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Drew Goddard & Avi Arad

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January 2018 - July 2022

Superior Spider-Man is an American television series based off the hero, Spider Man. It's a live-action series developed by Sony Pictures. It is not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series premiered on January 31, 2018. It's a reboot of the Amazing Spider Man franchise, in the form of a TV series, an HBO original.

Freddie Highmore was cast to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the lead role. The series is written by Steve Ditko, Drew Goddard, and Avi Arad.. Every episode is executive produced by Stan Lee. Drew Goddard directed 19 episodes out of 22 in Season 3.

Superior Spider Man got great reception from audiences and critics alike, and one the best potrayals of Spider-Man.

New episodes are released every week on HBO on Fridays.

Superior Spider Man branched off into a TV universe, and several spin-offs stemmed off from the show including the miniseries, Agent Venom, Silver and Black, Nova and the Wonder Man. There was also 2 TV shows that aired after Superior Spider Man Season 3. These shows were The Ultimate Spider Man, a 1-season show based on Miles Morales. The other show was New Warriors, a miniseries based off of the team.

Synopsis Edit

16 year old Peter Parker, a student at the prestigious Midtown School for Science, finds his life turned upside down after being bitten by a radioactive genetically modified spider during an internship at the innovative Oscorp facility. Given the amazing powers of a spider, Peter struggles to harness his powers and take advantage of his new abilities. In doing so, his attempts to win a wrestling match result in the death of his beloved Uncle Ben. Overwhelmed with guilt, Peter decides to take Uncle Ben's dying advice and go out to use his powers for good and stop criminals like the man who killed Uncle Ben's father, while on a mission to avenge his uncle. Becoming the masked vigilante, Spider-Man, developing his own web shooters, Peter learns to control his abilities to become the web-slinger he was always destined to become. Faced with foes like no other and supported by his allies, Peter must fight to live both identities in life and keep his secret as he evolves into the hope and light that New York City needed all along.

Season 1: Your Friendly Neighborhood Edit

16 year old Peter Parker, a student at the prestigious Midtown School for Science, finds his life turned upside down after being bitten by a radioactive genetically modified spider during an internship at the innovative Oscorp facility. Given the amazing powers of a spider, Peter struggles to harness his powers and take advantage of his new abilities. In doing so, his attempts to win a wrestling match result in the death of his beloved Uncle Ben. Overwhelmed with guilt, Peter decides to take Uncle Ben's dying advice and go out to use his powers for good and stop criminals like the man who killed Uncle Ben's father, while on a mission to avenge his uncle. Becoming the masked vigilante, Spider-Man, developing his own web shooters, Peter learns to control his abilities to become the web-slinger to save New York. Meanwhile, Peter's best friend's father, Norman Osborn, tries to recreate the super-solider serum in Oscorp through reverse-engineering. When Norman tests it out, hell breaks loose as the serum twists his mind but also makes him stronger, almost too strong. Norman faces horrible side-effects, with his skin turning green and him looking like a giant goblin. Norman attacks Oscorp and steals their high tech glider, ready to cause chaos around New York City. Throughout the season, Spider-Man must defeat the "Green Goblin" once and for all while also having to deal with other foes such as the Shocker, Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Vulture, and more! In all this chaos, Peter has to deal with protecting his identity, betrayal, and loss while embarking on a quest to find Uncle Ben's killer.

Main Villain: Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

  1. Pilot- Meet Peter Parker, a 16-year old sophomore at Midtown School for Science. Taking part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be an Oscorp intern, Peter accepts the invitation with his best friend, Harry Osborn, whose dad owns the company. On his first day, Peter finds himself troubled after being bit by a spider, and later, discovering that he has the powers of the spider, having super senses, super strength, being able to climb walls and jump amazing distances. While playing around with his ability, Peter finds himself able to defend himself against Flash Thompson and in order to gain money, joins a wrestling match. After being scammed, Peter lets a robber go, who ends up shooting Peter's uncle who was waiting to pick up Peter. With this tragedy, Peter promises to hunt down Uncle Ben's killer and vows to use his powers for good.
  2. Great Power- Taking Uncle Ben's last words into heart, Peter embarks on a mission to use his powers to save people and fight crime, calling himself the Human Spider. As Peter begins to search for Dennis Carradine, Ben's killer, he meets and clashes with Herman Schultz, the getaway driver, and his gang. Peter begins to act differently at school and stays up late to work on a new project, webshooters.
  3. Great Responsibility- Peter's double-life has become more challenging by the minute. Focusing on school and fighting crime at the same time, things get harder when the Finals start to come up. As Peter tackles both sides of his life, a gang he previously fought with comes back, led by Jackal. Peter finishes his webshooters and goes out for a test run, but gets injured and needs to explain it to Aunt May.
  4. Birth of the Spider Man- After Herman Schultz is broken out of jail by his loyal gang followers, he comes back for revenge on Spider-Man, this time, more powerful then ever, armed with stolen Oscorp technology. Determined to kill the Webslinger, Peter gets hints on Dennis Carrdine's location. Peter creates a new suit and gives him a new moniker, the Spider-Man.
  5. Birth of the Green Goblin- After learning Dennis Carradine's whereabouts, Peter goes on the hunt. Meanwhile, at Oscorp, Harry Osborn's father, Norman Osborn, is forced to be a human test subject for a super-soldier serum replication when rushed by the Oscorp board. When he takes it, he overdoses and things go very wrong.
  6. Identity Crisis- Peter has his first encounter with the Green Goblin and gets seriously injured. At school and at home, Peter suffers under the weight of the struggle keeping his identity a secret. He begins to dread his school life even more, always eager to suit up again. Meanwhile, Norman faces an identity crisis as side-effects of the serum. Alexander O'Hirn, a student at Midtown Science, learns about a special serum Oscorp is producing during his internship there.
  7. The Rhino Serum- Alexander O'Hirn makes his move to steal the Rhino serum and mech suit from Oscorp. When Peter hears of the news, he suits up to stop him, but it's too late. Alex, dubbed as "Rhino" makes his attack on the school.
  8. Return of the Green Goblin- Green Goblin returns and attacks again to get revenge on the Oscorp board. During his second battle with Spider-Man, the 2 become arch-enemies as Peter tries to protect the Oscorp building from being destroyed by Green Goblin. Meanwhile, Gwen Stacy asks Peter out.
  9. Tarantula- After a successful battle against the Green Goblin, Peter rests and goes on his first date with Gwen Stacy, but they are interrupted when Peter learns of a new enemy on the news named Tarantula robbing multiple banks in New York. Peter accidentally reveals his identity to his friend, Cindy, who offers to help Peter crime fight using her hacking skills, wanting to be his computer assistant.
  10. The Second Causality- Another Oscorp experiment goes wrong when Dr. Otto Octavius, a brilliant scientist obsessed with A.I technology creates a pair of robot tentacles to house his new A.I, but when he wears it, the A.I takes control of Otto, turning him into the sinister villain, Dr. Octopus, making a new enemy for Spider-Man.
  11. Rise of the Green Goblin- Green Goblin returns again and is ready to kill Peter once and for all. As they battle at the Roosevelt Skyline, Green Goblin decks out in his new glider and suit. During their battle across New York, Peter learns of the Green Goblin's identity.
  12. The Scavenger- Suffering a major defeat by the Green Goblin, Peter's confidence is lowered and he decides to take off the mask for a while. That is, until a new villain arises, a scientist named Adrian Toomes, going rogue as Vulture, stealing Oscorp jetpack technology to get revenge on Norman Osborn for firing him. As Vulture goes on the loose, Peter suits up to stop him, and crosses paths with Green Goblin. Meanwhile, scientists at Oscorp learn of Green Goblin's amazing accelerated healing abilities and believe that he may be unkillable.
  13. Alone- Spider-Man goes after the Goblin on his own, and when he lands himself into big trouble, he takes it only upon himself to get out. In doing so, Peter crosses paths with and meets a secret organization known as SWORD, a highly secret spy agency that studies Earth activity as well as extraterrestrial activity. Meanwhile, Gwen suspects that there is something not right about Peter.
  14. The Others After being rescued by SWORD and taken to their headquarter, Peter is registered into SWORD's database. SWORD promises to keep Peter's identity secret. Becoming part of something bigger than he is, Peter goes on his first official mission tasked by SWORD. He teams up with vigilantes from SWORD, Moon Knight and Silver Sable, to finish their previous battle with the Green Goblin. He learns of an extraterrestrial superhero, a human from another planet, known as Wonder Man and meets Jessica Drew.
  15. A Sinister Team Up- Peter has revealed his alter-ego to Gwen, leaving her bewildered. As they break up, Doctor Octopus returns and breaks Vulture out of jail once again and the 2 team up to kill the Spider-Man.
  16. Wrath of the Green Goblin- When more and more Goblins begin to appear out of nowhere, Spider-Man believes that the Green Goblin is infecting others with the Goblin serum. With help from Moon Knight, the 2 battle Green Goblin to stop the Goblin army.
  17. Broken Webs- Peter and Gwen get back together again and the Green Goblin has proven to be absent for long time. Unsettled by his idleness, Peter goes into investigating Oscorp, but is distracted when a new criminal arrives in town Chameleon.
  18. Night of the Green Goblin- In the 2-hour special of Superior Spider Man, the final battle between the Green Goblin and Spider Man commences. Green Goblin has learned of Peter's identity and Peter has learned Green Goblin's identity. Told in perspectives of Peter and Norman, Peter tries to keep the secret from Harry, and Norman works out a plan to kill Peter and his loved ones without the suit. As Peter investigates the Goblin serum when he breaks into Oscorp, he learns more about it's side-effects about how it turns people insane, causing them to do things way beyond their character. Their final battle begins when Peter, Gwen, and Harry go to the Bright Lights Carnival in New York, where Green Goblin interrupts to kill Peter, and not even hesitant to kill his own son.
  19. Vengeance- After the battle at the Carnival where Green Goblin is killed, revealing his true identity, and Harry learning that Spider-Man killed his father, full of anger, Harry embarks on a vengeance mission against Spider Man to kill him and find out his identity, confronting Peter in the process. Meanwhile, Spider-Man must deal with the return of Rhino, who wants revenge.
  20. Bad Blood- Harry figures out the Spider-Man's identity and his relationship with Peter is completely shattered. As Harry tries to kill Peter, his own friend, Peter tries to explain about his father's condition. As the 2 friends begin their war, Gwen tries to figure out the rift between them.
  21. The Oncoming War- Suffering a defeat against Peter, Harry vows to finish what his father started, building a super army of Goblins. As Harry goes throughout Oscorp to find the lab where the super soldier serum was created, he finds it and discovers a video message of Norman, who reveals his whole plan to eliminate the Spider Man and assemble an army with the Super Solider serum.
  22. The Goblin Legacy- In the season finale of Spectacular Spider Man, Harry has taken a little dosage of the Goblin serum, but enough to make him strong and crazy, but also making him look like an actual Goblin. Equipped with a suit and modified glider, Harry, calling himself Goblin, goes out to kidnap random civilians for this Goblin army while also working out his plan for revenge on Peter. Their epic final battle finds the 2 clashing at the Manhattan Bridge, where Goblin is determined to do anything to destroy Peter's life. But Peter isn't alone, joined by Moon Knight, Silver Sable, and Wonder Man, whom he meets for the first time.

Season 2: The Venom Plague Edit

After Harry Osborn has become the Goblin and has killed Gwen Stacy, Peter blames himself for turning his friend into a monster and losing the love of his life. Peter burns the Spider-Man suit and leaves behind his life-saving legacy, vowing to never put on the suit again. A depressed Peter lives out what was once his normal life, being a nobody and an outcast. Even worse, a new cocky photographer named Eddie Brock has joined the Daily Bugle photography team, becoming Peter's new rival. Also, Peter's apartment owner, Dean Albert, begins to suspect that Peter is hiding something and is up to no good and is determined to investigate Peter's past to find out what he's hiding. Meanwhile, Oscorp doesn't stop their dangerous experiments and begin on creating a new life-forms. They start out with trying to develop a living symbiote using alien material they discovered from a crashed meteor. They call it the "Venom Symbiote" and store it in a secret level as it is still in early development stages and is "hostile". The symbiote causes turns Peter's life and New York into a living hell as it finds it way to take over Eddie Brock when he tours Oscorp to take pictures, and turns him into a monster that resembles Spider-Man, except black and with long sharp teeth and tongue. Eddie, demanding to be called Venom, uses his resemblance to Spider-Man to sabotage Spider-Man's reputation. Venom wreaks havoc across the city and the symbiote also takes over Peter. A corrupted Peter ruins relationships with friends and people in the city as he returns to fighting crime as the Dark Spider. As all this happens, greater threats lie beneath the chaos as the symbiote creates an offspring that uses serial killer, Cletus Kassady, as it's host and other villains emerge such as Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Scorpion, Lizard, Hobgoblin, Black Cat, and more! Peter also develops a relationship with Jessica Drew from SWORD and is introduced to the idea of teaming up more often as he meets SWORD heroes like Namor, White Tiger and Wonder Man and must gain their help to fight off the Venom plague, which also takes over Peter's old enemy, Flash Thompson and Peter's friend, Cindy Moon, as his world turns upside down.

Main Villian: The Venom Symbiote (Eddie Brock, Peter Parker, Cletus Kassady)

  1. The Night Gwen Stacy Died- Continuing after the battle between Peter and Harry at the Manhattan Bridge, Peter finds himself attending Gwen's funeral and spiraling into depression. In the season premiere of Season 2, Peter burns the suit and goes back to his normal life, blaming himself for Gwen's death. His absence leaves enormous repercussions on Peter's life and the city, where crime rules. With Goblin in Ravencroft Institute, justice is brought. Peter's quitting of the job is put to the test when a skilled cat burglar is on the loose. Cindy tries to stop Peter, but fails, and Miles gives his support as well.
  2. Just Like Old Times- Peter goes back to his boring life and becomes an outcast at his school. Bullied again by Flash Thompson and a new co-worker at the Daily Bugle named Eddie Brock becomes Peter's rival, Peter finds his life miserable. Meanwhile, Peter's apartment owner, Dean Albert, begins to suspect that things are not right about Peter.
  3. The Meteor- Peter flunks an important test and is grilled by Aunt May. A meteor lands and Oscorp is sent to find the crash site, there they find an alien substance that may show signs of life, and use it to start Project SYMBT, creating an artificial symbiotic life form. SWORD is aware of this and wants Peter to investigate, but he declines and another agent named Jessica Drew is given the job.
  4. Fallen City- The symbiote is created by Oscorp and called V.E.N.O.M, stored in the Oscorp basement. When Eddie Brock is sent to take pictures of Oscorp, he sneaks into the basement to take top-secret pics of their secret projects. Meanwhile, New York City falls to pieces when Chameleon and his gang charge an assault. Peter takes a visit to SWORD and befriends Ava Ayala, the White Tiger, the youngest SWORD agent, Peter's age.
  5. Engulfed by Darkness- Eddie Brock has been taken over by the Venom Symbiote, turning him into a ruthless monster with the same powers as Spider Man and similar looks. As Venom terrorizes the city, he challenges Spider Man to a fight, calling Peter to suit back up. With Spider Man back, he has his first battle with Venom, but gets some of the symbiote on him during the fight. As Peter returns home, defeating Venom, the symbiote begins to take him over and corrupt him. Things get worse when the city is threatened by villains who can control sand and water, Sandman and Hydroman. Being very close to Miles Morales, Peter decides to reveal his identity to his best friend and Miles joins Peter's team, offering to help him fight crime using his engineering skills.
  6. The Venom Symbiote- Peter starts a new life with the Venom symbiote, turning his suit black, and calling himself the Dark Spider. As Peter enjoys his enhanced powers from the symbiote, he refuses to take it off and succumbs to it, as it slowly corrupts Peter and changes his personality for the worse. After landing Dean Albert in the hospital, Peter becomes out of control and Ava takes it to Dr. Connors to get Peter help. Meanwhile, Peter confronts Black Cat for the first time.
  7. Rise of Scorpion- With Dark Spider on the loose, J. Jonah Jameson finally proves himself right about the Spider being a menace. To finally put an end to Dark Spider, he hires a hitman named Mac Gargan to kill Dark Spider. Mac, before going out, steals a Scorpion battle suit from Oscorp to prepare. As Scorpion begins his battle against Dark Spider, the 2 become enemies and fight throughout New York City.
  8. Kraven- With Mac also being infected with the Venom Symbiote, Peter must finally put an end to him. Meanwhile, a man from Russia named Sergei Kravinoff, better known as Kraven the Hunter, visits New York City to offer to train the Spider Man. Dark Spider and Kraven cross paths, and Kraven tries to help Peter be a better "hunter" and control the symbiote. SWORD warns Peter not to trust Kraven, but Peter rejects. SWORD begins to work on a cure for the Venom Symbiote after getting a sample from Mac Gargan after White Tiger defeated him in a fight. After Peter kills for the first time, Cindy quits helping him as Silkstream and attempts to call the cops, but reaches SWORD instead. Peter betrays Miles, who quits helping him, along with Cindy.
  9. Tangled in Webs- As Kraven continues training Peter, an electrician for Oscorp named Max Dillion, finds himself in an accident with genetically-modified electric eels, and gains the power to control electricity, but also finds himself with electricity constantly surging through his body. Literally made of electricity itself, Max begs for a cure and goes to Dr. Connors, who cannot help him. When Dr. Connors says he can't, Max electrocutes his arm and burns it severely, leaving Dr. Connors in the hospital. After escaping, Max causes chaos around the city, becoming a wanted man. With Dark Spider and Kraven teaming up to stop him, a bigger threat lies beneath: Venom. Meanwhile, the image of Spider Man is completely ruined.
  10. The Lizard- With Electro nowhere to be seen, Kraven and Dark Spider go to tackle bigger threats, the Venom. Meanwhile, Dr. Connors has to get his right arm amputated due to Electro burning it and desperately looks into injecting himself with Lizard DNA to gain the properties of lizards, re-growing limbs. Believing cross-species genetics is possible, the Doctor hurriedly makes a serum, but when he overdoes, he finds himself turning into a human-sized lizard, and when he crosses paths with Dark Spider, the 2 clash across the city and become enemies. SWORD begins to see that Peter is seeming to gain more control over the symbiote and stop their mission to hunt him down, but resume work on a cure.
  11. In Memoriam- Dean Albert continues his investigations about Peter and finds information about Peter's parents, Richard and Mary Parker, who CIA agents who died in a set-up plane crash. When Dean reminds Peter of this, he looks back and remembers the life he had with his parents. As this happens, Peter ditches the Dark Spider moniker and suit, realizing the effect on him and works hard to put back the image he used to have, while also struggling to find a way to get the symbiote off of him, which refuses to leave him alone. Meanwhile, Black Cat challenges the Web Slinger once more.
  12. A Legacy Left Behind- In the second 2-hour special of Superior Spider Man, Peter decides to go on a mission to delve into the past of his parents, and is eventually shocked with the truth about his parents, who were agents of SWORD.
  13. Goblins- Harry has escaped prison. With the Goblin's return and Peter getting rid of his symbiote by using a sonic machine developed by SWORD, he must focus on putting Goblin back into jail, while also trying to fix the relationships he broke when possessed by the symbiote. Goblin vows to complete his vendetta plan by putting Aunt May's life on the line. Peter asks out Jessica Drew. Cindy helps Peter again and learns about SWORD. SWORD creates a new high-tech Spider-Man suit for Peter that has tentacle arms in the back. Peter tries to explain what happened to Miles.
  14. Electro Strikes Again- With Harry put back in jail and Miles back to being friends with Peter. Peter focuses back on Venom, who returns with a new ally, Electro. As Venom and Electro team up with Spider Man and Kraven, Electro has his own plan to cut power to the city. Meanwhile, Peter thinks that Kraven is hiding something dangerous, especially after finding out that Kraven is cousins with a criminal he fought against before, Chameleon.
  15. The Most Dangerous Game- With Black Cat having a lead on Venom, she and Spider Man become unlikely allies, and team up to fight him. As this happens, Kraven reveals his true plan to Spider-Man, to kill him, telling him that he wants to train Peter to condition him for a fair fight to the death between him and Peter. With Spider Man siding with Black Cat and making an enemy in Kraven, he goes out on another date with Jessica Drew.
  16. The Last Straw- With Kraven sent to jail, vowing revenge on Spider Man, Peter teams up with SWORD heroes, Moon Knight, Wonder Man, Silver Sable, and a new hero he meets, Namor, to finally take down Venom. The final battle begins and rages throughout the city. As they fight, Peter's friend and fellow hacker, Cindy Moon, gets caught in the crossfire, and becomes infected with the Venom Symbiote on her own. SWORD scientists, with the help of Wonder Man, finally create an ionic-powered device to enhance SWORD agents. Jessica Drew is put in first, and gains the same powers as Wonder Man, much to Peter's shock.
  17. Vendettas- Carnage continues to terrorize the city and Eddie finds another sample of the symbiote to turn into Venom again. Carnage and Venom separate, with Venom going to kill Spider Man. Hobgoblin also makes his return and teams up with Venom to kill Spider Man too. Meanwhile, a serum is made to rid the symbiote of it's sentiency known as the Counterexilir and Cindy Moon becomes the test subject.
  18. All Cities Fall- Carnage rules New York. Dozens killed. Buildings completely fallen. Spider Man must level the playing field to defeat Carnage. With the Counterexilir working with Cindy Moon, she can control it and her body isn't engulfed by the symbiote. Spider Man and Spider Woman team up to fight Carnage and realize that he is a harder opponent than they thought. Meanwhile, Peter gets news that Flash Thompson was infected with the Venom symbiote.
  19. Venom Carnage- The city goes to hell when Venom and Carnage team up. Chaos rules the streets and Spider Man cannot stop them. With Flash turning to Spider Man to help him control the Venom Symbiote, Peter uses Kraven's teachings to help Flash control it. As Spider Man teams up with White Tiger, Wonder Man, and Black Cat against the 2 monsters, Venom and Carnage, Carnage and Venom threaten Spider Man with a secret plan to start giving powers instead of taking lives. Cindy starts to train and harness her spider powers at SWORD.
  20. Assembling An Army- Spider Man disgruntled by this secret plan, Cindy uses her hacking skills of the CCTV camera to discover that Venom and Carnage have been holding scientists hostage. Afraid of what they are up to, Peter begins to recruit heroes and friends to help him stop Venom and Carnage. He also trains Flash to use the symbiote's power for good. Meanwhile, Spider Man is distracted by a new villain on the rise, Mysterio.
  21. All Against One- With Spider Man's team assembled, Venom confronts them, only betraying Carnage as he doesn't agree with what is to come. Venom reveals that Carnage has used the scientists to concentrate the Venom symbiote into a microscopic virus that can quickly spread. Planning to infect the water system with the virus to start a Venom plague in New York, turning everyone into Venom, the heroes, including Venom and Flash, must all team up against Carnage to save their city. It's Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Venom, Flash Thompson, Cindy Moon, Moon Knight, White Tiger, Wonder Man, Silver Sable, Black Cat, and Namor against Carnage.

Season 3: The Sinister Era Edit

When Peter wipes out the Venom plague and defeats Carnage and Venom, he faces a complete new world. Old school bully, Flash Thompson, is now using the Venom symbiote for good as a superhero and sidekick to Peter, Agent Venom. After breaking up with Jessica Drew, who joins the New Warriors, a team of superheroes being formed by SWORD. Peter trains Cindy Moon, with her new powers, to become a heroine named Silk. Peter has also come to terms with Dean Albert, and they now become allies. Spider-Man now has a more peaceful life, until some of his worst enemies join forces to accomplish one thing: destroy the Spider-Man. A new sinister era begins as a deadly group of supervillains known as the Sinister Six begin to wreak havoc across New York. Spider-Man, with help from the New Warriors . In the midst of the chaos and war against the Sinister Six, Peter must face the return of Norman Osborn who comes back to life from the grave, showing that humans with the Goblin serum also have extremely fantastic healing properties, even the ability to reanimate dead bodies. Norman, with a twisted mind again, breaks Harry out of jail, and the two Goblins unite against Peter, intent on destroying him. Peter also has to reveal the truth to Aunt May and his other friends. Meanwhile, an Oscorp scientist named Alistair Smythe is also hell-bent on making sure Spider-Man is off the streets for good by creating an army of robots called Spider-Slayers. In this epic season of Spectacular Spider Man, Peter must find peace in his life and get rid of his greatest enemies in this sinister war where it's bascially Spider-Man versus all of his enemies. As the season goes on, Spider-Man becomes a part of the New Warriors.

Main Villain: The Sinister Six

  1. A New Era- In the Season 3 premiere, Peter faces a new peaceful life. After saving the city from the Venom plague, he now only suits up to stop minor robberies and other petty crimes. SWORD starts recruiting heroes from Earth and even from Outer Space to create a team of heroes known as the New Warriors. Jessica Drew accepts while Peter declines, and the two break up, ending their relationship. Meanwhile, the Black Cat kills a man and Peter reluctantly turns her in.
  2. Peace At Last- With Agent Venom and Silk joining the New Warriors, with the team being the new heroes of New York, Peter takes off the cowl to live and enjoy his normal life he's always asked for. After asking out Mary Jane, his next door neighbor, the 2 go on their first date. Peter comes to terms with Dean Albert.
  3. Sinister Intentions- Doc-Ock finally carries out his long plan to escape and succeeds, working to choose people to join his team to kill the Spider Man. When getting news that Doc-Ock has escaped, Peter must suit back up knowing that Doc-Ock is after him. As he chases Doc-Ock, he finds himself battling the supervillain at Ravencroft to prevent the breakouts of multiple villains, with the help of Miles.
  4. The New Warriors of SWORD- SWORD assembles their new superhero team, the New Warriors, consisting of heroes: Spider-Woman, Wonder Man, Namor, Moon Knight, Silver Sable, White Tiger, Agent Venom, Silk, and new superheroes Nova from Outer Space, Speedball, Night Thrasher, and Miss Marvel. The New Warriors team up with Peter to fight Doc-Ock and the 5 prisoners he broke out. Meanwhile, Doc-Ock introduces himself to the breakouts, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, Chameleon, Sandman, and Hydroman.
  5. Version One- The Sinister Six I is officially assembled. Doc-Ock, Vulture, Kraven, Chameleon, Sandman, and Hydroman. As they go on their first field mission to create a distraction so Doc-Ock and Kraven can kill Spider-Man. As Spider-Man has his first battle against the Sinister Six, he barely wins and becomes aware that actions he made in the past has led to trouble in the present. The New Warriors find a threat in the dangerous villain, Nitro, and find themselves heavily occupied, unable to help Peter.
  6. A Trail Left Behind- After failing to apprehend the Sinister Six, Peter looks back on his previous battles with Doc-Ock and realizes the mistakes he made in order to become a better hero. As he looks into this, he realizes that Doc-Ock has left a digital trail for him to follow, leading Spider Man to discover that Doc-Ock may be up to something sinister when discovering helicarrier blueprints in Octavius' files.
  7. Bullseye- Doc-Ock sets up an explosion to kill Chameleon after deeming Chameleon useless, angering Kraven who tries to kill Doc-Ock, until failing, leaves the team. With only 4 members, Doc-Ock and the other members break out Rhino and Electro. Putting a bullseye on Spider-Man's back, they encounter him, only to lace him with a nano-tracker. Meanwhile, Peter has to make it on time to watch Mary Jane's play.
  8. Goblins Never Die- Harry is confronted at his cell about information about his father's corpse by Oscorp scientists, who say that because of Norman's amazing healing capabilities from the Goblin serum, there is potential in him coming back to life. When the corpse is brought to Oscorp to be studied, Norman wakes up and kills the scientists, and ventures out to learn what is new. After learning that his son took his mantle and is now in Ravencroft, Norman suits back up as the Green Goblin and breaks Harry out. When the 2 Goblins team up, Spider Man, Silk, and Agent Venom team up as well to put them down. Meanwhile, Sandman feels guilty of what he has become part of and leaves the Sinister Six after turning himself in.
  9. The Sinister Six- After Sandman's departure, the Sinister Six, comprising of Doc-Ock, Vulture, Hydroman, Electro, and Rhino, break out Shocker to join the team. The Sinister Six makes their next move against Spider Man and prove to him that they are steps way ahead of him. Peter loses confidence after a big loss against them. Meanwhile, the nanotracker gives the team information that Spider Man is Peter Parker.
  10. Out On the Field- After Hydroman being killed by Doc-Ock for not being useful, the Sinister Six attempt to break out another big villain, the Lizard. The team prepares to make themselves public. Meanwhile, Peter goes on a mission with the New Warriors are they need his help.
  11. Looming Threats- The Shocker has been killed too and Doc-Ock loses hope of finding people fit to kill Spider Man once and for all. As Doc-Ock searches, he finds the skilled villain Mysterio and plans his attempt to break him out. Beneath the threat of the Sinister Six, a scientist at Oscorp named Alistair Smythe grows a hatred against Spider Man and begins to start a project to take him out.
  12. The Sinister Era Begins- Mysterio joins the team and after a conflict between Electro and the Lizard, Connors is killed by Doc-Ock to protect Electro. Doc-Ock believes that the team, now called the Sinister Five, is the elite team. As they begin to build more helicarriers at their secret base, Spider Man gets a good lead and goes after them. Meanwhile, Peter decides to reveal to Mary Jane that he is Spider Man.
  13. Natural Selection- The Sinister Five team is now officially complete, and Doc-Ock begins to carry out his true plan, stating that all the other times was the process of Natural Selection, getting many different candidates for the team for field testing and deciding which ones were weak and strong. When Kraven returns to the Sinister Five, determined more than ever to finish what he started, kill Spider Man, the final team is formed. Doc-Ock, Vulture, Kraven, Electro, Rhino, and Mysterio, and they make their move to terrorize New York.
  14. Guardian Angels- Black Cat is bailed out of jail to help Peter and his friends counter the Sinister Six. Ava visits and tries to get Peter's head back in the game. Team Spider Man is then threatened by the return of the Goblins. Meanwhile, Alistair Smythe begins on building his solution to putting down Spider Man.
  15. The Clone Saga Part 1: The Beginning In the 2-hour special of Season 3, Peter knowing the scale of the Sinister Six threat, decides to join the New Warriors, taking on a new life. In the midst of this shocking change, Alistair Smythe finishes the first version of Project Spider-Slayer, creating an army of Spider Man clones programmed to kill the real Spider Man and ruin his reputation. While the city believes that Spider Man is evil, Peter tries to find the culprit in this new kind of war. Miles tries to go on his own into the depths of Oscorp to find Smythe's lab, where he discovers the radioactive spiders that gave Peter his powers, and Miles finds himself with the chance to become a hero himself, but he gets captured and held hostage by Smythe, and Peter has to rescue Miles. This episode marks Part 1 of the Clone Saga.
  16. The Clone Saga Part 2: Out With the Old- The Clone Saga continues in Part 2: Out With the Old. Miles is rescued, but secretly takes home a radioactive spider with him. After learning Spider Man's true identity, Smythe creates clones of Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane, as well as his parents, to mess with Peter. As Spider Man works hard to tackle this new threat, Alistair continues with the project and decides to upgrade the clones, giving them suits of armor. The New Warriors and Peter fight off an army of Spider Clones.
  17. The Clone Saga Part 3: In With The New- The Clone Saga concludes in Part 3: In With the New. The final version of the Spider Slayers are created, an army of robots designed to kill Peter. Alistair builds a super suit of his own to lead the army. As the Spider Slayers take New York and charge to kill Spider-Man, but get into an altercation with the Sinister Six, who want Spider Man dead. The New Warriors battle the Spider Slayers with Peter. Miles finally succesfully coerces the spider to bite him.
  18. Storms Are Brewing- The Spider Slayers were barely defeated by the New Warriors, destruction is only left throughout New York City, giving the Sinister Six a chance to carry out their final plan against Spider Man and the rest of the city, which is yet to be revealed. Miles discovers his new spider-powers and tries giving them a go, but only getting injured in the process, while keeping it a secret from Peter and everyone else. As Miles works to control his new abilities, he creates webshooters of his own. Meanwhile, the Sinister Six carry out the 1st part of their grand plan, and they kidnap Aunt May, and Peter is coerced to rescue her, but only landing in a trap. With Peter kidnapped, the New Warriors race to rescue their teammate. Some of the episode is told in the Sinister Six's perspective.
  19. Ultimate Spider Man- With Peter still missing and SWORD failing to locate the main of the Sinister Six, Miles Morales believes he's ready to become the webslinger he always wanted to be. Creating a homemade costume for himself, Miles goes out on his own to rescue Peter himself, and with help from Dean Albert, locates and goes all over the city, searching every nook and cranny. When SWORD discovers that the Sinister Six may be in the air instead, they soon discover an invisible helicarrier in the sky with retro-reflective panels, and that's where their base is. As the New Warriors go out to rescue Peter once and for all, Miles only gets himself into trouble when he encounters Goblin.
  20. The Goblins Take New York- Peter and May are rescued, but both have returned closer than ever, but also different, scarred, bruised. As Peter takes time to recover, Miles, after barely escaping the clutches of Goblin, now knowing Harry's plan, races to warn SWORD. Upon telling them what he learned, he also spills the secret of him having spider-powers, but the New Warriors promise not to tell Peter. As Norman and Harry team up to begin a siege on New York and kill the Spider-Man, they find a rival in the Sinister Six instead. With the 2 Goblins starting to wreak havoc, they battle against the New Warriors in another grand battle, and Peter is forced to join in.
  21. The Sinister War- Things have only gotten worse and everything seems to go the Sinister Six's way. With the 2 Goblins now allying with the Sinister Six, it seems if it can't get any worse. With the Sinister Six's plan revealed, to use the helicarrier and an algorithm created by Doc-Ock's tentacle AI, to kill anyone the algorithm determines a threat to the Sinister Six. Since after killing Spider-Man, they plan to kill anyone else that may stand in their way and stop their plan to taking over New York City for good. With the stakes being highest than ever, the New Warriors must gear up and prepare for a sinister war. With Peter almost recovered from his torturous experience with the Sinister Six, he returns to the field to save him, his family, his friends, and his city.
  22. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man- With the city in danger when Spider-Man learns of the Sinister Six's plan to not only take out Spider-Man, but also taking over the city using the helicarrier, Spider-Man vows to end this sinister era. In the series finale, Peter and his allies go against their greatest foes in an all-out war. It's Spider-Man and his friends against the Sinister Six with the threat of the 2 Goblins. As they battle throughout New York City, Peter learns that in his crime-fighting journey, he will make enemies. He also struggles to save Norman and Harry from the Goblin serum as he and SWORD try to find a cure to reverse the effects. Miles reveals that he now has spider powers to Peter, and is getting close to mastering them. It's Sinister Six and the Goblins against the New Warriors, in an epic battle throughout New York City. In the midst of the war, Miles tries to fight alongside in the battle. In battle, White Tiger sacrifices herself during the battle and is killed by Doc-Ock. Kraven is killed during a 1-on-1 intense fight between him and Peter, but he kills himself on accident. Electro is shot and killed by Aunt May using a special bullet after Electro almost electrocuted Peter to death. Rhino is killed by Doc-Ock after failing to defeat Peter. Vulture is killed after a building falls on top of him during the War. Doc-Ock was almost killed by Spider-Man who was enraged that he killed Ava. During their final battle in the Sinister Six helicarrier, Doc-Ock set off bombs to kill them both, but SWORD's drones flew in and saved Peter last second. Doc-Ock was killed in the explosion. Mysterio was the only one who survived and was taken to Ravencroft to be incarcerated. When the War is over and the Sinister Six are defeated, only destruction is left throughout the city, the cost of the lives that would've been lost if the Sinister Helicarrier plan worked. As the episode ends, Norman and Harry are both given a serum to fight the Goblin Effect. Both are healed, but are both given an 8 month prison sentence. Peter and Harry make amends. In the end, Peter feels like his superhero job was finished and defeating the Sinister Six was what he was meant to do all along. Peter tells Miles of the dangers of becoming a superhero and what can happen, but Miles accepts these challenges, warning him that it is inevitable that he will make enemies. Peter gives the mantle of Spider-Man to Miles, who joins with SWORD to train and carry on Peter's legacy. Miles joins the New Warriors in the end. Peter graduates high school and he and Mary Jane decide to go to college together, hoping to marry someday. Retiring from the superhero life for good, Peter does offer help to the New Warriors whenever they need him.

Cast Edit

  • Freddie Highmore - Peter Parker/Spider-Man/Dark Spider
  • Anna SophieRobb - Gwen Stacy
  • Alex Russel - Harry Osborn/Goblin/Grey Goblin
  • Marisa Tomei - May Parker
  • Tom Hanks - Ben Parker
  • Arden Cho - Cindy Moon/Silk
  • Lindsey Morgan - Ava Ayala/White Tiger
  • Michael B. Jordan - Flash Thompson/Agent Venom
  • Shaliene Woodley - Mary Jane Watson
  • Nathan Fillion - Simon Williams/Wonder Man
  • Tyrel Jackson Williams - Miles Morales/Spider Man
  • Brendon Thwaites - Richard Rider/Nova
  • Adam Hicks - Robert Baldwin/Speedball
  • Joe Mangiello - Dwayne Taylor/Night Thrasher
  • J. August Richards - Mark Sceptor/Moon Knight
  • Alicia Vikander - Silver Sablinova/Silver Sable
  • Zachary Quinto - Namor
  • Priyanka Chopra - Kamala Khan/Miss Marvel
  • Emilia Clarke - Jessica Drew/Spiderwoman
  • Scott Bakula - George Stacy
  • Aidan Gillan - Dean Albert
  • Hugh Laurie - J. Jonah Jameson
  • Bryan Cranston - Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
  • Tom Hardy - Eddie Brock/Venom
  • Jim Carrey - Cletus Kassady/Carnage
  • Jared Harris - Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus
  • John Malkovich - Adrian Toomes/Vulture
  • Cameron Monaghan - Alexander O' Hirn/Rhino
  • David Tennant - Quentin Beck/Mysterio
  • Manu Bennet - Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter
  • Ben Foster - Max Dillion/Electro
  • Johnny Depp - Dmitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon
  • William McIntyre - Flint Marko/Sandman
  • George Eads - Herman Schultz/Shocker
  • Damian Lewis - Curt Connors/The Lizard
  • Anne Hathaway - Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
  • Jason Biggs - Mac Gargan/Scorpion
  • Topher Grace - Morris Bench/Hydroman

Characters Edit

Peter Parker/Spider-Man/Dark Spider

Peter Parker was an outcast at Midtown School for Science, being constantly bullied by Flash Thompson. Peter was later bitten by a radioactive spider at Oscorp, giving him amazing spider-like abilities during his sophomore year. After developing webshooters and the death of his uncle Ben, Peter suited up as Spider-Man to fight crime to avenge his uncle, eventually becoming a well-known hero throughout New York and being registered in SWORD's database, working with SWORD heroes. Peter was always kind-hearted and caring, but when he was infected by the Venom symbiote, he became corrupted and developed a sinister personality, wearing a black spider suit, calling himself the Dark Spider and changed from a hero to an antihero. When Peter was affected, he ruined relationships with his friends and the public, but later regained them, restoring his image. Peter, throughout his life, dated Gwen Stacy and Jessica Drew, but eventually ended up with his next door neighbor, Mary Jane, who he had a crush on since childhood. Peter, during his fight against all of his enemies in the Sinister War, joined the New Warriors.

Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy was the top of her class at Midtown School for Science and had a crush on Peter. Gwen and Peter eventually developed a relationship. When Peter revealed to Gwen that he was Spider-Man, she insisted on helping Peter with his science-related problems in fighting crime and often spoke to Peter through coms. Gwen was eventually killed by a neck-snap when Peter attempted to save her from falling from a bridge during a battle between the Goblin and Spider-Man at Manhattan Bridge.

Harry Osborn/Goblin

Harry Osborn was Peter's only friend at Midtown School for Science and the son of Oscorp CEO, Norman Osborn. Harry supported Peter all the way through his crime-fighting career and helped Peter fight crime. Harry was also very close to his father and didn't know about his dad's secret of being Green Goblin. When Harry, Peter, and Gwen were at a carnival, the Green Goblin attacked and Spider-Man accidentally killed the Green Goblin. As the Green Goblin was dying, Harry found him and saw his father's face as the serum wore off. After knowing that the Spider-Man killed him, Harry grew a hatred towards the webslinger and eventually took a smaller dosage of the Goblin serum himself, becoming the Goblin, one of Peter's greatest enemies, and had a mission to avenge his father and finish his legacy. Harry was responsible for Gwen Stacy's death and escaped arrest. When Harry was eventually arrested after a battle between him and Peter at Times Square, Harry was broken out by his resurrected dad, where the 2 teamed up to kill Peter. In the end, Peter was able to extract the Goblin serum from Harry's system. Harry turned good and regained his position as CEO of Oscorp and cleaned up the corrupted company, forgiving Peter and apologizing.

May Parker

May Parker is Peter's aunt and husband of Ben Parker. May took care of Peter, with Uncle Ben, for most of his life after Peter's parents supposedly died in a plane crash. May supported Peter all the way through his life and eventually found out about Peter's crime-fighting career. When she did, she tried to get him to stop, but eventually supported him and treated his wounds for him after battles. May helped kill Electro during a battle with the Sinister Six when shooting a magnetic bullet at him using a handgun.

Dean Albert

Dean Albert was the owner of Chelsea Apartment, the apartment Peter and his aunt lived in after Uncle Ben died. Dean Albert was a series regular, often appearing in scenes whenever Peter entered the apartment. Dean Albert was always suspicious of Peter and thought there was something up with Peter and his family. Which sparked a brief antagonistic relationship between him and Peter during Season 2. Dean Albert became devoted to learning about Peter's secrets and made many efforts to expose Peter. During the end of Season 2, Dean eventually found out about Peter being Spider-Man, while also learning more information about Peter's past and parents along the way. In Season 3, Dean and Peter made up, and Dean promised to keep Peter's alter ego secret. Dean Albert befriended Peter and gave him discounts on their monthly rent. Dean also helped Peter with crime-fighting when giving Peter advice and tips on location villains hidden throughout New York since Dean knew lots about the city and the local news.

Miles Morales/Spider Man

Miles Morales was a gifted student at Midtown School for Science and Peter's other best friend besides Harry Osborn. He was the most talented engineer in the class and even made it on the news for his breathtaking projects .After Harry turned into Goblin, Miles and Peter grew very close as friends, up to the point, where Peter revealed his identity to Miles in Season 2. Miles was eager to help Peter in his fight against crime once finding out, and used his engineering talents to help Peter, hoping he could use them to make modifications to Peter's suit and help with web fluid. Both him and Cindy worked together to help Peter. Later on, Peter told Miles about the secret organization, SWORD. When Peter was possessed by the Venom Symbiote, Miles was betrayed by Peter and a rift was driven. Both Miles and Cindy quit helping Peter after his change in personality. Though quitting his job so quick, Miles was still astounded by superheroes and always desired to become one. Eventually, when Peter got the symbiote off of him, Miles and Peter made amends, becoming friends again. During the Clone Saga and Alistair Smythe's attack with the Spider Slayers, Miles had been able to sneak into Smythe's lab and found a tub of radioactive spiders that Smythe used to create

Cindy Moon/Silk

Cindy Moon was a close friend of Peter's at Midtown School for Science. When she found out Peter being Spider-Man, she supported Peter and helped him fight crime when it came to hacking, with her nickname being Silkstream. Eventually, during the Venom Plague, she came across the Venom symbiote, which took over her, turning into a menacing monster. Peter and a few scientists developed the Counterexilir, which removed the symbiote's ability of sentiency. They werent able to get the symbiote off, giving Cindy spider-like powers. Cindy was able to control the symbiote and was later trained by Peter to become the crime-fighter, Silk, and after training, joined the New Warriors.

Ava Ayala/White Tiger

Ava Ayala was a the youngest SWORD agent, Peter's age, and was sent by SWORD to help Peter cope with the loss of Gwen. Befriending him, Ava and Peter eventually became close friends and partners. White Tiger eventually joined the New Warriors when the team was formed by SWORD. She helped Peter fight against Morlun, Spider-Slayer, and the Sinister Six. She was later killed by Doctor Octopus.

Simon Williams/Wonder Man

Simon Williams was an enhanced human from the planet, Spartax, a planet almost identical to Earth. Spartax was a planet full of chaos and corrupted civilization, more like a dystopia, all ruled globally by Baron Heinrich Zemo. Simon worked as an TV actor for a brief period of time, but was mostly unknown. Baron Heinrich Zemo, also a skilled scientist was working on a human enhancement project with his assistants and they randomly hired Simon randomly to take part in the ion-powered experiment to enhance the human body. Simon, knowing the money it would offer, took the opportunity and participated. The experiment was successful, and Simon then possessed special abilities such as flight, super strength, super speed flight, enchanced reflexes, shoot ionic blasts, durability, and the ability to survive the vacuum of space, all powered by ions. Global Genetics wanted to use Simon as a soldier to fight for them against rebels to wanted to overthrow the world government. Simon already had a personal grudge against the government after they had killed his parents, who were active rebels. Instead, he broke out of the lab, destroying it and joining the rebel groups against Zemo. Simon became their leader and was known as the Man of Wonders, Wonder Man. It took 5 years for Zemo to rebuild the experiment and the ion device after it had been destroyed. He used it on himself, having the same powers as Wonder Man. As he was about to give it to all of his soldiers, Wonder Man and his army barged in to stop it and it later developed into an intense battle. Wonder Man and Zemo both were fighting one-on-one and Simon had lost. To kill Simon, Zemo exiled Simon to be cast out of the planet, little did Zemo know, Simon, went cast out, discovered he had the ability to survive the vacuum of space, but he would burn up and die if he were to attempt to go back into Spartax's atmosphere, as Zemo's government set up a forcefield around the planet. Cast out of his planet forever, Simon wasn't as depressed as he had no family there, all of them had died. Spartax was a planet of corruption and chaos, a planet Simon was glad to not be a part of again. While traveling through the galaxy, he searched for planets with other humans, and found Earth, which he found to be just like Spartax, but not as corrupt and hopeless. SWORD discovered him flying in space around Earth, and they captured him, bringing him down. After Wonder Man was interrogated by SWORD agents, he was offered the chance to be a part of SWORD. Simon accepted, and found a home here. He was registered as a U.S. citizen and went under the guise in public as a movie actor. Wonder Man found his home at SWORD, being a special agent there. He worked with SWORD for 5 years before he met Spider Man. The 2 become allies, and Wonder Man often helped Peter in his battles. Later on, Wonder Man joined the New Warriors and led them.

Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew was a SWORD agent

Namor the Sub Mariner

Richard Rider/Nova

Mark Sceptor/Moon Knight

Silver Sablinova/Silver Sable

Kamala Khan/Miss Marvel

Eugene "Flash" Thompson/Agent Venom

Flash Thompson bullied Peter and was a student at Midtown School of Science. Flash was Peter's greatest enemy at school until Peter gained his powers and began to counter Flash's beatings. Flash eventually backed off of Peter but continued to show disrespect towards Peter. Flash later became a major fan of Spider-Man after being saved by him when Rhino attacked the school. As the show progressed, Flash began to develop a friendlier relationship with Peter. During a battle between Spider-Man and Venom, Flash got caught in the midst of it and was infected by the symbiote. After the Counterelixir failed to stop it's sinister effects, Flash went to Spider-Man for help. Spider-Man hoping to stop Flash from getting corrupted, trained Flash and helped Flash control his powers. Flash eventually helped Peter fight crime and was later recruited by SWORD, being called Agent Venom. Agent Venom did missions for SWORD and remained a close ally of Peter's.

Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson was Peter's neighbor and close friend. She didn't go to Midtown School of Science, but remained in a close relationship with Peter. Mary suffered from having an abusive father her whole life, but Peter often helped her cope with it. Mary Jane's father eventually became better throughout the series. In Season 3, Mary Jane and Peter developed a true love relationship. Mary Jane never knew about Peter's crime-fighting duties until the Season 3 finale.

J. Jonah Jameson

J. Jonah Jameson is Peter's boss at the Daily Bugle and bosses Peter around a LOT. He orders Peter to take photographs of the Spider-Man for the paper. J. Jonah Jameson always had a hatred for Spider-Man and wanted the public to view him as a menace. J. Jonah Jameson hated Spider-Man so much, he eventually sent an assasin named Mac Gargan to hunt down the Spider-Man and turn him in, equipping him with a green exosuit with a scorpion-like tail. Mac Gargan eventually became an enemy of Spider-Man and an enemy of J. Jonah Jameson, who eventually respected Spider-Man after being saved from Mac Gargan.

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

Norman Osborn was the CEO of science company, Oscorp. He was a billionaire and close father of Harry Osborn. Norman became one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies, Green Goblin, after an experiment gone wrong. When trying to recreate the super-soldier serum, he took it for human trials when being rushed by the board, but took way too much, turning him into a giant goblin-like creature with super strength. The serum also twisted Norman's mind, turning him into an insane killing machine. Norman, as the goblin, attacked Oscorp after taking the serum and escaped on a stolen glider. Green Goblin continued to wreak havoc on the city and on Oscorp, but died during a battle between Spider-Man and him at a carnival that Peter, Gwen, and Harry attended when he threw his spiked-up glider at Peter, who dodged by sending it the other direction with his web, accidentally throwing it at Norman, killing him. Norman's death caused Harry to continue his legacy. Later, it was revealed that the serum had amazing healing capabilities, even enough to reanimate dead bodies. Norman later came back from the dead, breaking Harry out of the prison, the 2 teaming up to kill Spider-Man. Peter eventually gave Norman and Harry and antidote, getting rid of the serum and restoring their old minds. Norman, to clean himself up, made a suit known as the Iron Patriot, becoming a hero to make penance for his evil deeds.

Eddie Brock/Venom

Eddie Brock was a co-worker of Peter introduced in Season 2 in Daily Bugle. He has a cocky personality and quickly became rivals with Peter in taking photos of the Spider-Man. Eddie worked closely with J. Jonah Jameson to promote Spider-Man as a menace. He exposed Spider-Man when he was infected by the symbiote, becoming Dark Spider and turned the public against him. When Eddie toured Oscorp to take pictures, he came across the artificial Venom symbiote and became infected by it, turning into a havoc-wreaking menacing monster known as Venom. Venom got into my battles with Spider-Man in Season 2. Venom eventually became allies with Spider-Man when Carnage appeared. Venom and Spider-Man teamed up to defeat Carnage, who was the most powerful and wanted to start a Venom plague. Eddie Brock eventually was killed by Carnage when sacrificing himself to stop the Venom Plague Event.

Cletus Kassady/Carnage

Cletus Kassady was a mentally deranged serial killer who began his reign of terror when he killed his grandmother when he was 8. Cletus was responsible for the deaths of over 60 people in New York City until he was stopped by Spider-Man and put in Ryker's Island Prison. Officials at Oscorp later freed him to use him as a lab rat for a new project after discovering that the Venom symbiote could make offsprings. Cletus was affected by the new red symbiote and became a monster a lot more sinister and stronger than Venom, Carnage. The red monster broke free and began to commit massacres left and right throughout the city, becoming Spider-Man's hardest enemy to defeat. Carnage also gained a new perspective of life, seeing life as a battle of survival, every man for himself. Carnage wanted to use the city as his battlefield, but saw killing humans as "too easy". Carnage eventually kidnapped scientists and forced them to create a machine that could turn the Venom symbiote into a virus that they would spread through a shockwave across the city. Carnage was very interested in Spider-Man and Venom, whom he both made enemies with. As Carnage was ready to build his machine, Spider-Man and Venom and a few other heroes teamed up to stop Carnage. The symbiote was eventually killed and Spider-Man and Venom used a sonic machine. Cletus Kassady was put in Ravencroft Institute, where he died two months later.

Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus

Otto Octavius was a scientist at Oscorp who wanted to create an A.I. He started off by trying to make a simple robot with it's own intelligence, that also had the option to be controlled by Otto's thoughts. The robot was designed as 4 metallic tentacles that could be attached to Otto's back. When doing his first demonstration of wearing the tentacles, the tentacles had attached to Otto's cerebral cortex so Otto had the option to control him. Unfortunately, the robots were too sentient and took control of Otto himself. Unable to take the tentacles off, Otto felt ashamed and escaped, being on the hunt. When the cops found him at his home, they shot at him after Otto killed on the cops. In doing so, one bullet accidentally hit Otto's wife. In anger of his dead wife, Otto killed the cops and turned insane, calling himself Doctor Octopus, Doc-Ock for short. Doc-Ock began a sinister career of robbing banks and also warned the city of his sinister plan. Doc-Ock and Spider-Man quickly became enemies. Doc-Ock's first plan of attack was to build an army of sentient robots to rule New York, but he was stopped by Spider-Man and put in Ravencroft Institute. Doc-Ock eventually escaped and later assembled of a team of 6 supervillains called the Sinister Six, created to destroy the Spider-Man and his allies. Doc-Ock lead the Sinister Six himself. Doc-Ock was responsible for the death of Ava Ayala and was later killed by Spider-Man.

Adrian Toomes/Vulture

Adrian Toomes was a scientist at Oscorp and colleague of Otto Octavius, who worked in the Aerospace Division of Oscorp. When Adrian Toomes was assigned to create a winged jetpack that was weaponized, Norman Osborn was fascinated with the technology, so impressed that he stole credit for Adrian's work and fired Adrian to get him out of the picture. Angry about Norman ruining his future, Adrian broke into Oscorp and stole the suit which he called "Vulture". Adrian used the suit's capabilities to assassinate Norman Osborn, but was stopped Spider-Man. Vulture became Spider-Man's first supervillain and the 2 fought across New York City. Vulture calling himself a scavenger, began to pick and kill citizens in New York one by one, but was later stopped by Spider-Man and put in Ravencroft Institute. Spider-Man became a world sensation after stopping Vulture. Vulture eventually escaped Ravencroft and swore revenge on Spider-Man. Later, Adrian joined the Sinister Six led by Otto Octavius. Adrian Toomes was later killed during the Sinister War.

Alexander O' Hirn/Rhino

Alexander O' Hirn was a student at Midtown School for Science and a rival of Peter. Alexander was also an outcast and was constantly bullied by Flash Thompson. Alexander was an introvert, insisting to work and be alone at school. Back at home, Alexander suffered from having abusive and neglectful parents. The only place Alexander felt welcomed was Oscorp when he began his internship. Alexander helped the scientists work on a project about creating mechanized suits that have the same capability of real animals and serums that give humans the same properties of those animals. He was deeply interested in the Rhino project because he believed that it would give him what he wanted, strength, and became so obsessed, he stole the serum and the suit, taking it back to his house. After taking the serum, Alexander morphed into a giant gray creature, resembling a rhino. For protection Alexander tried on the mechanized suit and saw that he was stronger than ever creature. Feeling that no one could stop him anymore, Alexander attacked and killed his parents, also destroying his home. The next day, he attacked his own school and injured over 100 student and almost killed Flash Thompson, who was saved by Spider-Man. Rhino blamed Spider-Man for ruining his plans and the two quickly became enemies. Alexander went to school only he returned back to human form. Peter later exposed Alexander, who was taken to Ravencroft. Doc-Ock later broke Alexander out to form the Sinister Six. Rhino joined the group to take down Spider-Man and was later killed by Doc-Ock because he failed to "break the Spider's bones" during the Sinister War.

Quentin Beck/Mysterio

Quentin Beck was a stuntsman and special effects designer and the most skilled of all. After his wife died, Quentin had turned insane and had a more sinister personality, causing him to get fired from his job. After that, Quentin's life turned upside down. To get revenge, Quentin remained a recluse and worked on his special effects and stuntsman skills. Quentin had created a suit that helped him create illusions such as duplicating himself and disappearing, powered by the Myst, a special mist created with stolen Oscorp tech. Wearing a fishbowl mask, complete with a purple cap. Quentin swore revenge on the film industry, attacking 15 studios and robbing 20 banks. Dubbed Mysterio, he became New York's most feared villain. He caught the attention of Spider-Man and the two quickly became enemies. Spider-Man eventually brought Mysterio to his end when he was put in Ravencroft. Mysterio was later broken out to join the Sinister Six. Mysterio was arrested and put in the Raft after the Sinister War.

Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter

Sergei Kravinoff was a famed Russian hunter and former wrestler. He spent most of life after his hunting career training people to follow in his footsteps of catching game. In Season 2, he heard of the Spider-Man and moved to New York City, believing that he could train Spider-Man to be better. His true plan was too kill him so HE could remain the #1 hunter, also to avenge his cousin, Chameleon, who was put in jail by Spider Man. After months of training Spider-Man, Kraven asked Peter to meet him in his mansion, where he would attempt to kill Peter. Peter defeated Kraven and put him in Ryker's Island Prison. In Season 3, Kraven was broken out to join the Sinister Six. Kraven was the most determined to kill the Spider-Man in the group. In the end of the Sinister War, Kraven escaped and ran away, and was never seen again.

Max Dillion/Electro

Max Dillion was a nobody and outcast who was an electrician at Curt Connor's lab at Oscorp. After a life of being bullied and having neglectful parents, Max found a family with Curt Connor and his interns. When Curt Connors was working on a cross-species genetics project with electric eels, there was a error in the electric cables above the tank, which Max was hired to fix. When Max went up there for the night shift to fix it, as he was doing it, an alarm went off, claiming that there were armed intruders. Max, scared, tried to climb down but fell in the eel tank where he was electrocuted constantly. In doing so, Max gained electric abilities and his skin turned blue. His body was a living current. Max was taken to the hospital and was obsessed with curing his condition. After Curt Connors said he couldn't cure Max, Max electrocuted Curt, whose arm was severly injured and burned. Max, shocked, escaped the hospital and ran away, going to a coffee shop. When he was there, he realized that when tried to take a sip, the cup electrocuted. Out of anger, Max screamed and electric shockwaves burst from his body, destroying the shop and killing 14 civilians. The police went to hunt for Max, who ran away into hiding. When the police found Max, Max electrocuted all the cops, killing them all. Max was on the news and dubbed "Electro". Spider-Man saw the headlines and attempted to find Electro. Spider-Man eventually did and the two battled it out throughout Times Square. Peter and Max became big enemies, having multiple battles, until Peter got the upper hand one fight, throwing Electro in a lake. Electro was taken to Ravencroft Institute, but was later broke out by Doc-Ock to form the Sinister Six. Electro remained a major member until he was killed by Aunt May during the Sinister War after being shot by a magnetized bullet 3 times.

Dmitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon

Dmitri Smerdyakov was the cousin of Sergei Kravinoff, who visited Sergei when he was in jail. Dmitri was asked by Sergei to obtain the Chameleon cybermask from Oscorp, which could use holographic technology to reshape Dmitri's face to resemble someone else. Dmitri was asked to use it so Dmitri could kill Spider-Man for him. Known as the Chameleon, Dmitri hunted for Spider-Man and got into many fights with the wallcrawler. After witnessing a fight between the Spider-Man and Kingpin, he joined forces with Kingpin to take down the webslinger. Chameleon was put in Ravencroft, but was broken out to join the Sinister Six. Chameleon was only a member for a short time until he was killed by an explosion set up by Doc-Ock.

Flint Marko/Sandman

Flint Marko was a old-time robber who stole the money for his dying daughter. While on the run from the cops, he escaped to the fields, where he came across an outdoor science facility, doing a genetic sand experiment. Thinking it was abandoned, Flint escaped into there, but instead fell into a sand hole while the genetic machine was on. Flint's DNA was fused with sand particles during the incident. The next day, Flint woke up in the sand, discovered his ability to turn into sand. Using this as a great boost for robbing banks, he used his ability to destroy banks and knock out guards. Flint got the attention of the Spider-Man and the two quickly became enemies. Flint, dubbed Sandman, was later arrested by Peter and put in Ravencroft Institute. Flint was later broke out to join the Sinister Six. Sandman remained a member for only 3 episodes before leaving the team and turning himself in for his daughter.

Herman Schultz/Shocker

Herman Schultz was the man who drove Dennis Carradine after he murdered Uncle Ben. When Peter went on the hunt to find the man who killed his uncle, he came across Herman Schultz. Spider-Man, after getting no answers, webbed Herman to a wall and webbed away. Later on, Herman was hired by Kingpin and given shockwave gloves to kill Spider-Man. Herman, calling himself Shocker, failed and was put in Ryker's Island, where he was later broken out to join the Sinister Six, but only remained a member for 2 episodes before Doc-Ock killed him, seeing him as a waste of space.

Curt Connors/The Lizard

Curt Connors was a scientist at Oscorp and Peter's science professor. Curt was close to Peter and helped him develop the Counterexilir. Curt also was Max Dillion's boss. When Max was Electro, he electrocuted Curt's arm. Curt's right arm had to be amputated later. Feeling lost without his dominant arm, Curt became obsessed with cross-species genetics in lizards, who could heal limbs. When injecting lizard DNA into his blood, Curt's arm was healed, but he turned into a human-sized lizard monster, with his thoughts being morphed into more sinister intentions. The Lizard wreaked havoc across New York and became an enemy of Spider-Man, who eventually arrested the Lizard after multiple battles. The Lizard was put in Ryker's Island, only to be later broken out by Doc-Ock to join the Sinister Six. The Lizard was in the group for only 3 episodes, until he tried to kill Electro. Doc-Ock killed the Lizard to save Electro.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

Felicia Hardy was a cat burglar for most of her life after college to get extra money after becoming broke. As the years progressed, Felicia's profession increased and she became the most wanted burglar in New York City. Peter caught the masked burglar named Black Cat robbing their apartment. Peter suited up as the Spider-Man to take her down and arrest her, but realized that she was harder to arrest then he thought. Black Cat became enemy of Spider-Man, but she eventually became allies with the webslinger until Felicia decided that she should leave New York. Before she left, she committed one more robbery and killed a man. Peter, knowing that she needed to be arrested, found her and got her arrested. She was put in Ryker's Island. Doc-Ock recruited her, but she declined. She later was bailed out of jail by SWORD and helped Peter fight the Sinister Six. She was killed by Doc-Ock during the Sinister War.

Mac Gargan/Scorpion

Mac Gargan was a hitman and assassin who was hired by J. Jonah Jameson to kill the Spider-Man. Mac, before he went to do the job, stole a Scorpion mech suit from Oscorp to prepare for the webslinger. Scorpion became a big enemy to Spider-Man and almost killed Spider-Man once. While chasing Spider-Man, Scorpion ran across the Venom symbiote, which attacked him and took him over. Infected by the Venom, Mac blamed J. Jonah Jameson and attacked Daily Bugle to kill the boss. J. Jonah was saved by Spider-Man, who used sonic technology to make the Venom leave Mac Gargan's body. Mac, without the Scorpion suit, was arrested and put in Ryker's Island. Mac was never recruited for the Sinister Six.

Morris Bench/Hydroman

Morris Bench was an ally of Flint Marko, who helped him robbed banks. When the two were running from the cops, they came across an open field and a seemed-to-be abandoned science facility. While Flint got trapped in a genetic sand machine, Morris was trapped in the other sector, a genetic water machine. Morris's DNA got fused with hydrogen particles. Morris gained to ability to control and turn into water. Dubbed Hydroman, he and Sandman worked together and were both enemies of Spider-Man. Hydroman was later arrested and put into Ravencroft Institute, where he was later broken out by Doc-Ock to join the Sinister Six. Hydroman was a member of Sinister Six I and only lasted 4 episodes before being killed by Doc-Ock as he wasn't deemed useful.

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