The Mighty Thor is a reboot to the Thor franchise. It features Loki and Ulik.


Loki betrays Asgard and Thor goes to find Loki, but Loki traps Thor inside his own hammer, and sends him to Earth. There, Donald Blake finds the Hammer, which turns into a cane. When ever Donald taps the cane on the ground, it turns to the hammer and he turns to Thor. Now, Thor must return to Asgard and stop Loki, who has taken over Asgard and unleashed the creature known as Ulik. Can Thor stop them?


  • Alexander Skarsgaard - Thor Odinson
  • Paul Rudd - Donald Blake
  • Kate Beckinsale - Jane Foster
  • David Anders - Loki
  • CGI - Ulik
  • Steve Blum - Ulik (Voice)