The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is a 2019 action superhero movie, and the third Spider-Man movie in the Marc Webb trilogy. It is the first ever movie to show a majority of symbiotes, like Carnage

Cast Edit

Andrew Garfield - Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Scott Cleverdon - Eddie Brock/Venom

Daran Norris - Cletus Kasady/Carnage

Rhys Ifans - Dr. Curt Connors (Lizard in flashback)

Candi Milo - Donna Diego/Scream

??? - Leslie Gesneria/Agony

Steven Blum - Abner Jenkins/Beetle

Greg Weisman - Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin

Thomas Haden Church - Riot

Tucker Smallwood - Ramon Hernandez/Lasher

Plot Edit

Movie Edit

Evil never rests, and neither do alien globs from another planet. A meteorite crashes into Roosevelt Island, and Curt Connors and some scientists go to investigate. A green goo attaches to Ramon Hernandez, a brilliant Mexican scientist. The goo makes Hernandez kill most of the scientists. J Jonah Jameson finds this out, and forces Peter Parker to go take pictures of him. Peter turns into Spider-Man, and takes pictures of Ramon, but he finds out, and they battle. However, the newest Daily Bugle employee, Eddie Brock, took pictures of the fight, and forges them to make it look like Spider-Man beat up an innocent, but Spidey grabs the camera with his web, and drops it off a building. Parker gets a promotion, goes outside, and sees a robbery, being commited by criminal Abner Jenkins. He chases him into the sewers as Spider-Man, and defeats Abner. Jenkins escapes his web trap, and escapes into the subway. While this is happening, a black goo attaches to Peter's back, and the next day, Spidey gets a chocolate-black costume, which makes him stronger and faster. Spider-Man heads out to stop arsonist Roderick Kingsley, who has donned an orange and grey suit, and calls himself the Hobgoblin. Spider-Man defeats him, but the black suit's influence makes Spidey brutally beat Hobby. Spider-Man goes to see Curt Connors, who verifies it is a symbiote. Meanwhile, Jenkins, humiliated by his previous defeat, makes an Iron Man-esque suit, and uses it to try and destroy a work-in-progress building, but is attacked by Hernandez. They battle, which results in Abner smashing Hernandez's head into the ground. Spider-Man appears, names Abner "the Beetle", and stops him. Spidey takes some pictures of Beetle so he can get a raise. The black suit makes Spider-Man stop what he's doing and push Beetle of a high up steel girder. He regains control, and sees what he just did. Spider-Man stops a murder by Cletus Kasady, and Spidey webs him up. Kasady waits until he's gone to free himself (Kasady) with a butcher knife. A blood red symbiote appears, and consumes Kasady. Spider-Man goes to a phone line, and uses it to get rid of the black suit. The symbiote crawls down the pole, and gets on Brock, turning him into Venom. Peter is late, and tries to get to the Bugle. Outside, Donna Diego, a schizophrenic, gets a yellow symbiote, and calls herself Scream. Hernandez meets up with her, and they demand each other to get rid of the symbiotes, when suddenly, a three headed symbiote called Agony breaks in, and the symbiotes make them want to spread them to the rest of Queens. Peter sees this, and turns into Spider-Man. He goes to fight the symbiotes, but is stopped by Hobgoblin and Cletus, now known as Carnage. Spider-Man stops Hobgoblin, but Carnage gets away. The symbiotes band together to spread the symbiote all across New York by using a sprinkler-like machine on the Statue of Liberty. Spider-Man stops them, but Venom appears, and tries to feed on him. Spider-Man shocks Venom using an electric eel, lights a cigarette on Carnage, submerges Scream, exposes Lasher to sand, and pours liquid cement on Agony. Tired of all this foolishness, the symbiotes let out the most dangerous of them all: A blue symbiote named Riot. They beat eachother to the brink of death, when suddenly, the Beetle flies in, and sacrifices himself to kill Riot. Spidey finds out that the Beetlr is actually Abner Jenkins. He takes him to the hospital, and Peter goes back home after a tiring day

Mid-credits scene Edit

A man named Morris Bench is seen in a mental hospital, when Cletus comes out of the shadows and drowns Bench. When he goes away, Bench is revealed alive, and discovers he gained hydrokinesis

Post-credits scene Edit

Spidey is running across buildings, when the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier flies in. Nick Fury comes out and asks Spider-Man to join the Avengers Initiative, but Spider-Man refuses. Nick Fury says that he'll call him when the Avengers need him.

Video game Edit

A video game will be released for the PS4, PS5, WIIU, 3DS, XBONE, XBP, and the Nintendo Pluto. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (2018 video game)