The Dark Universe is a Marvel Universe Based in a darker, more serious universe 

Phase 1Edit

Captain America:1939

Iron Man:Rebirth

The Hulkout

X-Men:The Team Up

Thor:The World Above Us

Ant-Man And The Wasp

Captain America 2:1945

Iron Man 2:New Suit

The Epic Avengers

Phase 2Edit

Iron Man:The Mandrin Army 

The Web-Head

Captain America:The Red Skull

Ant-Man And The Wasp 2

The Hulkout 2

The Web-Head:With Great Power

X-Men:The Break Up

Thor And The Army

The Epic Avengers 2

Phase 3Edit

The Brutal Wolverine


Nick Fury

The Silver Surfer


The Web-Head:The Spider And The Iron

The Hulkout 3

Iron-Man:The End Of The Hero

Captain America:The Dead Army

Ant Man And The Wasp 3

The Epic Avengers 3

The Web-Head:Nucluar War

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