The SM universe (Super Marvel Universe) is a series of movies made by Rhysw2002. This universe does not only have movies but also television series based on the movies.


Phase 1 (Avengers United):

Ultimate Spider-Man

The Indestructible Iron Man

The destruction of The Hulk

Thor:God Wars

Captain America:War Zone

Avengers United

Phase 2(The Skrulls):

The Indestructible Iron Man 2

Wrath of The Hulk

Ultimate Spider-Man 2

Ant-Man and Wasp

The Fantastic Four


Avengers Re-United

Phase 3(Coming of Galactus):


Ultimate Spider-Man 3

X-Men 2


Doctor Strange

Ultimate Spider-Man 4

Thor and Hercules: Teamup

Avengers:Heroes United

Phase 4 (The Ultimates):

Ultimate Spider-Man 5

The Hulk: World War

Power Man and Iron Fist


Captain America 2: SHIELD secrets


Ultimate Spider-Man 6

Ultimate Avengers!

Phase 5(The End):

Future Foundation

Ultimate Spider-Man 7

Guardians of The Galaxy and Nova

The indestructible Iron Man 3

World War Hulk

Ultimate Spider-Man 8

Deadpool 2

Avengers: The Final Battle

TV series and filmsEdit

Iron Man and Hulk:The tv series:

When Whiplash,Iron Monger,Abomantion,The Leader and a bunch of more villains team up, Iron Man and Hulk are on the case!This series has 2 seasons and 20 episodes each season!

Fantastic Four:The Animated Series:

Galactus is coming to Earth once again so the Fantastic Four team up with The Silver Surfer to defeat him!The Second season features Doctor Doom as the main villain.The Series lasted 2 seasons with 20 episodes each season.

Super Marvel Heroes:The Comedy Series:

A comedy series based on everything from the SM Universe.It is unknown how long the series will be.

Avengers:United:The TV series:

Iron Man,Hulk,Thor,Captain America,Hawkeye,Spider-Man and Black Widow team up when Thanos and Loki try to destory the world.The series lasted 3 seasons with 25 episodes each season.

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