• Shang-Chi
  • James "Jimmy" Woo


  • Plan Chu/The Claw
  • Suwan


  • Plan Chu aka The Claw (or in earlier books he was referred to as the Yellow Claw or Golden Claw) is Shang-Chi's father in this version. In the original backstory Shang-Chi's father was none other than the classic pulp villain Fu Manchu. However it has been changed to the Claw due to the fact that Marvel has long since lost the license to the Fu Manchu character. The Claw being a pretty similar character (who was also more than likely inspired by and modeled on Manchu) was thought to be the natural option to replace him in this film. It also allows interesting story possibilities like brining in Jimmy Woo, the archenemy of The Claw in the comics.

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