Premise Edit

Hank Pym arrives at the Baxter Building with a mission for the newly formed Fantastic Four: investigate monster sightings throughout the city, all of which seemingly come from under the city.

Synopsis Edit

Johnny Storm is flying over New York City, 1985 when Reed calls him back to the lab. Johnny lands and finds that Hank Pym is visiting Reed. Pym gives the Four a mission: investigate the appearance of monsters from beneath the city. The Four suit up and go to investigate an opening to the underbelly of New York. Johnny lighting their way, they explore the subterranean tunnels of New York. They eventually find themselves in a monster-filled throne room, with the Mole Man enthroned in the center.

After a battle with the monsters, The Four capture Mole Man and take him back to a holding cell in the Baxter Building.

Unfortunately, the victory does not last long, as the mother of all monsters rises from subterranea and the Fantastic Four have to leap into action and fight her.

They manage to defeat the monster and send her home, but the public at large now knows about the Four.

Pym returns and yells at the Four for allowing themselves to be seen in public. He tells them that his organization and its members need to remain secret. Reed shrugs this off, telling Pym he doesn't want to work for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Trivia Edit

- Despite Iron Man being the first public superhero of the modern era, he is pre-dated by the Fantastic Four. The whereabouts of the Four in present day (2017) is currently unknown

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