Miguel swings through 2099 New-York

SpiderMan 2099: Fracture in time is a 2022 movie starring Daniel Radcliffe as Miguel O'Hara


Daniel Radcliffe as Miguel O'Hara

Andrew Garfield as Evil Peter Parker (flashbacks only)


Miguel is in an Alchemax lab giving some spiders a dose of radiation. One bites him and he holds it in shock. Instead of going to a medic, Miguel goes home. The next day he wakes up and as he reaches for his alarm clock it springs right into his hand. He runs towards the window as a poisonous animal is trying to get in but he just runs up the wall. He realizes he is the new SpiderMan and creates a new costume. That night he hacks into the Alchemax radio system and realizes it is corrupt. He hides in the vents and sneaks in undetected. He webs a few guards and goes into a room labeled reactor. He realizes it is full of guards and beats them all up rapidly. He pulls the plug, knocking the entire city's power supply off. He speeds of to save the city. He gets into the town and there is a skyscraper falling down. He holds it up and allows everyone to escape. He web-rushes to a rooftop and sees a fracture in time and space. He glides towards it and goes in. He arrives in Peter Parker's bedroom and he closes the temporal fracture. Peter comes in and says what the hell. Miguel gets memories of evil Peter's plan to destroy the city he saw in some Alchemax files. Miguel snaps Peter's neck and kills himself as he didn't want to kill peter.

In the credits we see 2 posters
Poster scarlet spider fan made 1 by lunestavideos-d628da9

Scarlet Spider Poster

The amazing scarlet spider by stick man 11-d5gx7dh

Scarlet Spider Poster

At the end of the credits, we see DNA being attached together and a computer says bondage complete and Ben Reilly (Daniel Radcliffe) and Kaine (Andrew Garfield) wake up.

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