, but fails. He decides to make a team to stop them. This team includes: Him, Prowler, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Dutch Goblin (new character) and Kangaroo. They go all around New York trying to find the Sinister 6. Each warehouse they meet have one member, and after going through all 6, they find another conspicuosly placed warehouse containing... THE GREEN GOBLIN!!!!!!!!!! The Green Goblin planned this whole thing, and they all battle, with the Sinister 6 helping GG. Spider-Man makes another variation of the name (The Supper Six), and Doc Ock goes crazy with the name variations, and grabs Spidey. Spidey breaks out, and webs the tentacles together. He calls the police, and has a little chit-chat. The police (finally) show up, and the Sinister Six is apprehanded. Spider-Man's team disbands, but before they leave, Prowler takes pictures of the Sinister Six and Green Goblin, and the team says their farewells.

Mid-credits scene Edit

Here, we see Agent Coulson visiting Spidey, and he convinces him to join a team. Spider-Man, thinking this team is the Avengers, and decides to go for it. But what he dosen't know, is that this team is a new and is just growing

Post-credits scene Edit

Prowler goes to his apartment, and puts the pictures on a blackboard, along with pictures of Spider-Man, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Dutch Goblin, and Kangaroo. He finishes the movie off by saying "I'm almost there..."

Video game Edit

A video game will be released for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

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