Ultimate Spider-Man is an American super-hero film produced by Marvel Studios. The second entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film serves as a retelling of the Spider-Man origin story, following 15-year old Peter Parker as he becomes the vigilante known as Spider-Man, while adding the villains Lizard and Electro into the mix. The film was released on April 9th, 2007.

Plot Edit

The film starts off with a Social Security worker dropping off a 6-year old Peter Parker at the Forest Hills residence of May and Ben Parker. The worker then leaves, with a teary-eyed Peter staring out into the stormy night ahead of him.

9 years later, Peter, now 15 and attending Midtown High, is taking notes while on a field trip to Horizon Labs, a division of OsCorp Industries, with his best friend Miles Morales and crush Betty Brant. At the lab, one-armed scientist Curt Connors showcases a new type of super-soldier formula which could make a modern-day Captain America known as OZ. He then reveals that the OZ formula had been tested on various chimps, mice, and spiders. Peter then catches Betty's eye as she smiles at him. As Peter takes pictures of and Miles takes notes on the animals, one of the OZ-injected spiders lands on Peter's hand and bites him. Peter, dizzy, heads for the bathroom, with a concerned Miles and Betty chasing behind him. In the bathroom, Peter's dizziness increases and he passes out just as Miles and Betty find him.

Peter soon awakens at home, surrounded by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, Betty, and Miles. He is then told that he collapsed while at OsCorp. As Betty and Miles bid farewell, Peter falls back to sleep.

That night, at Horizon Labs,

The next day, Peter awakens, seemingly rejuvenated

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