Tony Stark (MMS)
Alias(es) Mr.Stark, Tony, Stark, Tin Man
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 32
Date of Birth September 4, 1984
Title(s) Iron Man
Affiliation Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D
Status Alive

Anthony "Tony" Stark is a billionare and is Iron Man Protrayed by: Bob "Davison" Roberts


Anthony "Tony" Stark is the son of the late Howard and Maria Stark. He and his father had a pretty bad relationship because of the fact that his father was always at work and would often ignore Tony at home.However, Tony had the best relationship with his mother and would talk to her when he had a problem. Tony also had a good relationship with the familiy butler, Edwin Jarvis, who was the voice of reason to the family in difficult times.


After the death of his parents, Tony separated from his friends and went to attend MIT, where he met Bruce Banner, a fellow attendee. When Tony was on graduation day, he was informed that Jarvis had died in his sleep the previous night. A week after Jarvis' funeral, Tony created an A.I. called Just A Rather Very Inteligent System, aka J.A.R.V.I.S. in honor of his late Butler.

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