The Incredible Hulk or Hulk is an upcoming film it is the second film in the MMCU,It will star Edward Nortan as Hulk,Rebecca Hall as Betty Ross and Peter Dinklage as The Gorgan.It will be directed by Wes Anderson and produce by Joss Whedon,It will be realesed on April 2nd 2015.


  • Joshua Jackson as Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  • Peter Dinklage as The Gorgon
  • Rebecca Hall as Betty Ross
  • Steven R. McQueen as Rick Jones
  • Mel Gibson as General Ross
  • Bradley Cooper as Glenn Talbot
  • Mark Pellegrino as Igor Drenkov
  • Josh Holloway as Leonard Samson
  • Jennifer Carpenter as Jennifer Walters
  • James Remar as Brian Banner


The AccidentEdit

Bruce Banner is testing a gamma bomb when his collegue Igor Drenkov tells him to share the secert of the bomb,Bruce doesnt say anything when he sees a teenager in the test field.Bruce tells Igor to postpone the test.Bruce drives out onto the test field and takes the boy with him,Igor presses the button ignoring Banners warnings.Bruce throughs the boy into a safe room which is then closed automaticly before Banner can get in.

Bruce Banner or The HulkEdit

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