This is a Doctor Strange film by Dr. Nygma.


  • Patrick Dempsey as Doctor Strange
  • John Cho as Wong
  • Daniel Day-Lewis as Baron Mordo
  • William Atherton as

    Doctor Strange

  • Christopher Plummer as Ancient One
  •  Tricia Helfer as Clea


Stephen Strange is a world-renowned surgeon who after seeing his sister die as a result of his botched surgery attempts suicide by driving his car off a cliff into the water. He goes unconscious in the crash and wakes up at a monestary in Tibet with one handed gone and the other rendered useless.  He meets a sorceror named the Ancient One who explains to him that he sees great potential in Stephen and wishes to mentor him in sorcery because he knows he will eventually die.  Baron Karl Mordo, the Ancient One's other pupil, is jealous of Strange.

After 3 months of training with the Ancient One, he chooses Stephen as his successor because of Mordo's dark personality.  Mordo releases the demon

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