Invincible Iron man July, 7 2017 Starring Wes Bently as Tony Stark/ Iron man, Anthony Mackie as James Rhodes Bruce Willis as Obadiah Stane/ Iron Monger and Bryce Dallas Howard as Pepper Potts

  1. Cast- Wes Bently as Tony Stark/ Iron man- A Genius Billionaire Playboy who builds a suit of armor to fight crime as Iron man
  2. Anthony Mackie as Cornel James Rhodes- Tony`s best friend ever since highschool
  3. Bryce Dallas Howard as Pepper Potts- Tony`s Best friend and secreatery-
  4. Matt Damon as H.O.M.E.R- Tony Starks personel AI who ussaly gets sarcastic.
  5. Chow Yun Fat as Gene Khan/ The Mandarin- A Viatnames Terroist who uses magical rings as his weapon
  6. Ian Anthony Dale as Wong Chu- The Mandarin`s underling who is the co leader of the terroist.
  7. Bruce Willis as Obadiah Stane/ Iron Monger- Tony`s Buisness rival who after learning Tony`s idenity creates a suit
  8. George Clooney as Nick Fury cameo- The director of sheild who asks Tony about The Avengers
  9. Tom Selleck as Howard Stark- Tony`s late father who used to be in charge of Stark Enteprises
  10. Jim Broadbent as Edwin Jarvis

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