The Incredible Hulk Returns (originally known as The Incredible Hulk 2) is a superhero film. It is the fourteenth installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the second to feature the Hulk. It was directed by Josh Trank.


Despite his and the Hulk's heroics as a member of the Avengers during the Battle of Manhattan, Dr. Bruce Banner is still wanted as a fugutive by the U.S. military, at the insistance of General Thaddeus Ross, who still harbors a grudge against Hulk / Banner because of his past actions.

The film begins with SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell driving Banner to a safehouse in the Quintana Roo province of Mexico, where he is being relocated while SHIELD tries to negotiate a pardon from the military for him, in the (very likely) chance that General Ross does not allow it on his own.


Additionally, Manuel Tadros portrays the President of Mexico, and Maximiliano Hernández reprises his role as SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell. Samuel L. Jackson briefly appears as Nick Fury via video where he asks General Ross to pardon the Hulk, or at least consider it. Stan Lee also cameos as an unidentified military officer who Ryker briefly converses with. Jeremy Renner also has a cameo as Hawkeye.


  • During the mid-credits scene, Major Talbot receives a call from the person who secretly manipulated General Ryker who identifies himself as "the Leader", thus establishing The Leader as the main antagonist of the third Incredible Hulk film.
  • Task Force Gamma is an amalgation of the Gamma Corps and the Hulkbusters.

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