Thor in his chambers,a teaser poster

Thor:prince of thunder is a darker,grittier tale of thor's life,directed by Christipher Nolan and produced by Marvel Knights,as part of the new war universe.


The movie starts in Asgard,where Elves are forging Mjonir from a dying star.A dark shape overshadows them and Odin finds Mjonir.Years later Loki(Christian Bale) and Thor(Leonardo Dicaprio) are arguing about wether or not to attack Jothenheim.Odin comes in and says the Frost giants are attacking.Weilding Mjonir,Thor goes to war.Afterwards,Odin banishes Thor to earth for his big-headedness in battle.On earth he assumes the role of donald blake,a scientist.He finds Mjonir in the form of a walking stick.When he taps the stick on the ground he turns into Thor once again.After woring several days,Galactus comes upon earth,and Thor goes to battle.Plunging Mjonir into galactus' heart,Thor is returned to Asgard and elected King.Loki stabs Thor(who is now wearing Odin's outfit)And he goes into Odinsleep


  • Leonardo Dicaprico as Thor
  • Christian Bale as Loki
  • Gary Oldman as Odin
  • megan fox as Enchantress(cameo)

a last noteEdit

I Know many people don't see these actors as these charcters but their emotianal scenes(such as Christian Bale's in the dark Knight rises) would be perfect.

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