Undying Ones
Daredevil and Electra looking into the Abyss


Akumas, Yokai


extra-dimensional beings, demons


The Beast


demonic script

The Undying Ones are a race of demons from another dimension who centuries ago made a Faustian Pact with the Hand (Yami Ni To), granting the Hand mystical abilities and immortality in exchange for the Hand orchestrating the Undying Ones conquest of Earth.

Their plans for world domination are opposed by a rag-tag team of street-level superheroes called the Defenders (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist).

Abilities Edit

Without a Host Edit

The Undying Ones lack corporeal bodies of their own.

  • Intangibility: outside of a host body, the Undying Ones can neither be injured using physical force nor directly interact with the physical world.
  • selective invisibility: the Undying Ones are normally invisible to humans unless they chose to reveal themselves.
    • shape shifting: when the Undying Ones reveal themselves they can appear in whatever form they chose.
  • telepathy and dream infiltration: the Undying Ones can see inside people's minds and can enter their dreams.
  • magical powers:
    • Resurrection: the Undying Ones can resurrect dead humans.
  • Demonic possession: Undying Ones can inhabit the bodies of living beings and use those bodies as vessels.

Possessing a Host Edit

While possessing a host body the Undying Ones gain different abilities and limitations.

  • enhanced condition
    • strength: the Undying Ones have greater physical strength
    • durability:
    • regeneration:
  • telepathy: the Undying Ones retain telepathic abilities while
  • magic:

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