Thor 2 is the sequel to the movie Thor, and it features Enchantress, Skurge The Executioner, and Kurse.


  • Chris Hemsworth - Thor,the God of Thunder who returned to Asgard, who has to save Jane Foster from Amora and her executioner, Skurge.
  • Kristen Bell - Amora The Enchantress, an evil scorceress who escapes her firey prison in Surtur's realm and goes to Earth to kill Jane Foster so she can marry Thor and become the Queen of Asgard.
  • Nathan Jones - Skurge The Executioner, an evil executioner who has been under Amora's spell for centuries and has been her body guard ever since.
  • Tyler Mane - Balder The Great, Thor's best friend and one of Asgard's many guardians.
  • Peyton List - Lorelei, Amora's younger sister.
  • Mads Mikkelsen - Algrim/Kurse, a dark elf who's a friend of Thor, however he falls under Amora's spell and becomes her evil servant, Kurse.