Ultimate Spider-Man 6 is the sequel to Ultimate Spider-Man 5 and is the 6th film in the Ultimate Spider-Man series.


The Hobgoblin is back with a team of the Rhino,The Scorpion,Shocker and The Lizard!Spider-Man has to defeat these villains and try to defeat Hobgoblin once and for all!In the final battle,Rhino,Scorpion,Shocker and Lizard are sent to prision and the Hobgoblin gets away once again.


  • Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man
  • Dane Dehaan as Harry Osborn/Hobgoblin
  • Rosemary Harris as Aunt May
  • Shaliene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson
  • Jamie Foxx as the Scorpion
  • Rhys Ifans as The Lizard/Doctor Curt Connors
  • Paul Giamatti as Rhino
  • Chris Zylka as Shocker


There is a confirmed sequel called Ultimate Spider-Man 7.

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