Superugo 2 Rise of the Hunters (Also From the UK Logo Superugo Part 2) is 2016 film. it a Sequel to Superugo

Plot Edit


Cast Edit

Ugo Obosi as Superugo (Voice)

Danielle Morrow as Grace Ryan

George O. Gore II as Superugo II

Liz Tyler as Red She Hulk

Nathan Kress as Daniel Rand/Iron Fist

TBA as Spider-Girl (Anya)

Jack Griffo as Chris

Sung Kang as Scropy

Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant Man

Philip Obosi as Zeroman (Voice)

Michelle Rodriguez as Moonstone

TBA as Tituman Man

Eva Green As Madame Masque

Patrick Schwarzenegger as Hyperion

Buchi Obosi as Queen Viper-Buchi (Post Credits)

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